CAFE 101 : Cafe Constant

Hi! Just before I upload another review, for a little bit of a variation, lemme upload my cafe trip before I continue my reviews :p

I knew this cafe from my sister, and almost immediate I visited the cafe. Not only it's really spacious, the cafe has both outdoor and indoor seatings and this season is the perfect time to visit. Even though the cafe is pretty big, I never passed through it or even see the cafe because it located in a small street just near Pukyong uni, that is right in front of my uni.

The main attraction from this Constant Cafe is : LOOKIE! Lookie is also a staff(?) in the cafe. It's a white maltese puppy that hangs around the cafe!

It's very shy and and it's scared around a lot of people - which is bad because it's always got surrounded by the girls

The other attractions from this cafe is that they serve juices - yes, mix juices. While living in Korea, outside of stands and little ahjumma stores beside the uni, I almost never encounter a cafe that has a lot of juices selections. Anyway, their brunch menu is also superb - they made their own blueberry jam!

Check out his IG : lookie_adorable (yes, it has one)

The interior is very well placed, everything looks clean and bright. I went to the cafe twice in a span of a week.  The toast is tasty and the beverages are awesome!

That day OOTD :

Thankyou for reading the post! Hope I refreshed your eyes with some eye-candy (from the cafe, not from my ootd duh). I'm trying to keep up my uploading schedule with all the other procrastination that sometime made me forget my priorities. 

For example, watching too much lakorns like Hormones and Love Sick - Yes I know LS is ending (with me drowned in my own tear - GOSH that was good), I still keeping up with the novel that is translated by lovely Ms. Kuda from Kudalakorn. Does anybody here even watch LS? I know it's not for everyone, but I always had a soft spot for stories like that. Watching those made me think, WHY IS THAILAND SO DAMN GOOD IN MAKING TV-DRAMA. 

Come on. We, Indonesian, can't keep on producing something like GGS for the rest of the century, can we? We definitely need something more high in quality, because to be honest, WE CAN! I won't be suprised if after Hallyu wave, there'll be Thai-lyu wave or something, because I'm riding the wave right now. lol 

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  1. Love the place! The interior is so lovely and so bright! Love that breakfast looking platter! i love toast with eggs and sausage!

  2. your outfit looks lovely !! and btw, ... that plate of food making me extra hungry !! lol.

    Slumber Talk

  3. Pertama2 yg ketemu cafe ini aku sama kak lenza pas taun kmaren! terpencil ya jd kyk hidden gem♥ skrg jd terkenalllll (dlu ga ada guguknya juga skrg ud ad guguk♥♥♥) Wait for my post too xx

    Love always,

  4. Ciiiiiii i found out that u actually looks stunning in white, tbh. Dan seriusan, cafenya kelihatan menarik banget buat dikunjungin <3

  5. Lovely cafe! I like how Korean cafes are always decorated so beautifully. Btw, I tagged you in Beauty Blogger Tag. More info here: http://www.pastelblvd.com/2014/10/the-beauty-blogger-tag.html. Hope you do it so I'll get to know you better :)

    x Stella

  6. Cute OOTD, I wanna find a cool café like that in my area too :/ :p

  7. suka roknyaaaa *.*
    kafenya bagus Fil <3


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