Hello Fellas! Today I'm going to review a product that I got in my Memebox.

It's Kate Rouge HG!

Before you're confused, I'll explain. No, the box didn't come with 2 lipsticks, and YES I BOUGHT ANOTHER BOX. Call me crazy, but I love the BB cream so much, I take the risk and bought another box!

Luckily, the lipstick that I got is in different color!

"KATE" is a second label to a Japanese brand "Kanebo" and I think it just recently got into the Korean beauty market. I never see them before until around 2-3 months ago. If you live in Korea, you can get these in Olive Young! In Korea it retails for KRW 18.000. Comes in 15 shades selection.

I got the RS-9 (Rosy Pink) and PK-22 (vivid pink) shade. I got this for random, though I probably will love whatever I got from the box because all the colors are so pretty!




This item is actually one of the reason I want to buy another memebox. I love this lipstick! 

Nice Packaging. The packaging is simple, so sleek and it's a stiff rectangle! So my style! 

Non-sticky, No Scent. 

Great Texture! It's glides so smoothly and it's not the type of lipstick that it's so creamy it's going to break anytime. It's like, creamy but hard? :D I found that this lipstick's texture is very similar to Revlon's Lip Butters, with less pigmentation and shimmer. 

Sheer Pigmentation. The color payoff is not that great, I know this is a sheer liptstick, but even after layering so many times, the color can't be build. I would love it if I could build the color up if I want too, but sadly it's not happening. That also means the shades look similar to each other

Overall, this lipstick is a very good lipstick, especially for daily and natural no makeup-makeup look. Most of the shades are the MLBB (My Lips But Better) shades. For KRW 18.000 per stick, this is definitely not a cheap lipstick. But I'm pretty sure one stick can last for a long time. 

I love these! But I don't think I could afford another one without any sale or discounts D:
Kate might be my new Japanese brand favorite :p


RS-9. The color is not really obvious, but I prefer this one to the PK-22 :D

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Unboxing Memebox!

Hello! Today I'm going to do my FIRST EVER *drumroll please*

BEAUTY BOX! from Memebox, the Colorful Edition with Pony's Beauty Diary!

This is my first ever beautybox, like ever. Recently the trend of 'Beauty Box' is almost everywhere and it's also reaching Korea. Memebox already been around for a while now, but none of its box makes me want to buy it, EXCEPT for this one!

There are 6 items in total, 5 of them are in full size, and only 1 item that came in sample size. I see this as a very good deal! This box cost KRW 22.500, and I'll guarantee you'll be shocked at the items normal prices!!

OK to the items + prices :

1. Bobbi Brown Smoky Eye Mascara (Sample)
1.5 ml (full size 7ml)

2. Art Deco Eyeshadow (@ 10.000) full size

3. Catrin Diamond Mineral Foundation in #21 (@ KRW 60.000!!) full size 3g

4. Tony Moly Crystal Blusher #12 Pink Heart (@ KRW 5.000) full size 6g

5. Kate Mineral BB Gel Cream in OC-D (@ KRW 24.000) full size 30g
This come in options, BB creams, foundations or primers. My initial choice was the foundation, but the BB cream turned out the perfect shade for me! 

6. Kate HG lipstick (@ KRW 19.000) full size 2.4g - I got in color PK 22!

Lemme do the math for you :

(Eyeshadow) KRW 10.000
(Powder) KRW 60.000
(Blusher) KRW 5.000
(BB Cream) KRW 24.000
(Lipstick) KRW 19.000

A Total of whooping KRW 118.000 and I only pay for KRW 22.500!!! (I don't even include the small size mascara..)

It makes me wonder, does the normal prices are too much? Does the prices really resembling the product quality? Especially the KRW 60.000 powder O_O

Anyway, I LOVE this box so much (I might already ordered another one)
and I'll review some items too for the next post!

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REVIEW : (Christmas Set) Innisfree Eco-Nail Color PRO

Continuing the Christmas spirit........

I'm going to review Eco Nail Colors from Innisfree. It's recently been reformulated and had a complete face off! Retails for KRW 2.500 each for the normal line, and the Chirstmas Nail Collection retails for KRW 7.500.

Once again, if you purchase their Christmas Limited Edition kit, KRW 500 automatically goes for 'Save the Children" campaign. And yes, this is limited edition.

Most of Korean Brands have a complete set of Nail care items, Innisfree is not an exception. Innisfree literally have almost everything. So it's like one stop to purchase all your nails may need! 

I've been liking their nail polishes , plus their Gel Top Coat is my Nail HG. And the color variations are just so huge, also they frequently update their nail collections.

Although the bottles became "slimmer", I prefer the new bottles over the new one. Because the new one have a shorter, broader brush that makes it easier to apply your nail polish without fuzz.

This time I'll show you the Christmas Edition and also the basic neutral colors I picked the other day. 

First, the Christmas Set! It's a very good deal, considering each bottles of the regular line cost you KRW 2.500 and the set of 3 (+ nail sticker) cost the same as buying 3 bottles (KRW 7.500). It's a good present to give too, I know a lot of girls isn't into makeup, but nails?? Come on, you can't resist them! 

The bottle packaging looks similar with the Lipstick Tint Set, Christmas deco on the cap, and polkadot on the bottle.

        #36 별빛 내린 선물 꾸러미       
"starlight came down to a bundle of gifts"

gold sparkle with larger snow flake sparkle piece nail polish

          #37 산타클로스의 마법        
Santa Claus' Spells

red glitters (this is my favorite)

          #38 12월, 눈내리는 마을        
December, in a village where the snow falls

combination of red, green, white & gold sparkles

All the colors are very festive and I loved it <3
I prefer this one over the last year's because it comes in full size. But I prefer last years stickers too, this year's are just too tacky for my taste. And it's like a sticker not a nail sticker that is softer and easy to buff.

Next is the basic and neutrals! (My all time, daily favorite. I literally just rotate them every other week)

I have
 #5 바람 부는 날 - Windy Days
#29 흐릿한 기억 - Hazy Memories
#30 깜깜한 밤 - Pitch Black Night

I just love how Innisfree took time to each named their nail polish. I also took my time to translate them tho. These polishes stays a good 2-3 days no chipping without top coat. With my HG top coat, and if I apply it the right amount, sometimes it could goes on for a week!

Thankyou so much for reading,
Happy Holiday, folks! <3

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REVIEW : The Faceshop Styling Triple Eyes 03 Gray Nuance

Hi! So today I'm going to review, plus with a mini how-to! I'm reviewing The Faceshop's Face It "Styling Triple Eyes" in 03 Gray Nuance

The Styling Triple Eyes comes in 3 different eyeshadows, that compliments each other, so that with one palette you could make a completed eye look! Retails for KRW 9.000 and I bought it at the store.

This is my second time on purchasing this product, the first one I ever bought is the 02 Brown Nuance, which is still a palette that I love very much!

The size is pretty small and compact. When I saw my pictures, I think my reader would totally mistaken this palette as a bigger one, it's around 7cm x 5cm big, pretty small!

The 3 colors on this palette are (highlight) shimmer white pearl, (lid) shimmer warm gray, and (point color) shimmer cool dark gray. Although all colors are shimmery, the first one has the most and bigger shimmer chunks.

It comes with 2 applicator, I don't use them, but I think it's a good thing that they put in 2, because the other one is a small angled brush. That way you can use that angled brush to use the darkest color for liners!

Although I'm pretty sure my sponge applicator is kinda defective, but oh well!

Pigmented color payoff. You can see from the swatch, with and without primer have a very slight difference. I think with primer the micro glitters shows up a little bit better, but the color payoff are actually really decent.

Nice texture. Buttery and really easy to apply, easy to blend. The shades are very buildable.

Less fallouts. Shimmery and glittery eye shadows are pretty much expected to have fallouts, but these one have really little fallouts! Of course tapping your brush first / dabbing your brush to you hands are very recommended.

Excellent packaging. Very simple, small compact size, and very versatile. Just with this one set, you can easily create a gray smoky look!

Great staying power. It didn't crease on me! :D even without primer!

Almost nothing! I just hoped that they come up with more shades and sets, also more matte colors!!

Now to the how-to :
(I use the 03 Gray Nuance palette and one

So far I really liked this palette! And just a little head up here, they're small, so they're really easy to slipped off your hand. I learn this in the hard way. I broke my 02 Brown Nuance palette, luckily only the highlight color that are scattered, the rest were ok! That's why I can't show you my 02 Brown Nuance set because they're just very very dirty. (but they're still usable!!) 

Thankyou so much for reading!
Happy Holiday, folks! xx

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