So I went all out

Anyway in L'arc~en~Ciel official page there's a page that you could type in your message to them. I typed a super long message but it said it only can contain 400 characters.

Damn it

I can't let it go for waste I'll post it here.
Sorry for no updates recently life had been so crazy!!!!! I KNOW I was disappoint at myself too! Should have done less procrastinating more productive!!

ラルクはわたしのすべてだ。That's my motto for life. I've been falling in love with L'arc~en~Ciel for almost 6 years now. I know a lot of people (well most people I know) were a fan for more long long long way before I've become a fan. I should thank you those people though, I got a lot more information from those people in my early fan years.

I always dreamed to one day, I will be in one of the crowd in all L'arc~en~Ciel concert DVD I watched. Believe me, I once cried because I always thought it was definitely an impossible dream. How I envy people that could watch their idol's concert easily! (That's include fans that was shot in their DVD. UGH! SO JEALOUS!)

And years passed and I was motivated to go to Japan one day. With the ultimate dream : L'Arc~en~Ciel's concert. But what if I went to Japan and I got to met L'Arc~en~Ciel and I can't speak Japanese?? O_O That's such a bummer! So I beg my father to pay for Japanese lesson. It actually went pretty well! Until one day I was not accepted for Japanese University Scholarship and I though my dream, to watch L'Arc~en~Ciel's concert was really impossible.

Where should I end my story? Oh! I went to South Korea for my University study. Nearest country from Japan but still a very different path. I still had high hopes that because S.Korea is very very close to Japan I could had the chance! 

But wait, suddenly in the end of 2011... I learned that L'Arc~en~Ciel will holding a WORLD TOUR.................one of the country they will visit was.........................INDONESIA

It was very pathetic of me. Happy but very very depressed. Why? 3rd of May 2012, the day of the concert in Jakarta is in the middle of the semester. There's no way I could go fly to Jakarta for a few days. It's really ironic because I went to Korea with high hopes of getting nearer, I felt betrayed....(and ofcourse happy for Indonesian fans that got their chance. Some people might have same dream as me)

Sure I'll end this long message with a happy end. Not long after they announced their next destination after Jakarta, which was SEOUL. I was like jsg;jdfhdjfghjdvshj I MUST GET A TICKET skmjksdhgjdsfgjkab VVIP ANYTHING THAT IS THE CLOSEST jhksdjkgkjlahgjdf. 

In the end, I had myself a great time and my record was 3 meter away from hyde. That's cool!! If only I lived in Seoul I definitely pick you guys at the airport!!!!!!!! :( And fellow Indonesian student got a MUKIMPO-KUN! muahahaha 

I don't know are you gonna read my long message. Read it or not I just want to express my experience with L'Arc~en~Ciel. Started with a somewhat impossible dream for a 15 years old teenager, is coming true one by one. 5th of May 2012. The day where my dream came true...

I just want to share to you there is still, people, person like me that's their dream was to meet you guys. You are forever my idol. Your existence, enlightens me. Your song, is my friend in the darkness. You guys are like my life hobby. 

I liked your songs since the first album, DUNE until the last single and it will continue that way. I love you. I miss you. Thank you for everything <3

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