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Anyway, today I'm bringing you a short review on these NYX soft matte lip creams, I mean, who doesn't know them? So today, instead of focusing on the detailed review in which you can see thousands of them in google, I'll have a short review and collection of shades that I own!

Ok so for the super short review, they're super pigmented, their mousse texture is very light on the lips and lasting power is great. Affordable and have a lot of shades, though I would love to buy more darker shades. But nevertheless the neutrals are da bomb too. They're small but they last a long time.

So to the shade collections :

Currently I have 5 shades and i got them either on the NYX counter in many department store across Indonesia, or if you would like to save a bit and try more shades (not all shades are imported to the Indonesian counter) I suggest you to check indomakeup.com - a very trusted internet shopping site, I got there a lot and I think I got atleast 2 out of 5 from the site. They're a little bit cheaper than the counter and have bigger collections too. If you already decided what shade you would like to get, definitely go online!


is a very pale neutral shade, it has a peachy brownish tone, depend on your natural lip shade could look different from person to person. I love this shade because it's nude but it didn't wash out my complexion, still looks healthy while using this shade.


is a subtle baby pink shade. Usually I hate baby pinks in general, in lipsticks or in blushes, but this is a much toned down one so I pretty much obsessed with it. If you wanna go for the true baby pink shade, "Tokyo" is definitely the shade you should look for.


looks like orange in the picture, but it's more like a coral pink shade. Got this because of Jenn from ClothesEncounter, though in her video it definitely looks much paler and pinker I still love this shade because it compliments a wide range of skin tones.


is my first NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream and also one of its best seller shade. It's a tad dark muted pink and it's definitely looks great on everyone. I feel like a super grown up girl whenever I used this shade. Have had this product for a long time and used it like no tomorrow, but still going strong till today! Great investment!


is the darkest shade of this NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Indonesian counter - though NYX already launched more darker color, this still the darkest one you could find offline. The shade isn't as dark as I thought it would be, more like a tomato red so a bit of disappointment in this shade. Texture-wise, still awesome. That's why I'm probably gonna purchase more darker shade of this product.

That's it guys! Have you tried these and how many shades do you have hanging around the house?

If you haven't try it, you're definitely missing a lot!

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