REVIEW : Pony x Memebox "Shine Easy Glam" Eyeshadow Palette


PONY x MEMEBOX palette is now available GLOBALLY! <3 YES!
Click HERE to purchase the palette from Memebox Global website! :))

I was a little bit distressed about this post and I thought of not doing it at all - but I don't know this blog is the place where I could share my thoughts about something and maybe I just have to do it really. 

The thing that made me contemplate to do this post or not is because this product is crazily hard to purchase outside Korea, and even if you're in Korea I think it would be hard too because you have to purchase this online. And that requires an ID, and when you make an ID you need a Korean cellphone number and yep - in short way it's hard to purchase if you're a foreigner. 

I got this question a lot since my post about Pony's Colorful Memebox and I just want to get everything straight now. Let's just hope for this palette to be available in memebox global website! 


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Shine Easy Glam"
Pony x Memebox

        type of product        
Eyeshadow palette 

KRW 20.000 // USD 18

Memebox Korean site
Memebox global site

This palette went on sale around the end of September, and for only an hour there's a 50% off sale for the palette, and guess what I got the palette only for KRW 10.000 - and seriously, for this palette, for only KRW 10.000 there's nothing that can go wrong. It's a really good deal and I thought it will definitely cost more. 

The packaging is really simple, black, white and a little bit of pink and silver in the box. The palette itself is heavier than I thought, really well made. Really reminds me of Sleek Eyeshadow palettes. 

The palette contain 8 shades, half being matte and the other half is shimmers and glitters. I think that's a perfect combinations, you don't want a lot of mattes or shimmers in a palette, or so I prefer. In the middle, there are 2 applicators (that is surprisingly, usable), with sponge tips in one end and small pink brush in the other end.

Also the huge mirror. Perfect!

Here's the description on each shade, translated from Pony's Blog

Easy Base

[matte] Warm Ivory color.
Use to highlight under the eyebrows, for eyelid base color and highlight.
*the shade is build-able, easy to control pigmentation.

Easy Shadow

[matte] Ashy Brown
Use for defining eyebrow, eyelid contour and face contour.

Easy Brown

[matte] Ashy Brown (2-3 shade darker than 'Easy Shadow')
Use for defining eyebrow, eyelid contour and face contour.

*the reason why Pony decided to put 2 similar shades in the same palette is because the shade can be used alone or mixed to match the user's skin tone. 

Easy Charcoal

[matte] Dark Espresso
Use for defining eyebrow, deep contouring, eyeliner and for hairline.

Shine Rosegold

[glitter pearl] Coral Beige with soft glitters
Use for eye base and highlight

Shine Gold

[glitter pearl] Cooper Brown with soft glitters
Use for eye base and medium tone shadow.

Glam Espresso

[shimmer] Shimmery Grayish Brown 
Use for eyeshadow

Glam Cocoa

[shimmer] Shimmery Dark Chocolate Brown
Use for eyeshadow

SWATCH (below is swiped once with a makeup cleanser tissue)

It's concept for being half matte - half shimmer and glitter reminds me of the original LORAC pro palette. They're both neutral in shades and there's some shade that really is similar to each other. I tried to swatch the shades from both Pony x Memebox "Easy Shine Glam" palette side by side with similar shades from the LORAC pro palette.

From the swatches you can tell how nicely pigmented they are, and LORAC pro palettes are famous for it's pigmentation, so to be compared against you have to be a big deal.

As Pony is really famous for being a beauty guru on youtube, it would be wrong not to include any tutorials from her. Sadly, there still no videos from Pony's Beauty Diary focusing on this palette, but there are some video from some Korean beauty guru talking about this palette. Anyway, in memebox site, there's some 'cheat' looks that you can recreate using the palette :

Overall, I think this palette is da bomb. I mean, with 10.000 KRW (or normal price KRW 20.000) you can't go wrong with that. The pigmentation is great, the texture is really nice. I see nothing is bad from this palette.

The shades are shades that are hard to mess with, I mean the shades are neutral and had a lot of varieties - you can create anything you want to.

Again, one thing is, if only this palette is available overseas. Anybody know how to purchase from overseas please kindly tell me so I can inform the readers!

Thankyou so much for reading! Smooch!

why so pretty 😭

Yep. Pony and I are like bff alr. JK. Met her coincidentally when I was in Seoul :P

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  1. Wow I really want to try this out but it seems like it's very hard to purchase :( Hope it becomes available internationally. The shades are perfect neutrals <3

  2. Aku nyaris beli ini kemaren tapi akhirnya enggak jadi. I don't regret it though. Tapi ini best buy banget~


  3. I'm a sucker for neutral shades. I really wish I could purchase this palette T.T


  4. Makeup With A HeartOctober 14, 2014 at 6:16 AM

    Wow this looks beautiful! I have a ton of neutral palettes but the pigmentation is spot on with this palette. Do you think the shades are very blendable? I have a tendency to pack on too much and it gets hard for me to blend and make it look softer--a reason why I love the Lorac Pro Palettes so much is that it may look scary but they blend so smoothly. Also, what's the longevity with these? Do they need primer?

  5. Hello

    People are asking how to purchase this palette. There's another blogger who also resides in Korea that does a special event for her readers. Her name is 'ladyfoxmakeup' (can be found on fb or google) and she shops for her readers. You normally pay the price of the items (esp those goood sales) + shipping. I personally haven't shop with her but I heard she has great customer service and gives out generous samples in the package. I do think you save a lot with her compare to gmarket because normal korean post rates are lower. Hope it helps!

  6. OMG you met Pony!! I love her! I'm so jealous. And also very jealous you have this palette, it looks absolutely fantastic. I love two things- that the brushes are actually useable and that the shadows are big enough to be used with a larger brush for contouring and highlighting. I really hope they make this palette more available soon- especially as it's gaining popularity! Thank you for your detailed post xx

  7. OMG! I want to get this palet so badly! Its so basic, I can use it in every condition ! Hope international websites starts to sell it T.T

    Antoher OMG ' You met Pony yay !


  8. The palette looks so lovely! I wish I could get it but it's such a shame that it's so hard to get a hold of as a foreigner. Thank you for the informative review, anyway! Looks like you made a really good deal. :)
    Elina - missblueeyes.com

  9. OH YES! I know about her buying service and I've heard great things from her service. Thankyou so much for the info, I'll put it on the post so that ppl can see if they're interested to buy :D :D :D

  10. As a foreigner is really hard to get ;; but the palette looks beaaaaautiful ;;

  11. Ohh this is such a gorgeous palette~ ^ ^
    You are such a lucky girl to get to meet Pony too! ^ - ^


  12. omggg~~~ ketemu sama ponyyy~~~
    seru bangettt hahahah
    nice review dear

  13. The palette looks amazing!!! I'm so jealous!

    Thank-you so much for the review!

    Michelle xo

  14. WAAAAAA SO LUCKY MEETING PONYYYY the palette looks like that perfect palette for everyone, except for the easy base which will pretty much not show up at all on me meh


  15. Oh whoa that palette is lovely! I need a palette like this because it has such a basic range of colors that allow for such versatile looks to be made!

  16. pas aku liat harganya 20.000 waa mahal amat, eh pas ada diskon 50% jadi 10.000 . worth to buy banget ..... jadi pengen ><

  17. I read your post a few days ago and I just saw that Pony´s palette will be realeased at Memebox` global website on the 3rd of November. There´s no info about the prize yet, but I´m looking forward to it!
    Thank you for your review!


  18. Does anyone know how long shipping takes to get to Australia?
    I bought the palette from Memebox and it still hasn't shipped yet!!

  19. OMG I'm in Seoul why don't I ever run into anyone relatively famous?! haha I really want to buy this palette now XD


  20. Wow! may i know is this only available online at memebox web site? Or is there any outlet in Seoul that can get it? T_T

  21. I was trying to convince myself in not buying this palette, but your review sealed the deal! I need this!

    Hao | haodoyoungo

  22. hi, i'll be visiting korea soon. do you know where can i get the pony x memebox products in korea?

  23. I think it's only sold online in memebox.co.kr

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