REVIEW : Innisfree's CreamyMellow Lipstick in #3 and #8



Ok, I do feel bad for not posting anything for the past, I don't know, years? lol. But I had a lot of stuffs in my plate and whenever I'm back to my room I just feel like procrastinating and take a nap and doing relaxing stuff (such as watching lakorns and running man and abnormal summit while eating pop corn from CU. But ok). Enough of the excuses, I would love to share weeks that I spent outside the blog, maybe later after I got my regular blog review posts sorted up! 

Here's the review you've been waiting for : Innisfree Creammellow lipstick! 


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Creammellow Lipstick"

        type of product        

#3 크림 코랄 (Cream Coral) 
#8 촉촉 물 먹은 레드

KRW 12.000

Innisfree Official Site (ko) 

With the packaging that looks almost the same "Color Glow" Lipstick, Innisfree came with a new line for FW 2014 - The Creammellow Lipstick. Innisfree website kindly points out what is the difference between the two products :

<left> Creamymellow Lipstick <right> Color Glow Lipstick

I admit I had too much lipsticks already, but please, let's take a minute to adore the ROSE GOLD steel tube. When Pony from Pony's Beauty Diary showcased this lipstick, my eyes got caught pretty quickly to the packaging because it's simple, yet classy. 

The collection has a total of 10 shades, ranging from neutrals to some bright and vivid shades. I chose #3 and #8 because they are specifically pointed out as best sellers.

As the texture of the lipstick is super creamy, the SA strongly advised to not screw up more than 3mm of product while applying, because it could broke down. And also the heats could melt down the lipstick, so be careful! 
Described in the box as smooth coating, pure glossy color, great fitting and infused with camelia oil!

The lipstick texture is creamy, but to compare to a similar product like 3CE creamy lipstick, 3CE's one is more creamier and slides easier. The pigmentation is really great! It can be build on, or used sheer for daily use. The finish is glossy, looks like you wore a lipstick and a lipgloss! I was kinda worried that it will look super shiny, because the pictures on the website and on Pony's video, the lipstick look super shiny and it's like the lips just kissed a bottle of frying oil.

It is not sticky at all, and the overtime the gloss will disappear, I think the lipstick fades really beautifully, not like cracks and blotchy like that. And also the lasting power is nice too! After most of the gloss disappears, the color didn't transfer especially the red one.

Great pigmentation
Creamy texture
Glossy finish
Cool packaging! 
Great lasting power! 

Almost nothing.
Well, I wish they have more FW appropriate shades. Like plums and muted beige stuff like that! 
#3 크림 코랄  

#8 촉촉 물 먹은 레드 

#8 when the red faded
Overall, I think this product is Innisfree's Best Lipstick! I always recommend people to got with their Vivid Tint something (read review HERE) but now I find something that's can be recommend to people. This lip product is good too for people with dry lips, because the glossy effect will not accentuate your lips line. 
I recommend to purchase the more vivid shade because it could be applied sheer and can be use for daily too! Thankyou so much for reading, I'm trying my best for keeping up the posts! See you soon! :*
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I can't lie, Autumn is my favorite season, and in Autumn every brand seems to go all out on their new collection. Here are some stuffs that I collected - by collected I mean, I ask my friend to go out and buy these for me when I'm in Indonesia for the summer, so when I'm back to Busan my collection is UPDATED. Oh yeah.

First thing first, ce Rini successfully 'seduced' me onto the new Etude House's Princess Collection. Despite on how huge the gap is between my taste of color and Etude House's sense of color, I'm still losing to the urge on trying new things. Anyway, I got two of their (prepare to throw up) "Princess Happy Ending Cinderella Fairy Glitter Shadow" in #1 and #3, "Princess Happy Ending Belle Purple Rose Lipstick", and "Princess Happy Ending Belle Rose Cheek Blusher". Among those only the lipstick that I haven't tried on, and the try on session went pretty much well! Also not from the Princess collection, one single eyeshadow, "Look at my Eyes Cafe" in BR407 and their new "Stay Up Foundation" in Sand.

From Innisfree, I got two of their new "Cream-mellow Lipstick" line in the shade #3 and #8 - #8 is the one that Pony from Pony's Beauty Diary used in her 'Hyuna RED Cover Makeup' video. Call me not giving up, after a bad relationship with their Smart Foundations, I still wanna try their "Smart Makeup Blender in Long-Lasting", I still have hope for you!

The last one, the last thing that I purchased from this whole Autumn Haul is from Clio, it's their "Kill Cover Pro Artist Stick Concealer in #3 Linen"! 

So what do you think? Anything you want me to review, like, ASAP? lol
Comment down below gaiz! xx

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REVIEW : Maybelline's Lip Polish


It's been a while since I posted something, isn't? :( I just got back to Busan (boohoo) and the classes has started now. I don't have as much classes as the other semesters and I should have more time to write more - BUT (there's always a but, isn't it?) my room is freakin' HOT and I can't work productively in a hot place. Like really, I feel so sluggish and I don't want to do anything! Miraculously today, the aircon (probably) fixed so it's kinda breezy in my room now :") Now I can start doing stuffs!

Ok, as the title suggests today I'm going to review products from Maybelline, it's their "Lip Polish" / known better by "Color Elixir". Supposedly they have a total of 20 shades, but there's only 4 shades available in Indonesia. Sad.


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Lip Polish" / "Lip Elixir"

        type of product        
Lip Tint

glam 2 & glam 6

Rp. 81.000

Maybelline site

These "Lip Polish" has a very similar packaging to Dior's Addict Fluid Stick. Considering they're not from the same mother company, I think it's pretty brave for Maybelline to make their product 'inspired' by Dior products. Anyway, I haven't tried Dior's one, but I absolutely heard great reviews on them - unconsciously make me think positively about this product even before I tried.

p.s read the comment section, a few google search - and it turned out Maybelline came out with the product first before Dior! Oopsies! 

I bought the product just the day after Stephanie from Beautybucketeer include these on her monthly favorite, well I can't say no to that,  can I? 

There are only 4 shades available in Indonesia (and I'm pretty sure it's not available in Korea, yet), among those 4, 3 shades are pretty much pinkish neutral, and 1 shade is this purple one. Since summer is gonna end, I think this purple shade can amp up the incoming Autumn spirit! 

I'm quite baffled when there's some people that bought this knowing that it's a 'lipstick' lipstick, when it actually came with a wand. Maybe the surrealist packaging does look pretty 'real'. There's nothing really special about the wand, not too big, not too small, ok size lah.

Glam 2 is a orange coral shade, the SA said that it's the most popular shade among the 4. Well, this shade is neutral and the pigmentation is rather sheer - it's no wonder to be the most famous because Indonesian loves natural makeup, right?  Despite how much I liked this shade, I regret not picking up the pink one instead. I have lip products in this shade!

Glam 6 looks like a purple plum on the bottle, but when applied, I think it looked more to a pink fuschia infused with a bit of purple tone in it. It has the best pigmentation between the 4, mainly because it's not that neutral of a color - but if you apply just a little bit and spread it around, it will give you a deep pink shade rather than a full on purple color, and yes spreading the color is so easy! 

Both shades has glossy finish and it didn't dry out your lips. Sure the glossiness will fade away after a good few hours, or after a big meal - but it did leave some stain behind. Especially Glam 6, the darker one, it leaves a pretty purple-pink stain after all the glossiness disappear. And what I liked the most is the fact that the stain DIDN'T set into my lip lines (AT ALL) - while most of my tints do that. 

When I use this allover my lips, I do feel like I'm wearing something. Like there's some layer of something on my lips. It's also great for topping off lipstick and used as lip gloss, not only the gloss do stay longer than regular lip glosses, it also add some more pigmentation to your look! 

Staining lips
Not drying - at all
Pretty gloss
Great pigmentation
No scents

Only comes in 4 shades in Indonesia (boooooo)

Overall, I love these!!! Still regretting not picking up the pink one instead - but yey they're nice! Another thing that I liked about these are they're sold pretty much everywhere (?). Just look for a Maybelline counter and you'll find these! (And they do a lot of promotions!). There's a lot of awesome shades available from this line, like the cherry and reds, I really hope they'll widen the shade range later. 

I think the Glam 6 (the purple one) is a great way to subtly express the Autumn / Winter trend. Express yourself with your makeup if outfits are out of the option! ;) Doesn't mean that because it's hot it's always summer! I know I'm gonna have a lot of use from this Glam 6 shade this time of season.

That's it you guys! Thankyou so much for reading and I'll talk to you soon! Have a great day ahead! xx

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Hey! I was tagged by ce Stephanie from BeautyBucketeer.com to do August favorite on Instagram a while ago - seriously its not even that hard to do this but I kept procrastinating everytime I sat in front of my computer! 

So here's a recap on what I loved during this month : (hyperlinked to my reviews of the product if I did)

It's compact, it's easy to use, its coverage are good, and they're have SPF 50 - no complains given. Recently I just hoped here and there, travelling and also spending nights not in my house (I mean, in the hotel, or my friend's house. ehem) and this is the answer to all of that. I've bought a refill (it didn't came with a refill like some other cushions) incase I'm running out of the cushion while I'm in Indonesia and nope, it's still going on great and I think I'm good for another month till I got to change the cushion. 

2. Biore Cleansing Oil Sheet

THESE are THE BEST makeup cleansing sheet that existed in this whole universe. Period. And you can buy this in Hypermart - local supermarket - and that's a big plus (Because my mom's paying, dropped a few of these to the cart and they're mine for free! MUAHAHA) ehem. Anyway, the sheets are definitely smaller that makeup removing sheets I used to use from Korean brands, but that doesn't mean they do less (they do MORE and definitely BETTER) 

Lately I'm pretty much obsessed with matte lip creams - and these are a great dupes for 3CE lip lacquer. Only they came in more neutral shades! 

4. Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palette in Comfort Zone

I've used this in several tutorials(?) I made in the blog. Recently I've been loving the 'browbone' shade from the greenish line for the eyelid! It came of as a cool tone gray with ever so slightly green shade that pretty much suits everyone eyes!

Great color for summer, instantly brighten up my face! Love it! 

6. 3CE's Pink Single Eyeshadow #Ann

I don't have anything similar to this in my eyeshadow collection, it's taupe with pink tone - it came off as light brown on the lid, but I don't know maybe I just loved the packaging so much that I brought it everywhere with me. Anyway, this color is a great all over lid color from days when I'm too lazy to do anything :p

And now! For the non-beauty favorite! There's one that got into the pic that is worth to mention - my bunny rings that I bought in Thai! It's actually too big for my finger (boo) but its cuteness is irresistible. 

And one more worth mentioning : 비정상회담 or translates as "Abnormal Summit" is a TV-show program from. you guess it, Korea! And I know probably ALL of you guys just heard of it by now because obviously it's not on a national channel, it's on a cable channel and there's no idol members whatsoever involved in this. 

To briefly explain this TV-Show, they're representatives of 11 countries, which are, probably not-coincidently, consists of all young and handsome men WITH A VERY, VERY GODLIKE KOREAN SPEAKING SKILL. (YES they're pure foreigner.) They came from various background and age, some are married some are students, and they share their views from a topic given by a Korean Representative - in which most of the time (always) ends with mouth-fight between the members. 

The topics given are mostly things that everyone can relate like love, family and jobs, and in the program you can see how cultural background can make a huge different in one's viewpoint. The G11 (that's how the representatives are called) are from Turkey, USA, Canada, Italy, China, Ghana, Japan, Australia, Belgium, France, and UK (later replaced with a representative from Germany). And you'll be shocked on HOW GOOD THEIR KOREAN ARE. Even the 'Korean' guests are in shocked whenever they came there. 

Anyway, it's a great TV-show and I'm sad that most of Korean lovers out there will probably couldn't watch it because of the language barrier.. If you're curious watch this one cuts from the episode :

I believe it's getting popular and popular in Korea, even the Kakao Talk stickers are available already! (They just had like 10 episodes only) and that's because the G11 members are not only good at voicing out their opinions, they're so FRIGGIN' HILARIOUS. And obviously I learned a lot from this program, not only my Korean language skill but also in my life as a whole (what the heck am I talking about)

OK that's it! I hoped you like my blabberish post and I'll see you soon! xx

(PS. I found out that someone is subbing "Abnormal Summit" on Daily Motion! Google search it!)

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