REVIEW : Etude House's Princess Happy Ending "Belle"

Hello! It's been almost a week since my last post :( I'm sorry - now I don't have excuse other than my poor time management skill and the time that I invest for procrastinating.

Anyway, this is a super delayed review of Etude House's Princess Happy Ending "Belle" lipstick!

It's from their Princess line that came out at the end of summer. It's a limited edition means it won't be re-produced when it's all sold out.

Etude House

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Princess Happy Ending - Belle"

        type of product        

KRW 9.000

Etude House Official Site (ko)

There's 2 shades available in this collection. Snow White is warm cherry red and Belle is cool purple tone pink shade. 

As per usual the packaging it's not even close to my taste, but the initial bullet color is totally my style, and I don't have something that 'purple' in my collection! But I still prefer this design to the other princess one (or even the permanent collection ones). 

I find that this lipstick texture is very similar to Etude House's "Look At My Lips" lipstick, it has glossy finish and it feels quite similar except that the "Look At My Lips" lipstick is a little more on the creamy side. 

Even though the bullet looks intimidating as it's very purpley, when applied and swatched, the color is much more forgiving because the pink tint is more visible than the purple. Also, it can be applied sheerly, by blending the color or build it up to reach the maximum pigmentation. 

I think the lipstick is really easy to apply, and the gloss helped to soften my lips line. The gloss will fades overtime, and sadly I don't think this lipstick leaves a lot of stain. I can end up with super pale lips after a big meal and it means I have to reapply again. 

This lipstick isn't drying, especially if you're able to keep the gloss intact, but I don't need lipbalm when I reapply. I don't have a big dry lips issue, but for those who have issue then lipbalm is highly recommended.

Great pigmentation - can be used vividly or sheer
Creamy texture
Did not accentuate dryness
I love the shade
Easy to blend
Lightweight on the lips

Did not leave stain behind
Limited Edition

Overall, I love this lipstick! The shade is definitely gave big points for that because it's just my kind of color. And when reapplying, i think this lipstick is definitely more forgiving that bold tints because I don't really need to be extra careful as it's easy to blend. 

The lasting power is indeed not something that this product is excel in, but nevertheless I've been using a lot of this lipstick that the packaging itself had been pretty much in a beaten up condition now! 

Thankyou so much for reading this post! Sorry for the super late review :"(

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  1. The more I see people review this particular lipstick the more I love it. It's gorgeous and it's definitely one of those shades that seems to fit all seasonal weather (it's vivid enough for spring but also seems to be that fall shade of darker purple). It's a pity that it's limited edition though.

  2. Di kamu bagus banget warnanya! Waktu itu aku coba pake di tokonya dan di aku ga oke T__T


  3. Makeup With A HeartOctober 21, 2014 at 3:02 AM

    I loved watching the Disney Princess movie growing up that I picked up almost every item from this collection! I love this shade of purpley pink so much that I grabbed two :D

  4. This shade is so pretty! I wasn't initially attracted to the Princess Happy Ending collection because I didn't find the packaging too appealing either, but I might have to keep my eyes on this lipstick when I'm in Korea!

  5. the color look so nice on you... btw where can I see more about this Etude's collection? Thanks


  6. Aku ud punya shade kyk belle jd pengen coba yg snow white deh ciiii huhuhuhu Bagus d kamu warnany xx

    Love always,

  7. Oh my, that shade looks amazing! I don't have anything like that color and I've been seeing some great reviews on etude houses lipsticks and I really should go and get one or two!

  8. so jelly with people who can pull of such shade :c this kind of shade will make my already yellow teeth yellower so i dont have any. the packaging is so pretty if i had one of these and when i finish it, i would melt my other lipstick and put it there!!

  9. omg I love the color so much! It is such a great shade for Fall :) EH really impresses me with the pigmentation lately <3

  10. It suits you very well! I somehow don't think that the colour or packaging is very much like Belle at all. I imagine more of a pinky brown shade? I wanted to buy these after seeing lovely reviews everywhere but I almost never end up wearing my lipsticks because my lips are too dry :(.

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