Hey! I was tagged by ce Stephanie from BeautyBucketeer.com to do August favorite on Instagram a while ago - seriously its not even that hard to do this but I kept procrastinating everytime I sat in front of my computer! 

So here's a recap on what I loved during this month : (hyperlinked to my reviews of the product if I did)

It's compact, it's easy to use, its coverage are good, and they're have SPF 50 - no complains given. Recently I just hoped here and there, travelling and also spending nights not in my house (I mean, in the hotel, or my friend's house. ehem) and this is the answer to all of that. I've bought a refill (it didn't came with a refill like some other cushions) incase I'm running out of the cushion while I'm in Indonesia and nope, it's still going on great and I think I'm good for another month till I got to change the cushion. 

2. Biore Cleansing Oil Sheet

THESE are THE BEST makeup cleansing sheet that existed in this whole universe. Period. And you can buy this in Hypermart - local supermarket - and that's a big plus (Because my mom's paying, dropped a few of these to the cart and they're mine for free! MUAHAHA) ehem. Anyway, the sheets are definitely smaller that makeup removing sheets I used to use from Korean brands, but that doesn't mean they do less (they do MORE and definitely BETTER) 

Lately I'm pretty much obsessed with matte lip creams - and these are a great dupes for 3CE lip lacquer. Only they came in more neutral shades! 

4. Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palette in Comfort Zone

I've used this in several tutorials(?) I made in the blog. Recently I've been loving the 'browbone' shade from the greenish line for the eyelid! It came of as a cool tone gray with ever so slightly green shade that pretty much suits everyone eyes!

Great color for summer, instantly brighten up my face! Love it! 

6. 3CE's Pink Single Eyeshadow #Ann

I don't have anything similar to this in my eyeshadow collection, it's taupe with pink tone - it came off as light brown on the lid, but I don't know maybe I just loved the packaging so much that I brought it everywhere with me. Anyway, this color is a great all over lid color from days when I'm too lazy to do anything :p

And now! For the non-beauty favorite! There's one that got into the pic that is worth to mention - my bunny rings that I bought in Thai! It's actually too big for my finger (boo) but its cuteness is irresistible. 

And one more worth mentioning : 비정상회담 or translates as "Abnormal Summit" is a TV-show program from. you guess it, Korea! And I know probably ALL of you guys just heard of it by now because obviously it's not on a national channel, it's on a cable channel and there's no idol members whatsoever involved in this. 

To briefly explain this TV-Show, they're representatives of 11 countries, which are, probably not-coincidently, consists of all young and handsome men WITH A VERY, VERY GODLIKE KOREAN SPEAKING SKILL. (YES they're pure foreigner.) They came from various background and age, some are married some are students, and they share their views from a topic given by a Korean Representative - in which most of the time (always) ends with mouth-fight between the members. 

The topics given are mostly things that everyone can relate like love, family and jobs, and in the program you can see how cultural background can make a huge different in one's viewpoint. The G11 (that's how the representatives are called) are from Turkey, USA, Canada, Italy, China, Ghana, Japan, Australia, Belgium, France, and UK (later replaced with a representative from Germany). And you'll be shocked on HOW GOOD THEIR KOREAN ARE. Even the 'Korean' guests are in shocked whenever they came there. 

Anyway, it's a great TV-show and I'm sad that most of Korean lovers out there will probably couldn't watch it because of the language barrier.. If you're curious watch this one cuts from the episode :

I believe it's getting popular and popular in Korea, even the Kakao Talk stickers are available already! (They just had like 10 episodes only) and that's because the G11 members are not only good at voicing out their opinions, they're so FRIGGIN' HILARIOUS. And obviously I learned a lot from this program, not only my Korean language skill but also in my life as a whole (what the heck am I talking about)

OK that's it! I hoped you like my blabberish post and I'll see you soon! xx

(PS. I found out that someone is subbing "Abnormal Summit" on Daily Motion! Google search it!)

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  1. I've always wanted to try the innisfree long wear cushion but I've still got other ones to go through ;uuuu;
    and omg you mentioned abnormal summit, I'm absolutely hooked on the show! Especially with Enes and all his proverbs and what not! There's actually someone who's subbing it!

    Steph | datewithsteph.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Abnormal Summit T__T... Sukaaa bangettt!!! Sangat recommended buat temen-temen yang suka budaya korea terus mau denger perdebatan tolol tentang Korea. hihihi Onni nanti kita perbincangkan ya kalo ktemu ahahahhahaa Muachh

  3. lhooo.. eyeshadow ann kita sama ya fil? tp aku blm pake sih huahahhaa XD
    cieeee yang ud mau balik korea T,T

  4. That TV show is impeccably....HILARIOUS~!! Hahaha *Even though I dunno what they're saying*

  5. excuse meh ^^
    i've nominate you on Liebster Awards . check this out :

    congrats and keep update ♥

  6. Aaaa itu eyeshadownya samaan ci. Itu bagus sih dipakainya, imo. Innisfree long wear cushionnya juga pingin nyobain, banyak yang bilang bagus sih soalnya :Dd

  7. I am happy that you mentioned the show because its my favourite nowadays !!!I watch the show and have alot of fun! Turkish represent Enes Kaya has great korean speaking skills :))


  8. LOL their Korean speaking skills are indeed godlike! hohoh~ come to Korea quickly~~ /o/ and I think I really need to buy that Innisfree cushion too...


  9. OMG I heard about this show! One of my co-workers wouldn't stop talking about it, and kept telling me to watch it. I must watch it now LOLLL. It looks so interesting! o_____O (And the Innisfree cushion looks awesome, I absolutely adore the brand! I might just try it <3)


  10. Wah baru pertam kali denger nih acara ini... Bisa buat gantiin roommate :)

  11. Me and my friends are literally can't shut up about this program (and apparently the rest of Korea too) - I mean the boys (ehem, the gentemen) are too funny and they have A LOT OF 'variety' skills that kills me everytime!!! :D :D :D

  12. hahaha ce ada yang eng sub loh. Gila ini lucu banget!!!! hahahaha

  13. YES! Someone just told me that there's the eng sub in the internet and I'm glad a lot more people love this show! Enes Kaya is my favorite *_* apart from, well, everyone I guess HAHAHA I love this show too much!

  14. Haha iya abis aku upload ini eyeshadownya langsung diincar sama mamaku *_* jeng jeng. Innisfree Cushion is definitely my HG cushion dear, you HAVE to try it!!

  15. HAHA I thought someone is english subbing the show in Daily Motion!!!! :D

  16. IYA hahahaha bagus ya ce pink lagi aaaaaaa

  17. I love Enes too!!!! He's like the Korean God from Turkey *_* GOD why can't HE attend my school instead! lol! Yeah!! Thankyou for the info! I've been telling everyone to look for the sub after you commented here!! :o I'm excited to know that actually a lot of people knew about this program!! :DDDDD

  18. Yang di daily motion english sub toh fil? Sam ochiri pernah melok di runningman loh.. sama yang perancis itu..

  19. iyaa! sam pernah dimana2 di infinity challenge juga! haha Ada ce aduh siapa yang sub ya pkkny ada di daily motionnn. yang prancis disini bukan si fabian itu sih, orang lain (lebih ganteng, tenang) hahha

  20. Wkwkwk.. Sam sm fabian ngomong prancisan pas d RM. Sengaja. Lol!
    Wah. Asik.. Lebih ganteng :)

  21. Yeah, the first post on this tumblr has all the links to the episodes subbed http://bxrme.tumblr.com


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