What's Yours?

That's what'll you see when you first clicked mysugarcoffee.blogspot.com which is, here.

And when I take a look at it, and think about it..
A cup of coffee, something that'll perks you up, something that wakes you up in the middle of night to do projects home works, nor when you're getting lack of sleep.

But for me, a cup of coffee is GOSSIPS. (guilty)

I hear them, and it'll eventually woke me up and active all around :)
I know it's not good. But that's not the point we're talking about here.
And i'm sure everyone NEEDS gossips.
Because of gossip (usually the bad one), it'll make you feel better about your life, that'll motivated you and makes you think, "IM LUCKY!" :D
or any gossips will keep you updated about everything. haha

Something that perks you up in the middle of your busy-days, when you're bored, and with a tip of it, makes you all happy and active, THATS your cup of coffee.

I've told mine, so what yours? ;)



Comic Haul.

I'm not a reader type of a girl. Could say I'm a visual type. SO! Instead of reading novel, i prefer comics, or manga to be clear. Manga is a japanese hand-made comic. Even though i read more in the past, but i still read those to kill some time.

summer holiday is still in progress so here are the top 5 time killer, by me in random sequences :

Glass Mask (ガラスの仮面 Garasu no Kamen) by : Suzue Miuchi

Before i get my hand unto this manga, i always heard how legendary this series goes. But i never got to get the full series, and online reading was never my preferable choice. Because in Indonesia, they published it in different part, and every part have their own title. So literarily they changed its name every like, 3-4 books, without saying this is the continuation of Glass Mask. BUT! Idk but suddenly they re-released all those Glass Mask series recently. AND IT WAS AMAZING!! This series first published in 1976 and still continues until now (yes, they still broke plates in shock and crying-running scene everywhere). 

Anw, the story goes around about a girl named Maya Kitajima. A poor girl that loved acting, and had incredible acting talent such as remembering lines quickly (like, very very very fast). And it revolves around her competition with a born-princess young actress named Ayumi. It looks plain at first, but how the illustrator drew Maya's acting is so real and absorbs me! For manga-lover out there, this is a much read.

Midnite Secretary by : Ohmi Tomu

This one is my friend's recommendation and i LIKED it. Like it was the start of Ohmi Tomu freak! The drawing was so good, the story was great! Unlike any other smut genre manga, this manga had a deep meaning. Basically this manga tells a story about a President of a company and his secretary. Which actually the president is a vampire and knowing the fact, the secretary becomes a 'midnight' secretary for the president by setting him schedules to keep him fed.

This manga eventually led me to other Ohmi Tomu's stuff. Such as 'Kindan no Koi de Ikou'. That is about a love-story of a woman and a wolf that can turn to human by moon's power. Should check it out too!

Sparkling Gingachou / Kirameki Gingachou Shoutengai by Fujimoto Yuuki

When i bought this manga, i have no high expectation. The drawing is average and it doesn't look that interesting. But after I read it, OMG i was like literary cried and ends up reading the first volume like, 10 times! dkgjoirshdjbkdng. Two reasons : IT WAS GOOD, and the second volume took years to published! I don't kid, it was like a year until the second volumes come up! And the series end up in 10 volumes, i guess, i forgot.

The story revolves around 6 kids that have been friend since like babies, because they're family lived in a market street named 'Gingachou'. And yeah, friendship stories always been tear-jerking stuff for me :") not only friendship, later on the learned about life, love, and separation. Really recommended.

For The Rose / 薔薇のために Bara no tame ni (For The Rose's sake)

I still remember how first this series was published in Indonesia. Bad cover, thick, and EXPENSIVE. So i end up didn't bought it, but the cover still stuck in my mind. Because rather than putting the ordinary manga cover, like the drawing of the main character, it instead showing portrait of a garden, hills, or any other natural reliefs. It was weird. But somehow I ended up really curious about this comic, and ends up borrowing them in a comic rental. AND IT WAS GOOD.

I first read it in middle school/early high school. But the story is too complicated for me back then. I can't even summarize the story because it was really complicated! SO i re-borrowed them a year later and found out how deep the story is. The story started with a girl, Yuri, who always live with her grandma, became an orphan after her grandma leaves her. But she founds out that her mother is a famous actress and decided to live with her which she founds her half bros and sis, with all different father. Yeap, classic. But really recommended, it was like the mother of all half bro/sis love story!! Oh, it have a Taiwanese drama too, The Rose :)

last one, Skip Beat! スキップ・ビート! by Yoshiki Nakamura

I know a lot of people might have read this, but it was one of my top5 and i really recommend this one. It's fun, hyperbolic, and great! The drawing is really unique, and it was funny to catch HOW LOOOONG the character's legs are! Right now the Chinese, i guess are making the live-action drama, Skip Beat! fans, look forward!

The story is about a girl, Kyoko, that want to take revenge against her childhood friend, Shou, that only keeps her as a maid and earn his living expenses, and dumps her after he became famous. So the girl step up into the entertainment business with only one goal, destroy Shou's fame. And she also have to go against a popular actor, Ren, that is scary and fake (for Kyoko), because Ren despise Kyoko for being an actress just  for revenge. It was really entertaining and beyond imagination, because you know, everything could happen in a comic book! :D

That's all folks, been writing so long :) I want to put Shonen manga stuff too, but i can't choose! So.........



Blood types and stereotypes

I always the type of girl that interested in human personalities, especially based on horoscopes, blood types,  and or anything i could relate to human character building.

it's just even though some people mocks and said, how come ALL people's personalities can be divided into 12/4/or any number existed. But i just thought every blood type, horoscope could be my base on how i could deal with this person later on.

I always had this interest but i never got any thing that could help me to divine those things clearly. UNTIL i stumbled upon this website. From those i tend to broaden the characters and put them on the recent situation!

i guess it have become my habit to ask people what their blood type is :p

Me myself, a proud AB. But somehow people keep on pointing weird stuff in AB's traits. And as an AB, i have the right and responsibility to literarily explain what's going on in AB's mind. At least mine.

This one is actually pretty much correct. For me, i always thought people do better than me. When I did stuff effortless and people praised me, i just thought i don't deserved it! Give it to someone that really smacking their ass off finishing that stuff! But after a hardworking, tears and blood we (ABs) wouldn't mind one or two flattery phrases, would we? ;)

I can't never say is it right or not for this thing, because the one with A blood type should judge it, not ABs. But i always thought, why bother someone else's faults, mistakes, and stuff if you could just watch? Maybe it's not that kind-stuff ABs do, but it's just the way to show we care, by not caring ;)

I totally agree with this one. Doesn't mean we're not two-faced as well, but if I knew that person's characters or purpose, i would really like for them to just go on say the truth!! 

That's very true, we need personal space. In any form of stuff you could think, space, time, even mind, I had to have something other people can't reach. My personal space <3

This is might be the answer why i was obsessed with blood type and why i could easily related this info onto real life. It's one of AB's traits and i like it very very much! 

When i meet new people, i always had some time to think inside my head to solve what kind of person he/she is. That's why i tend to ask a new person questions so out of topic and weird. Yeah, sometimes i just wonder why did i do stuff like that. Curiosity FTW!

I decided to go on in blood type, not horoscopes. Horoscope are much much more complicated and i didn't have that brain to remember all those 12 signs + dates + traits + bla-bla. 4 is just enough! ;) But I'm an aquarius anw. One of my friend freaked hearing me as a combination of AB + aquarius! Guess I'm a squared freak! LOLS


What's with that name?

Yup. I once made a tumblr with that name, and my sister asks, 'What's with that name?'
and of course i said, '...i don't know, it just come up..'

But then again i try to re-think. It actually means something!

Coffee, a black, bitter drink, had a lot of kind, either brewed or the beans itself. Delicious, for me. Have a unique smell. most of kids hate it. 

Sugar, a sweet, one of essential spices in our life. consumes it a lot, hello diabetes! Some people love it, some people hate it. 
actually a bit of milk would be really nice :*

Coffee and sugar. could mean something right? Coffee, every bad thing in life, and sugar, every good thing in life. When they're mixed together, isn't it nice and delicious? THAT'S LIFE!
They're balancing each other, with a good portion of each, they'll come out nicely. Some people prefer black coffee without sugar, but for me, with sugar would much better :D

No life is a black coffee, nor is a candy. So, every time 'coffee' comes by, sprinkle some sugar (and milk), and sip it while it's hot! Enjoy! 

That's a little philosophy about my blog, don't think too much it'll blow! 


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