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Ok, I do feel bad for not posting anything for the past, I don't know, years? lol. But I had a lot of stuffs in my plate and whenever I'm back to my room I just feel like procrastinating and take a nap and doing relaxing stuff (such as watching lakorns and running man and abnormal summit while eating pop corn from CU. But ok). Enough of the excuses, I would love to share weeks that I spent outside the blog, maybe later after I got my regular blog review posts sorted up! 

Here's the review you've been waiting for : Innisfree Creammellow lipstick! 


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Creammellow Lipstick"

        type of product        

#3 크림 코랄 (Cream Coral) 
#8 촉촉 물 먹은 레드

KRW 12.000

Innisfree Official Site (ko) 

With the packaging that looks almost the same "Color Glow" Lipstick, Innisfree came with a new line for FW 2014 - The Creammellow Lipstick. Innisfree website kindly points out what is the difference between the two products :

<left> Creamymellow Lipstick <right> Color Glow Lipstick

I admit I had too much lipsticks already, but please, let's take a minute to adore the ROSE GOLD steel tube. When Pony from Pony's Beauty Diary showcased this lipstick, my eyes got caught pretty quickly to the packaging because it's simple, yet classy. 

The collection has a total of 10 shades, ranging from neutrals to some bright and vivid shades. I chose #3 and #8 because they are specifically pointed out as best sellers.

As the texture of the lipstick is super creamy, the SA strongly advised to not screw up more than 3mm of product while applying, because it could broke down. And also the heats could melt down the lipstick, so be careful! 
Described in the box as smooth coating, pure glossy color, great fitting and infused with camelia oil!

The lipstick texture is creamy, but to compare to a similar product like 3CE creamy lipstick, 3CE's one is more creamier and slides easier. The pigmentation is really great! It can be build on, or used sheer for daily use. The finish is glossy, looks like you wore a lipstick and a lipgloss! I was kinda worried that it will look super shiny, because the pictures on the website and on Pony's video, the lipstick look super shiny and it's like the lips just kissed a bottle of frying oil.

It is not sticky at all, and the overtime the gloss will disappear, I think the lipstick fades really beautifully, not like cracks and blotchy like that. And also the lasting power is nice too! After most of the gloss disappears, the color didn't transfer especially the red one.

Great pigmentation
Creamy texture
Glossy finish
Cool packaging! 
Great lasting power! 

Almost nothing.
Well, I wish they have more FW appropriate shades. Like plums and muted beige stuff like that! 
#3 크림 코랄  

#8 촉촉 물 먹은 레드 

#8 when the red faded
Overall, I think this product is Innisfree's Best Lipstick! I always recommend people to got with their Vivid Tint something (read review HERE) but now I find something that's can be recommend to people. This lip product is good too for people with dry lips, because the glossy effect will not accentuate your lips line. 
I recommend to purchase the more vivid shade because it could be applied sheer and can be use for daily too! Thankyou so much for reading, I'm trying my best for keeping up the posts! See you soon! :*
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  1. Now I'm surely going to get this lippie <3 Number 3 looks really good on you btw, ci c:

  2. It's been about 3 weeks now that I added the no3 in my basket and just waiting to got money to buy it (with others products lol)! I can't wait to have mine! A lot of reviews are comming all over internet, that made me want to got it quickly!

  3. Omgoodness.... I'm a HUUUUGE FAN of pony's makeup tutorials (wish she'd do them more often though!) and I must say I was pretty sold on inniefree products when you used them ( think she's sponsored by them lol) but i've never actually purchased any innisfree items!!!! This lipstick looks amazing on you (love the red one!!!!) and this just calls for a splurge!!! Loved your blog post, super detailed, followed you on GFC! I'm currently hosting the World's Easiest Giveaway ever featuring Etude House bestsellers (literally 2-click and you're done lol) on my blog, so feel free to stop by and take a look when you have a chance!

    xoxo, Mango ❤Freebie Giveaway! | Fall Trends 2014 Video

  4. Always loved the Innisfree Tint Lipsticks, so I'm excited to try this range!! Shade #3 looks gorgeous on you, Filia!

  5. As a fan of the colour glow lipstick range, I think I really need to give these a go! Too bad they didn't release any dark and vampy shades. :/
    Elina | missblueeyes.com

  6. These have been at the top of my wishlist recently. I'm so glad to hear that they're glossy, but still pigmented enough.
    #8 looks especially pretty on you. :)

  7. This is on my wishlist! The lipstick looks amazing and so glossy! *o*

    Michelle xo


  8. I wanted these so bad when they were first released, because the colors look absolutely gorgeous. *-* #8 caught my eye as well, the bright red looks really pretty on you! I'm glad to hear that they're good for dry lips, since mine get dry easily especially during the winter. Thanks for the review Filia~ ^^

  9. They look so so pretty x

  10. huahhhh.. ga sabar nunggu punyaku nyampe >.<
    yg no 3 cakep banget d kamu fil.. *.*

  11. These look sooo good! I totally want the browny nude color you got! It looks like the perfect nude for me! I think this formula is for me, my lips tend to be dry!

  12. I just go this too >.< I now have high expectation from this cause of your review lol. The shades look so good on you. Well, from what I've seen, any lipsticks look great on you haha

  13. I really want a couple of shades of these..I loved the Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick already and I'm sure I will love this one, too *_*

  14. Its look pretty on you :)<3


  15. I was really curious about this one ! Thank you for reviewing and suggesting vivid shades. Because its hard find true swatches online for a newly realised product :))


  16. Wow! I want to see your review! I'm really curious on what other people think hehe

  17. hahaha cece beli nomer berapa??

  18. Tell me if you tried it too! Really curious on what people think about these!

  19. YES! That's a great disappointment.. I want dark vampy lippies!!

  20. Thankyou Shannen!! xx

  21. Beli 3 sm 9 fil.. ahhaha.. smoga pas aku pake no 3 jg sbagus ky km xD

  22. hahaha pasti bagussss sebenernya no 3 lebih warm di real life... pengen yang pink banget nih sbnrnya haha aduh banyak banget sih pengennya grrr

  23. Ya ampuun, aku keracunaaan. Jadi pengen deh <3 <3 warna yg pink cantik

  24. aww.. the red one looks good on you.. envy banget sama dunia perkosmetikan korea kamu selalu up to date dan bikin ngiler.. :D

  25. ooh finally swatches on #3!! so pretty now definitely purchasing!



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