Blood types and stereotypes

I always the type of girl that interested in human personalities, especially based on horoscopes, blood types,  and or anything i could relate to human character building.

it's just even though some people mocks and said, how come ALL people's personalities can be divided into 12/4/or any number existed. But i just thought every blood type, horoscope could be my base on how i could deal with this person later on.

I always had this interest but i never got any thing that could help me to divine those things clearly. UNTIL i stumbled upon this website. From those i tend to broaden the characters and put them on the recent situation!

i guess it have become my habit to ask people what their blood type is :p

Me myself, a proud AB. But somehow people keep on pointing weird stuff in AB's traits. And as an AB, i have the right and responsibility to literarily explain what's going on in AB's mind. At least mine.

This one is actually pretty much correct. For me, i always thought people do better than me. When I did stuff effortless and people praised me, i just thought i don't deserved it! Give it to someone that really smacking their ass off finishing that stuff! But after a hardworking, tears and blood we (ABs) wouldn't mind one or two flattery phrases, would we? ;)

I can't never say is it right or not for this thing, because the one with A blood type should judge it, not ABs. But i always thought, why bother someone else's faults, mistakes, and stuff if you could just watch? Maybe it's not that kind-stuff ABs do, but it's just the way to show we care, by not caring ;)

I totally agree with this one. Doesn't mean we're not two-faced as well, but if I knew that person's characters or purpose, i would really like for them to just go on say the truth!! 

That's very true, we need personal space. In any form of stuff you could think, space, time, even mind, I had to have something other people can't reach. My personal space <3

This is might be the answer why i was obsessed with blood type and why i could easily related this info onto real life. It's one of AB's traits and i like it very very much! 

When i meet new people, i always had some time to think inside my head to solve what kind of person he/she is. That's why i tend to ask a new person questions so out of topic and weird. Yeah, sometimes i just wonder why did i do stuff like that. Curiosity FTW!

I decided to go on in blood type, not horoscopes. Horoscope are much much more complicated and i didn't have that brain to remember all those 12 signs + dates + traits + bla-bla. 4 is just enough! ;) But I'm an aquarius anw. One of my friend freaked hearing me as a combination of AB + aquarius! Guess I'm a squared freak! LOLS


  1. Hey^^
    I randomly stumbled upon your post and I agree with some of the stuff you wrote. I think I got a habit into asking people what bloodtypes they were after watching a lot of kpop haha. I don't know.. but it's really interesting to read about this kind of stuff. Keep up the great work :D

    1. LOL! Glad there's someone understood how it feels! :DDDD

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