Unboxing Memebox!

Hello! Today I'm going to do my FIRST EVER *drumroll please*

BEAUTY BOX! from Memebox, the Colorful Edition with Pony's Beauty Diary!

This is my first ever beautybox, like ever. Recently the trend of 'Beauty Box' is almost everywhere and it's also reaching Korea. Memebox already been around for a while now, but none of its box makes me want to buy it, EXCEPT for this one!

There are 6 items in total, 5 of them are in full size, and only 1 item that came in sample size. I see this as a very good deal! This box cost KRW 22.500, and I'll guarantee you'll be shocked at the items normal prices!!

OK to the items + prices :

1. Bobbi Brown Smoky Eye Mascara (Sample)
1.5 ml (full size 7ml)

2. Art Deco Eyeshadow (@ 10.000) full size

3. Catrin Diamond Mineral Foundation in #21 (@ KRW 60.000!!) full size 3g

4. Tony Moly Crystal Blusher #12 Pink Heart (@ KRW 5.000) full size 6g

5. Kate Mineral BB Gel Cream in OC-D (@ KRW 24.000) full size 30g
This come in options, BB creams, foundations or primers. My initial choice was the foundation, but the BB cream turned out the perfect shade for me! 

6. Kate HG lipstick (@ KRW 19.000) full size 2.4g - I got in color PK 22!

Lemme do the math for you :

(Eyeshadow) KRW 10.000
(Powder) KRW 60.000
(Blusher) KRW 5.000
(BB Cream) KRW 24.000
(Lipstick) KRW 19.000

A Total of whooping KRW 118.000 and I only pay for KRW 22.500!!! (I don't even include the small size mascara..)

It makes me wonder, does the normal prices are too much? Does the prices really resembling the product quality? Especially the KRW 60.000 powder O_O

Anyway, I LOVE this box so much (I might already ordered another one)
and I'll review some items too for the next post!

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    look at those things you got omg o_o
    there should be something like that here bc here all samples ._.


  2. Wow that's really worth it!! I've never tried any beauty box either. May be I should get myself one cause it's definitely a great deal! Looking forward to reviews on some of these :D


  3. Even with only the powder it self, it really a good deal.


  4. is Get it Beauty a brand? I've seen many videos of tv program with the same name in youtube... By the way, I'm also a fan a Pony so I'd really like to have that box too. Unfortunately I'm far away. Thanks for the review.


    1. "Get It Beauty" is a TV program name that is about beauty and cosmetics, and a lot of beauty brand use the program to promote their products. That's why you'll see a lot of "Get It Beauty" words in korean cosmetic brand..

  5. I'm still thinking if I should get this subscription because it looks so cool! Such a good deal!

    I'm inviting you to the giveaway I'm currently having on my blog:

    Win Barbie Circle Lens of your choice

    Hope you join! ^^

  6. I wanted to get them too. But the last time i check it out, my shade colour for the foundation is out of stock :(

  7. Awww, I envy you! Too bad KATE product haven't reach Indonesia yet! :( I already buy dozens if they sell it here


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