REVIEW : Clio "KILL BLACK" Waterproof Brush Liner

Hello! Today I'm going to review an eyeliner that is a favorite of a lot of people and I definitely a late customer for this. As an eyeliner daily user, this item sure does stay in my wishlist for some time now. Since it come with mini mascara, I finally purchased it! 


      PRODUCT NAME      
"kill black" waterproof brush liner (+ mascara)

      type of product      
brush pen liner 


krw 18.000 

      site info     
clio official site (korean)

Brush Pen Liner is actually my favorite eye liner type out of everything. I saved this for the time were my current eyeliner all ran out. But obviously this kinda of eyeliner didn't ran out as fast - I have to wait a minimum of 3 month if I want an eyeliner to ran out. I just can't contain myself to not to try this product. 

First, let's talk about the eyeliner and we'll talk a bit about the mascara later on! 

Nothing special about the packaging, like all other black brush pen liner. Black pen, with bold name on the center.

The brush tip size is perfect - not too thin and not too thick, and the brush is not flimsy so it's really easy to draw the eye line. Also the color is really, really black. Like SUPER BLACK. This is might be the blackest eyeliner I have in my collection. This doesn't have to be layered to make a super black line, just a single line is enough! 

I have not encounter any problem with it lasting power or smudging - everything is goooooood! 

Next, a little bit about the O'Tank Volume Mascara (with a little tank there). This mascara is sample size, and Clio have the normal size in their collection. 

This mascara have a super curvy wand! It's almost really awkward to coat my eyelashes in because I'm afraid that the corner will poke my eye balls. But nevertheless, the formulation is good. I can't say it's a dry mascara, but it didn't clump and separates my lashes really well (which usually wetter mascara didn't do). Realizing there is 'volume' word in the name, the mascara didn't really give volume, but more to lengthening effect.

LEFT with eyeliner and mascara RIGHT nothing! (Yes I have uneven eyeline T_T)

Overall, I really get why a LOT of people like this eyeliner, I LOVE IT. The price is definitely up there (KRW 18.000) but a lot of Japanese product also cost similar, but the color will not be as black! I'll be definitely be repurchasing this. 

And a little tip here for better application, this eyeliner works better when there's a layer of powder underneath. I found that using eyeshadow prior to application makes the eyeliner spread more evenly (no bloachy patch) - face powder is also good for the base! 

So that's it for today! Thank you for reading this review and I hope it helps your future purchases! 
Definitely left me a comment if you have something to talk to me! :3

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H A U L - Highend & Seoul

Hello Everyone! Though I promise myself not to slack off and write write write every time I got a chance, the procrastination DNA that runs in my veins always sneak away and making my day less productive. But hey, I'm back!

Today is another long due post that I planned for months back, but ended up not being posted and I have to retake the pictures twice - even thrice I can't remember. As you can see from my posts, I'm usually not a girl that splurge out for beauty stuff, mainly because I'm currently living in Korea where I could get easier access to Korean beauty stuffs and also the price of high-end products that are allover pricier.

None of these product I got in Korea - and I bought these stuff with my own money unless stated! :D

Anw, here it is!

1. LORAC PRO eyeshadow palette, front of the line PRO eyeliner, and behind the scenes EYE PRIMER - Part of the Rockin' Red Hot Set for 2013 holiday. Not only it's cheaper than the eyeshadow palette itself, but it also come with bonuses to complete your eye look - eyeliner pen brush and eye primer! I got it off for IDR 600.000 from a friend KATH. I haven't try the eyeliner, but the eyeshadow palette is AS GOOD as everyone says! The primer is also great!  

2. MAC Pro longwear concealer in NC25 - HKD 150. I bought this baby in HK airport on my way back to Indonesia. And this is DA BOMB, it conceals so perfectly and definitely looooong wearing. I'm using this concealer whenever I need look 'flawless'. The pump is kinda hard to work with, but it's ok

3. BOBBI BROWN Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF 15 in Warm Sand 2.5. HKD 450. Finally, my first high-end foundation that I have! I adore everything about this foundation - except for its scent that smells like a lavender massage oil. Fortunately I didn't have problem with the lavender oil. Another reason for me to invest on this foundation is because my graduation picture is going to be taken in this semester - and I definitely need a pretty good foundation so my face'll look good too. 

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte in #7 Lingerie Pink and #8 Rose Fetish. Around KRW 55.000 - come in a pack of two, I asked a friend to purchase it for me (on an airplane - it's only available in several flight!). I always adored YSL lipstick packaging! Both of the color is pink - one is light baby pink (#7) and brighter pink (#8). I love these to death, and the scent is just so fresh, they smell like papaya! 

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine in #8 Pink in Confidence. Birthday gift from Shya&Pricil! The shine line is definitely more sheer but the lasting power is as good as the other two! In less than a month I have 3 YSL lipsticks!! :O The lipstick is an MLBB shade - I know I have to use it more often but I still kept it in the box ^^;


Next is my haul from Seoul! I've been splurging tooooo much beauty product and I tell myself not to buy more beauty products. After I overlook my purchases, you can see I'm going pants crazy. BUT I did't purchase *almost* no beauty product (unless you count nail polish as beauty stuff, then I'm screwed) 

top to bottom

1 & 2. FOREVER 21 - high rise denim jeans (medium denim) - KRW 9.800 & high waisted denim jeans (indigo blue) KRW 11.800 Forever 21 is a store that I never miss when I'm in Seoul - I can order online most of their items (and it's easier that way) but looking the stuff irl definitely make purchasing decision much easier and I won't have to go through sizing / material problem from online purchasing. I'm so happy that I purchase this two jeans (especially the second one!) because f21 jeans are thin, that makes them extra comfortable! 

3. UNIQLO - Black Jeggings. KRW 19.900 I lost my favorite f21 high waisted jeggings and I didn't see it in the store or the online store :( this jeggings is definitely comfortable, but it's not as thick (nor as cheap) my f21 jeggings - but nevertheless, I'm happy! :D

4. STYLE NANDA - Belt Set Denim Big Shorts. KRW 34.700 More pictures for this shorts in SN's website. I've been looking for a shorts like this, shorts that have a very big leg opening - you know what I'm sayin'. And the fabric is soooo soft! I know I might have to wait for months until I can actually wear this outside! 

5. FOREVER 21 - White T-shirt. KRW 6.800 just another necessities - another piece that I have to wait until summer to wear. 

STYLE NANDA Nail Lacquer in MT01. KRW 4.000 - I always wanted this color so bad but it's always sold out until my last visit to SN's flagship store! I freakin' love this color - very unique and definitely shiny and pigmented. On my nail is one layer with no top coat. LOVE LOVE LOVE! 

That's it for this time! I really love doing this kinda post. Not only I can talk about a lot of product in one post, but I felt like this kinda posts are more personal than 'review's. Recently I felt my blog is so un-personal. Maybe because I feel responsible to the 240+ followers (GUYS, THANKYOU SO MUCH I CAN'T NEVER DO ALL OF THIS WITHOUT YOU GUYS) 


REVIEW : Laneige's White Plus Renew Emulsion

Hello guys! Back again! Today I have a review for a skincare that I've been super loving from Laneige! It's definitely not a love at a first sight with this product. But I have been using it constantly for a month now, and I definitely see a change! This is my long-due review!


      PRODUCT NAME      
white plus renew

      type of product      
(skin care) emulsion.
for all skin types. 
Day & Night

krw 33.000 (100ml)

      site info     
laneige official site (korean)

Although this product is provided to me by Hotdeals in Korea, it did not gave any influence to any of my review. All the opinion stated below are all my own! Thankyou HiK!

After being sent to me from HiK, I was using other Laneige skin care that was also sent to me (Read HERE). So I have to postpone my trial for a few days. But I was really satisfied with the other Laneige product, although it's a different product, I don't want to mix both items so I could really write what I felt (like the difference and do I like the product). 

The first few day of using the product, I can't really tell how I felt, so I take the challenge and bring this product to Indonesia. While at home, I was using this religiously, just because I became used to applying this! Not after 2 weeks using this I found out the very positive effects this product brings! 

First, let's talk about the packaging. The bottle is made out of glass, quite big and heavy, definitely not travel friendly. I move some products to a travel plastic bottle, because the liquid itself is very runny, I don't have a hard time pouring the product out without a pump (Not like a ketchup bottle, if you're confused!). The bottle is not transparent, so I can't figure out how much I have left.

So, here's the magic it does : the redness near my nose and cheek area has been decreased a lot! I also noticed that it brightens up my face and evening it out!! So sad that I don't have a before-after picture because I didn't expect that the difference would be this great! 

Basically what it does is it destroy(?) pigments in the skin that are too red, yellow and black. Laneige explained it in their CF for this line :

Overall, I think this product deserve a 10 out of 10!!!! The serum (which is the main product from this line) will work so much faster to even out skin tones, but it's so freakin' expensive I might have to save up money from NOW!!

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OOTD : That hot winter days

This is my first and maybe last OOTD taken in Indonesia. Haha. I shot this together with my AB pal, Clara (If you may notice, this is the different clara from my videos!). We want to shot more, but I have to reject because of my wardrobe shortage while in Indonesia. Plus, the weather is so unforgiving, we have fought the mosquitoes to get a decent picture.

I just realized that I shamelessly dressed myself in H&M and forever21 from head to toe. lol. Also I have a slight obsession with croc print leather that I might have purchase another bag with similar texture. (now I only have to look for a shoes. hmph)

It's taken sometime ago, but it just now I get the time to actually upload it. wiiiiii. Thankyou, procrastination!


TOP h&m | BLACK TANKS | SHORTS zara | BOOTIES forever21
NECKLACE h&m | HEADBAND korean store
SATCHEL BAG forever21

Here's the lovely lady that shot me (She's like 10x prettier than me, I almost considering to not putting her picture here. fml) -i'm just kidding, or am i


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REVIEW : Majolica Majorca "LASH KING" Mascara in Real Black!

Hello! Next on the line to review is Majolica Majorca "LASH KING" Mascara in Real Black!

Not only I've heard a bunch of good things about this product, I've literally read and heard a lot of hype surrounding Majolica Majorca itself. Majolica Majorca is a Shiseido second brand that is targeted more to younger audience. The packaging itself screams youth and I'm not a fan of funky and noisy packaging, but I definitely giving this one an exception! 

majolica majorca

      PRODUCT NAME      
lash king

      type of product      
lengthening (fiber) mascara

jpy 1.260 // krw 18.000

      available shades    
brown & black

      site info     

This mascara's price point is definitely up there, I'm totally keeping my expectation as high as possible. I did purchase it on a sale event (I got discounted and also got a pouch, the makeup pouch is so pretty it might be the reason I can't stop myself from not purchasing. ehem.). Anyway I know you guys might have read this been reviewed a thousand time, so I'm just gonna jump to my opinion! 

Long-lasting power & holds up the curl

Super Lengthening 

No clumps. At all

Super pretty and quirky packaging. lol

Fall-outs : Maybe because of the fiber, but I'm not really sure - the mascara bits fell into my eyes (as a daily lens wearer, it's the most annoying and HATEFUL thing that could happen to my eyes). My solution? double coat it with another mascara, stopping the fallout to happen! 

Weird and pretty strong scent. 

Hard to remove.


Overall, I don't think I've made a good investment here. I'm definitely not 100% pleased with this mascara, though I can't say it's a bad one either. The dry formula is very suitable for most Asian eyelashes that usually are thin and short. I just don't find to grab this mascara as I have to work twice (I have to coat it with other mascara) and took me twice the time too, just to remove it. I do use this for special occasion when I need that oomph! 

Stay tune for more review, and ohh! I have another Majolica Majorca product review again soon! :D

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REVIEW : Innisfree's Face Designing Duo in #3.

I.AM.BACK.ON.THE.TRACK BABY! Yes, I'm back to Busan!! I'm definitely a sucker in updating my social media account lol ANYHOO I'm going to run through my list and update all the review here ASAP! So, let's start!

The very first item that is honored for a review is Innisfree's Face Designing Duo in #3.


      PRODUCT NAME      
face designing duo #3

      type of product      
pressed contour / higlighter duo (#1 & #2), duo bronzing powder (#3)

krw 12.000

      site info     

If I have to choose 3 cosmetics item that I can't resist it would be concealers, eyeliners, and bronzers. Yes, my love for contouring will never cease. And when Innisfree FB account announced the bronzing/highlighter NEW item, I've probably have purchased it through my mind. 

The price was ok and the packaging is typical Innisfree's style. No scent whatsoever. The size is definitely bigger than their individual blushers. 

When I saw the editorial picture through FB, I knew in a second that the #3 one is a duo bronzer because the "highlighting" shade was much darker than the other 2 shades. A little info here, go for #1 if you have yellow base tone / warm tone skin and go for #2 if you have pink base tone / cool tone skin. It's really nice to see how Innisfree really made the product to fit warm & cool tone, the bronzer shade is also slightly different per shade (not only the highlighter part that is different, like most similar items from Korean brand).

The darker shade : The shade is not the most pigmented bronzer ever, but it's definitely enough for daily usage. Very blend-able and it's definitely easier to work with comparing to other bronzers. For reference, I'm MAC NC 25 and I have to swirl my brush a few times to get enough products to shade my face. The other day my friend complimented my cheek lines because they look more prominent when I was using this product. Not much to say more, I'm using this product everyday! 

The lighter shade : The shade is so freakin' awkward - too light for a bronzer, not enough for a highlighter. That is what I felt, see the swatches and you can see that it's almost invisible in natural lighting. To avoid the bronzer hitting the pan alone (btw, it's my little pet-peeve right there. I want all my product in a pan to hit the pan freaking together!), I always swirl my brush all over the 2 shades - which didn't make much difference from only using the darker shade alone.

...And talking about the amateur shading and highlighting, here's a picture to help (taken from Innisfree's website) :

Overall, it's a good product! I might consider to purchase the single bronzer though rather than buying 2 in 1 with one shade good and the other side disappointing! But, for all the amateur or shading first timer, I think it's a good thing to invest since the pigmentation is rather light, it's almost impossible to be over shade and make your face looks muddy - and I think it's a great reason to purchase! 

can you see my cheeeeeek bone? lolz

I'll see you in the next post! Thankyou for sticking with me through my sudden 'hiatus'! :D 

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