HOW-TO : Subtle Burgundy Eyes

Hi! Today I'm bringing an eye look that I sometimes like to do since I got the Etude House's Play 101 Pencil in 29 -  which is a shimmer burgundy shade. It's my way to do subtle 'colored' eye makeup look for daily look, in the summer I like to change the eyeliner color to navy blue. I planned to do one how-to post when I was wearing blue eyeliner, like, everyday in the summer. I guess I didn't get around to do that. 

Anyway, fall I think is the season when I like to try different makeup looks and using more colors. I think because I usually don't really like makeup shades that came out during spring or summer, while I like everything that came out in autumn!

So, to the tutorial! 

<color swatch of all things I used>


(I accidentally deleted the first pictures :( but it's not a big of a deal though.) So the first step is to spread a light brown / taupe color all over the lid, and I came back again with a little darker brown shadow focusing on the down half of the lid. It creates a more depth contour than using just one color for the lid. 


Taking the burgundy eyeliner, I line my waterline, starting from the outer corner to the inner corner. I keep the middle part light, focusing the shade on the outer corner. After that, I take a espresso eyeshadow, layering the burgundy color so that it'll look less obvious and 'bloody'. You can add the burgundy again, which I think I did.


Next, is my signature eyeliner. Seriously, can't get away with no eyeliners! And then some mascara to the lashes, and we're done! It's so easy!

For the lips, I went with a red plum color, but I apply it sheerly. I think it matches the whole look!

What do you think? Gosh I love autumn, it's when I can experience with lots of makeup looks :p 

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  1. Now, that's the way to rock Burgundy look! I've seen so many people applying too much Burgundy on the lower lash line and they look like they have eye infection lol. Thanks for the tutorial <3

  2. Makeup With A HeartOctober 12, 2014 at 4:23 AM

    I've been loving the Burgundy eyeliners for a fall look! To help me look less sickly, I use a nude eyeliner in the waterline to cancel out the redness.

  3. I've been in love with burgudy make up looks for quite a while now, and it definitely would looks even better during autumn. <3 Btw, i like those lip color ci, it rocks the whole make up looks!!

  4. this will looks so rad with girly outfit !! :) thanks for sharing

    Slumber Talk

  5. Love love what you did! I've seen this shade from clio before and have avoided it because I really dont want such a reddish color near my eyes. I'm afraid it'd make my eyes looks tired or bloodshot. Love the touch of burgundy on your lips especially!

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