REVIEW: Nakeup Face One Night Cushion 02 Nude Beige

Hi sugars!

Todayyyy I have a very excited review omg - I have a new cushion from Korea ofcourse, today I'm reviewing Nakeup Face One Night Cushion in 02 Beige Nude. I thought the name's cute tho haha I don't know if you're thinking otherwise. But I think it's easy to memorize.

i'm super excited about reviewing this cushion because there's something about this cushion that's I super love, and ofcourse looking at the time when I first tried cushion and looking how far the innovation and improvements that the cushion world had become. And you'll understand after reading my "*rave*ish review lol




IDR 414.680 with my link IDR. 321.860


First, lets talk about the packaging. Unlike it's predecessor cushions lol they're not as bulky. I realized that most of the new cushions packaging are definitely less bulkier (tho they still have the same amount of product, usually its 14g). And LOOK AT HOW PRETTY IS IT. My cushion literally get more compliments than my face LOL

also the logo - my peeps are like literally iz dat EXO's logo LOL

Not only the outer packaging, but I think the inside also complement the shiny pretty glitter.
Honestly speaking, I don't have lots of expectation toward this cushion because it's not something from a brand that I've ever heard. But, recently I realized that lots of smaller brand actually putting a lot of efforts in producing a good cushion (more effort that other popular brand - IMO) and in a way I'm excited to try but also not really expecting much.... get me? haha

Ok, going into the product itself - The cushion looks like other cushion ofc. And talking about the PUFF. It's the kind of puff that I like, sturdy one but still fluffy. Also the ribbon? band? (anw, something that you use to grab your puff) is sturdy and I like because.... I love Moonshot Puff because it's sturdy buuuuut the band broke on me TWICE even before I finish the cushion and I can't use the puff anymore.

It's coverage is medium - very light on the skin and it still looks like skin after I applied it on my skin (I have a close up picture below so you can see and we can get close and personal lol)

It doesn't have a white cast or will make your face ghastly white. But it still had this brightening effect - or maybe because it balancing my skin tone so that it looks fairer

medium coverage, but still covering redness and blemishes

Still looks like skin AND PLZ ADMIRE THE GLOW.
fyi, I don't wear primer because I want to see how long it'll last on my skin (because it's very glowy) thus the very visible pore on my cheek area lol.

The finish of the cushion is very. very glowy. Here's the part where I'll super rave the product. I've never encounter a glowy product that stays on my skin for a long time - I have a combination skin and it's very oily in my T-zone. And since the name of the cushion is one night stand, I imagine that the cushion will be matte/satin finish but it was dewy glowy. But omg, I wore this cushion for the whole day, I went to restaurants and cafe and it was hot outside and I spend a lot of time outside as well. So I expect that my face will melt down BUT OMG the whole cushion stayed on my face for the whole day, even without primer's help (But I still powder a bit, but not until I lost the dewyness)

my face after 7+ hours of wear - did not touch up at all

After 7 hours of wear, I did not look like an oil spill accident when I'm home and I'M SUPER IMPRESSED lol. The nose area could get a primer help especially for my pores lol. 

Overall, I'm SUPER IMPRESSED and RAVEEEe about this product. It's the most dewy but long lasting - a two combination I wouldn't expect to get in the same product - especially in cushions!! I super recommend this for:
1) those with dry skin but living in the tropical country
2) peeps that still want a glass skin look but you're literally an oil mine

Other than that awesome lasting power, the cushion actually contain Cica which is famous for calming sensitive skin

Even though I'm more to the oily side and WAS always, always avoid dewy products - i've been loving dewy look because it make me looks younger than matte face. lollllllll 

If you're interested to purchase, you can visit my Charis Store and get a discount (it's an affilite link). It's available in 2 shades!

Thank you so much for reading this review! I'm so excited to do a makeup tutorial with this cushion as well because FINALLY a dewy product that I actually LOVE! hahah see you later sugars! xoxo

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