.......Cheesy title. Now I felt ashamed. 

ANYWAY! Etude House just went on crazy sale couple of days ago, all the products were on sale! New arrival stuff too, some even went down to 50%! 

Now I don't get it why the sell their skin care IDR 300.000++ back in Indonesia while you can get them like, IDR 80.000----- here. 

I don't get like a ton of stuff because, yeah, Korean cosmetic went on sale almost once every 3 months, and pathetically we, women, check out the store every time they went on sale. Scary huh I'm afraid of myself too. 

Ok let me shove the pictures to you! Now! 

First thing is this 'Belle Dress' Shower cologne in 'Pretty Look' which is the pink packaging one. 
If I had to summarize in one word, it's like buying-victoria-secret-dope-in-a-much-higher-price-with-uglier-and-smaller-packaging. Should have given reward to self by that. The price before discount is KRW 7.000!

Yes. It's smells almost exactly Victoria Secret's Love Spell, but more long-lasting and smaller, 100ml (could be good or bad, you decide). This fragrance comes in 3 color variants, which smells almost the same. Which made up to conclusion I prefer these over Victoria Secret's just because the fragrance stays on me for hours! Unlike.............

I never saw these products before, considering how small Etude House store is, it's quite a shocker to me. I had try EVERYTHING, almost, Etude House's product. AND WHY? Because the staff, or maybe the company, decide to put the product under 'Body Care' along with body wash and stuffs instead of under 'Fragrance' because it is a SHOWER COLOGNE. Oh yeah, it makes sense :/

Next is 'Happy Teatime' Water Proof Lip&Eye Remover Tissue. I bought these for a trip recently but i ended up didn't use it :/ 

But! I might want to give you some warning. Once again, I bought these on sale. Because I just know I needed these for the trip, I just went to cleansing products and picked up these. The store was full of people queueing for paying and it was so crowded. 

I don't noticed this until I paid everything, the rack near the cashier had these Happy Teatime stuff 1+1 package + face mask WITH THE SAME PRICE AS ONE PACK!! SGNDJFJXVDKZ KGJVDSFKG. Really Etude? Really? So next time check the rack near the cashier to make sure you get a better deal TT_TT

Next!  One from the 'Help my Finger' line, Quick Dry Drop! 
Etude House have these new finger treatment line, and one of them is this! 
I thought at first it is a top coat, you know the quick drying one. But, it's more water-like and don't smell as much. 

You supposed to drop 1-2 drops to your polished nail and it will make the drying process much quicker and also gives your nail shine. I thought it will make my nail dry, like, super instantly. So when i tried these I didn't even wait to touch my nails. 'is it dry yet, is it????!' the answer is no, it will not do that kind of magic on your nails. You still had to wait, but not as much as a regular top coat, and hey! You don't even have to bother brushing over your nails! Just drop it and it will do its business! 

Next is something you couldn't forget to pick on your Etude trip! Nail polishes! 
It's not all mine by the way lol some of those are my sister's and I tried the glittery soft blue one on my nail, and I just applied it like whatever, because it was glittery and had a subtle color :/ but it still chipping off and uneven, I topped my nails with a matte top coat to reduce the bling-bling effect!

Next is one of the Wonder Pore line, the freshner! They come in two sizes (and more if you count the sample sizes) and I bought the small one just to try it out. It is called freshner but you can think of it as a toner. 

I really like wonder pore's line packaging, because its blue and pop artsy, I just hope every other products were designed like this! Actually not only as toner, you could move them into a small sprayer bottle and use them as a real freshner or face mist during the day. Not kidding, it actually written on the box. 

Next and the last piece of product I bought is a beauty blender! I have heard a lot of beauty guru raving about how magically a beauty blender works on foundation. But in the other hand I heard that beauty blender would absorb your product and we would end up using product more than it should. 

Then i say, fuck it, I'm using a drugstore foundation and bb cream is so friggin' thick it wouldn't get absorbed! That's purely my thought on buying this product. Which is honestly I haven't use it until now. lol

Let's rage about it again if it actually works wonder to my foundation routine lol

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