REVIEW : Etude House's Princess Happy Ending "BELLE" Rose Cheek Blusher

Hi! Still trying to be productive so here's another review!

(Before we get into the review, I want to address my apology for the pictures, because I took the pics somewhere else with a hope of better quality and not to bore you guys, but in the end the pics came out too warm(?) and the shades didn't came out as clear.. so really sorry about that!) 

So here it is, Etude House's Princess Happy Ending "BELLE" Rose Cheek Blusher in #2 코랄빛로즈 Coral Shine Rose. This is the new Etude House collection that came out just at the edge of summer and I think it's their second collaboration with Disney characters. This time they're focusing on Disney Princesses like Belle, Cinderella and Jasmine!

Etude House

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Princess Happy Ending Rose Cheek Blusher"

        type of product        

#2 코랄빛로즈 
#2 Coral Shine Rose

KRW  8.500

Etude House Official Site (ko)

In this collection they have 2 shades of blusher, and for my complexion I chose #2 because I think it'll suit someone with darker complexion than normal average Korean skin tone. The box packaging is really cute, it's designed to look like a book - because let's face the fact 'happy ending' only exists in books. lol. 

For the blusher packaging itself, there's nothing special about it. I must say it's rather cheaply made. Like it's made out of pink plastic and that's it. And the color is just... ugh. For the size it's quite compact, no more than 7 cm in diameter. I think they invested the production expenses more to the blusher shape itself. The blusher inside is shaped like a rose. 

If you're familiar with EH's Minnie Mouse Collection before this, they have blusher that has Minnie's face on it right? I don't own it but as I read reviews and my friends' experience, the Minnie shape is so freaking fragile that it broke all the time. But this time it's definitely different. Even when I swirl my brush with rage on it, the rose shape still look the same! 

this one is closer to the real life shade. 

The blusher shade is warm tone rose pink with hints of golden shimmer all over. You can definitely see the shimmers on the pan and when swatched, but when actually applied, the shimmer became a subtle highlight to your cheek! I think the #1 is more to cool tone than this one, so if you have fairer complexion, you might want to check #1 instead because this #2 can be too harsh for you. 

It does look very rosey pink, but when applied (see cheek swatch below) it's really more to a coral pink than just pink.

This blusher has a great pigmentation - which I find very different from a lot of other Korean brand's blusher collection. Because I rarely encounter a blush that have a great pigmentation and came out vividly on the cheek. Probably because I do have darker complexion than a standard Korean skin tone, but it's really hard to find something that actually do stuff to my cheek! 

Especially the subtle shimmers, I was taken back at first because I'm afraid that it'll turn my cheek into a disco ball, but thank God it didn't. In fact the shimmer highlights so naturally I can't even...

Great pigmentation
Pretty rose shape!
The shade itself is perfection
A very, very slight hint of rose scent
The blusher itself is very very sturdy

Almost nothing.
oh yeah, tacky name. lol

Overall, as someone that doesn't really have good experience with blusher, I LOVE THIS. I think this shade will look good for everyone because it's pink and it's coral and it's warm toned - perfect for someone with fair medium to medium tone. 

As much as I love this, I think the shade works better for warmer season. Well I still use them until today with lighter hand to just lighten up my face generally. I saw a lot of rave review from Korean Beauty bloggers too as I search for more information about this, mainly the rave focused on to its great pigmentation! 

Again, working with pigmented blusher can be tricky, the key is too build up the shade, little by little. Because it's easier to add than to remove! 

What do you think of this collection? Do you have anything do you want to try? :) 
Thankyou for reading! xx

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  1. aku juga punya yang ini. tapi belum dipake karena sayang. aku punya yang minnie dan sekarang mukanya ilang. jadi sayang mau sentuh2 yang ini.


  2. Oh my gosh!! I need this blusher so badly~ <3 <3 <3 It's super pretty and I really like the sort of shimmer the blusher has~ And coral blushes are my faves! thanks for the review!

    Love, Aimee

    My Blog | New Blog Post

  3. I feel you...about the lighting. I always get that problem when taking photos for blog lol. Anyway, the shade looks great on you :) And yeah, the name is a bit tacky lol

    x Stella


  4. I agree about the cheap packaging, maybe the lid should be clear to show the pretty rose inside. I also have dark skin so I stay away from Korean blushes as they seem to have very light pigmentation. This one looks great on you! Thanks for you review- now I have another product in mind to try out ;)


  5. looks good on you ;)



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