REVIEW : Majolica Majorca "LASH KING" Mascara in Real Black!

Hello! Next on the line to review is Majolica Majorca "LASH KING" Mascara in Real Black!

Not only I've heard a bunch of good things about this product, I've literally read and heard a lot of hype surrounding Majolica Majorca itself. Majolica Majorca is a Shiseido second brand that is targeted more to younger audience. The packaging itself screams youth and I'm not a fan of funky and noisy packaging, but I definitely giving this one an exception! 

majolica majorca

      PRODUCT NAME      
lash king

      type of product      
lengthening (fiber) mascara

jpy 1.260 // krw 18.000

      available shades    
brown & black

      site info     

This mascara's price point is definitely up there, I'm totally keeping my expectation as high as possible. I did purchase it on a sale event (I got discounted and also got a pouch, the makeup pouch is so pretty it might be the reason I can't stop myself from not purchasing. ehem.). Anyway I know you guys might have read this been reviewed a thousand time, so I'm just gonna jump to my opinion! 

Long-lasting power & holds up the curl

Super Lengthening 

No clumps. At all

Super pretty and quirky packaging. lol

Fall-outs : Maybe because of the fiber, but I'm not really sure - the mascara bits fell into my eyes (as a daily lens wearer, it's the most annoying and HATEFUL thing that could happen to my eyes). My solution? double coat it with another mascara, stopping the fallout to happen! 

Weird and pretty strong scent. 

Hard to remove.


Overall, I don't think I've made a good investment here. I'm definitely not 100% pleased with this mascara, though I can't say it's a bad one either. The dry formula is very suitable for most Asian eyelashes that usually are thin and short. I just don't find to grab this mascara as I have to work twice (I have to coat it with other mascara) and took me twice the time too, just to remove it. I do use this for special occasion when I need that oomph! 

Stay tune for more review, and ohh! I have another Majolica Majorca product review again soon! :D

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