Hey! Continuing with my Dr Jin skin care line, this time I'm bringing you the review of Dr Jin "Refining Activator"

Each box came with 4 tubes - yes, 4 freakin' tubes! That's a lot! And I was like, is one of this different or not :o turns out every one of the tubes are the same product. Curious why they have to make it like that, because I don't think they sold them separately anyway!

The packaging is unique and with this I don't have to worry about travelling - and OH I just got it, maybee,  maybeeee they want their product to be "fresh" longer, so rather than opening a huge bottle of product, it's better to open little by little to keep the unused product "fresher".

I used this product after my cleansing routine as a toner. It is recommended to pour the product over a cotton pad and apply it but I skipped the cotton pad and just use it alone and it works better because it moisturizes my skin better that way!

One thing is that this toner stings a little bit - especially you know after cleansing, super clean and dried face, still very sensitive may be the reason why this product stings a bit on the first application. It does get better later after 3-4 times application.

Also, stings can be reduced by not applying the product directly after you finished cleansing your face. Wait until your skin relaxed and apply the toner! :)

The product is quite watery, a little bit yellowish, and quickly absorbed to the skin. It is said that this toner can help with enlarged pores and sebum control, contains BHA and helps brighten and fight acne.

For me the biggest difference I see in my skin after using this product is brightening effect, it does reduce my blemishes for a very visible amount and helps with sebum control! I see my face is definitely not as oily but still moisturized! For the pores, I do see improvement combined with other pore reducing serum and pore strips too! :)

I totally recommend this product, the packaging is unique and definitely great for people with combination / oily skin! :)

Also the fancy packaging, it's great for a gift too hahaha I'll be more than happy to get these on my birthday!

For you guys who want to order the product : please visit their Facebook Page or their blog :))
or directly contact BB 56003578 :)

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