REVIEW : The Faceshop Styling Triple Eyes 03 Gray Nuance

Hi! So today I'm going to review, plus with a mini how-to! I'm reviewing The Faceshop's Face It "Styling Triple Eyes" in 03 Gray Nuance

The Styling Triple Eyes comes in 3 different eyeshadows, that compliments each other, so that with one palette you could make a completed eye look! Retails for KRW 9.000 and I bought it at the store.

This is my second time on purchasing this product, the first one I ever bought is the 02 Brown Nuance, which is still a palette that I love very much!

The size is pretty small and compact. When I saw my pictures, I think my reader would totally mistaken this palette as a bigger one, it's around 7cm x 5cm big, pretty small!

The 3 colors on this palette are (highlight) shimmer white pearl, (lid) shimmer warm gray, and (point color) shimmer cool dark gray. Although all colors are shimmery, the first one has the most and bigger shimmer chunks.

It comes with 2 applicator, I don't use them, but I think it's a good thing that they put in 2, because the other one is a small angled brush. That way you can use that angled brush to use the darkest color for liners!

Although I'm pretty sure my sponge applicator is kinda defective, but oh well!

Pigmented color payoff. You can see from the swatch, with and without primer have a very slight difference. I think with primer the micro glitters shows up a little bit better, but the color payoff are actually really decent.

Nice texture. Buttery and really easy to apply, easy to blend. The shades are very buildable.

Less fallouts. Shimmery and glittery eye shadows are pretty much expected to have fallouts, but these one have really little fallouts! Of course tapping your brush first / dabbing your brush to you hands are very recommended.

Excellent packaging. Very simple, small compact size, and very versatile. Just with this one set, you can easily create a gray smoky look!

Great staying power. It didn't crease on me! :D even without primer!

Almost nothing! I just hoped that they come up with more shades and sets, also more matte colors!!

Now to the how-to :
(I use the 03 Gray Nuance palette and one

So far I really liked this palette! And just a little head up here, they're small, so they're really easy to slipped off your hand. I learn this in the hard way. I broke my 02 Brown Nuance palette, luckily only the highlight color that are scattered, the rest were ok! That's why I can't show you my 02 Brown Nuance set because they're just very very dirty. (but they're still usable!!) 

Thankyou so much for reading!
Happy Holiday, folks! xx

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  1. Is it just me or the eyeshadows look more pigmented in the picture without primer... ?

    1. I thought that too when i swatch them! Apparently with primer the shimmers stick on better, thus makes them reflects the light more than the no flash swatch!

  2. The pigmentation is really impressive without a primer! Thanks for the review! I might have to look into getting some. ;D


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