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Anyway, today I'm bringing you a short review on these NYX soft matte lip creams, I mean, who doesn't know them? So today, instead of focusing on the detailed review in which you can see thousands of them in google, I'll have a short review and collection of shades that I own!

Ok so for the super short review, they're super pigmented, their mousse texture is very light on the lips and lasting power is great. Affordable and have a lot of shades, though I would love to buy more darker shades. But nevertheless the neutrals are da bomb too. They're small but they last a long time.

So to the shade collections :

Currently I have 5 shades and i got them either on the NYX counter in many department store across Indonesia, or if you would like to save a bit and try more shades (not all shades are imported to the Indonesian counter) I suggest you to check indomakeup.com - a very trusted internet shopping site, I got there a lot and I think I got atleast 2 out of 5 from the site. They're a little bit cheaper than the counter and have bigger collections too. If you already decided what shade you would like to get, definitely go online!


is a very pale neutral shade, it has a peachy brownish tone, depend on your natural lip shade could look different from person to person. I love this shade because it's nude but it didn't wash out my complexion, still looks healthy while using this shade.


is a subtle baby pink shade. Usually I hate baby pinks in general, in lipsticks or in blushes, but this is a much toned down one so I pretty much obsessed with it. If you wanna go for the true baby pink shade, "Tokyo" is definitely the shade you should look for.


looks like orange in the picture, but it's more like a coral pink shade. Got this because of Jenn from ClothesEncounter, though in her video it definitely looks much paler and pinker I still love this shade because it compliments a wide range of skin tones.


is my first NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream and also one of its best seller shade. It's a tad dark muted pink and it's definitely looks great on everyone. I feel like a super grown up girl whenever I used this shade. Have had this product for a long time and used it like no tomorrow, but still going strong till today! Great investment!


is the darkest shade of this NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Indonesian counter - though NYX already launched more darker color, this still the darkest one you could find offline. The shade isn't as dark as I thought it would be, more like a tomato red so a bit of disappointment in this shade. Texture-wise, still awesome. That's why I'm probably gonna purchase more darker shade of this product.

That's it guys! Have you tried these and how many shades do you have hanging around the house?

If you haven't try it, you're definitely missing a lot!

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Hey! Continuing with my Dr Jin skin care line, this time I'm bringing you the review of Dr Jin "Refining Activator"

Each box came with 4 tubes - yes, 4 freakin' tubes! That's a lot! And I was like, is one of this different or not :o turns out every one of the tubes are the same product. Curious why they have to make it like that, because I don't think they sold them separately anyway!

The packaging is unique and with this I don't have to worry about travelling - and OH I just got it, maybee,  maybeeee they want their product to be "fresh" longer, so rather than opening a huge bottle of product, it's better to open little by little to keep the unused product "fresher".

I used this product after my cleansing routine as a toner. It is recommended to pour the product over a cotton pad and apply it but I skipped the cotton pad and just use it alone and it works better because it moisturizes my skin better that way!

One thing is that this toner stings a little bit - especially you know after cleansing, super clean and dried face, still very sensitive may be the reason why this product stings a bit on the first application. It does get better later after 3-4 times application.

Also, stings can be reduced by not applying the product directly after you finished cleansing your face. Wait until your skin relaxed and apply the toner! :)

The product is quite watery, a little bit yellowish, and quickly absorbed to the skin. It is said that this toner can help with enlarged pores and sebum control, contains BHA and helps brighten and fight acne.

For me the biggest difference I see in my skin after using this product is brightening effect, it does reduce my blemishes for a very visible amount and helps with sebum control! I see my face is definitely not as oily but still moisturized! For the pores, I do see improvement combined with other pore reducing serum and pore strips too! :)

I totally recommend this product, the packaging is unique and definitely great for people with combination / oily skin! :)

Also the fancy packaging, it's great for a gift too hahaha I'll be more than happy to get these on my birthday!

For you guys who want to order the product : please visit their Facebook Page or their blog :))
or directly contact BB 56003578 :)

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REVIEW : DR. JIN Daily Defence BB


Today I'm going to introduce you guys a product from Wonjin Group called "Dr. Jin" - Wonjin is actually famous for their plastic surgery hospital and they're launching their new beauty brand called Dr. Jin. 

I was sent from them as I was a winner for their event - lucky, I know. And I was really surprised at how many products they sent to me, not 1, 2, but 3! Definitely not expecting that! 

First, I'm going to review the BB Cream, and I'll promise the other 2 will be up soon. 

The BB Cream has only 1 shade. This BB Cream is really reminds me of first generation BB Cream, in which they have a grayish tone and have this weird brightening effect. This definitely reminds me of that because of the super grayish tone and the fact that they only came with 1 shade. 

The BB Cream came in a tube, my favorite kind of packaging. Also speaking about BB Cream, we can't not talk about the SPF 30 PA+++ 

Of course the first time I swatch it I did not have a great expectation. BUT as I used it I feel like it did exceed my expectation. It's definitely not as bad as I thought it would be. As my skin is oily combination, I have to use full step of my face makeup routine for the BB Cream to be able to stay on my face. 

That means oil free primer, the BB Cream, and then pressed powder and a little bit of Innisfree's No Sebum powder to the place where I have most oil/sebum. 

For me, the BB Cream is definitely too light for me, but I encounter it with darker powder - in this case I used my Majollica Majorca  Skin Remaker Pore Cover (pressed powder) and it works very well. 

Just like other BB Creams, the coverage is light to medium, feels very light to the skin, leaving my skin a space to breathe. 

Overall I'm very happy with the product and definitely will be using this more often! :) 

For you guys who want to order the product : please visit their Facebook Page or their blog :))
or directly contact BB 56003578 :)

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Indonesian Beauty Blogger, Blogger Beauty Indonesia, Makeup review blog
Indonesian based, Makeup Artist in a blog, Korean product review, 
Cosmetic review blog, Blog for beauty and review, Dr Jin Makeup Review, Wonjin Medical Group Cosmetic, Dr Jin daily defense BB Cream, Makeup dari Wonjin




Udah lama ya engga ngeblog pake bahasa Indonesia lagi! Nah kali ini, gue mau memperkenalkan satu beauty website yang bisa menjadi solusi lo-lo semua untuk membeli produk kecantikan yang tepat!

Pasti capek kan, tanya-tanya SA atau temen lo, "eh kulit gue berminyak, trus pori-pori gue gede lagi, mana banyak jerawat! Bagusnya gue pake eyeshadow merek apa ya?" #ehloh - ya begitulah.

Apalagi kalau ada produk kecantikan yang lagi nge-hits banget, tapi lo engga tau apakah produk itu bakalan cocok sama lo, dan lo udah ngebet banget beli padahal masih mesti compare review sana-sini, belum lagi translate bahasa Inggris yang lo gatau artinya apa di blog-blog review bule-bule.

NAHHHH ini dia solusi buat kamu semua, FEMALE DAILY ini punya banyak bgt, BANYAK BGT, review buat banyak sekali produk, yang mudah kamu akses dengan hanya ngetik ke search bar. As easy as that!

Dengan begitu, kamu bisa compare review-review dan pendapat-pendapat para wanita-wanita Indonesia di satu tempat aja!

Now, to the main point! Bersama dengan Female Daily, saya, Filia, selaku penulis dari mysugarcoffee.blogspot.com telah memilih 5 produk kecantikan yang masih belum kesampaian saya kalap-in aka WISHLIST #관심상품

1. "SKII" Facial Treatment Essence

Semakin bertumbuhnya usia, the thought of truly investing in my skin keeps growing and growing! Walaupun sekarang sudah puas banget dengan skin care routine yang berpusat sama "Innisfree's The Green Tea Seed Serum", masih penasaran apakah essence ini bisa me-level-up kulit gue!

2. "Urban Decay" Naked 3

Setelah terpukau-pukau dengan kualitas Naked 2 yang baru kesampaian gue kalapin 2 bulan yang lalu, sebagai wanita yang lagi obsess banget dengan pink eyeshadows, I think this palette is something that can definitely complete my collection!

3. "Tarte" Amazonian Clay 12-hours Blush

Buat kalian yang sering banget nonton video beauty guru di youtube pasti tahu tentang blush ini. Ya ampun, ga tahu lagi jujur gue pengen banget ini.

4. "Anastasia Beverly Hills" Contour Palette

Ada tiga barang yang gue ga bisa tahan untuk engga kalap : eyeliner, concealer and CONTOUR. Yap. Ketika gue tau ada sesuatu yang bisa membuat wajah gue terlihat lebih kecil dan ramping, serta hidung gue terlihat sedikit paling tidak lebih mancung, I'M IN.

Semenjak pertama kali gue lihat palette ini di youtube, gue udah ngiler-ngiler tapi apa boleh dikata belom kesampaian :(

5. "Shu Uemura" Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil

I used to be someone that hates to do anything with my eyebrow. Boleh dilihat ke jaman-jaman blog ini terbentuk, semua lengkap kecuali... alis. OHNO. Please jangan liat. Gue tarik lagi kata-kata gue.

Sebagai anak gaul kekinian, alis pasti dong jadi keharusan sebelum memulai hari. Gue pernah liat temen gue pake produk ini, dan hasilnya sangat natural dan rapi. Gue jujur lebih suka alis gue lebih terang dari rambut gue :) Jadi, produk ini keliatannya asik banget buat dicoba!

Ok that's it everyone!

Oops sebelum lupa, Female Daily lagi ngadain event #giveaway yang super seru!

Kalian bisa ikut di giveaway lipstick yang banyak banget pastinya, hanya dengan menulis review-review di Female Daily! 

Giveaway dibuka sampai tanggal 14 Sept 2015! Jangan lupa ya! :)

Thankyou so much for reading, REVIEW POST COMING UP SOON I PROMISE! D:

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