I started this blog in July 2011, out of boredom, and started to write random things I like here and there. My first blog post ever is about the reason why I named my blog 'mysugarcoffee', read it here! Writing a blog is something that I always wanted to do since, forever. I'm not in anyway good or writing (in fact, hating it).

Collage above basically describe what'll you gonna get in my blog. I love fashion, makeup, coffee, and traveling. Browse through the tags (I've worked hard separating them) to read post that interest you!

안녕하세요. 저는 필리아라고 합니다. 저는 인도네시아에서 온 유학생이고 부산에 있는 대학교에서 다니고 있습니다. 저는 의상학과 학생이고 한국에 온지 벌써 3년이 됐습니다. 이 블러그에서는 보통 위에 있는 사진들과 같이 뷰티, 메이크업리뷰, 패션, 카페리뷰 등 포스팅를 합니다. 대부분 영어로 포스팅을 하는데 사진도 많이 올려놨습니다^^ 재밌게 읽어보세용^^

I'm 100% Indonesian, I was born in Indonesia and right now I'm residing in Busan, South Korea for my degree in Fashion Design. I'm a proud Aquarian and AB (I'm weird, in the same time a pure genius).

I was always liked to draw, check out my deviantart page, and that might be why I was interested in Fashion too. After a few years of browsing youtube out of procrastination, I've become attached to make ups and beauty related. 

Why Korea? 
I never have the answer for that every time people asked me. But yeah I was somewhat a Korean freak back in the days. I like Korean idols, but I don't watch Korean dramas often, only the popular ones. I don't have bias right now or idol groups that I like in particular, but if I have to choose, I like EXO.  Too much drama - I quit. lol.

And if you read my blog since like, forever, I also talked about some Japanese idols. Yeap, I like them too, but I like L'arc~en~Ciel the most out of everything and their vocalist, Hyde. I took those freak labil era into a good cause, I can speak below average Japanese, took 2 years private course. But since I learn Korean, my Japanese have severely decreased D:

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay here in my blog! :D

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  1. Hi Filia! I'm Kar Mei and I'm from Malaysia. I've just started my blog and I have the same interest like you. Hoping to get some guides from you and if you are willing to, would you mind visit my blog ;)
    To be honest, I really like your blog cause you always blog about those beauty items that I've been looking for. Also, I've been stalking you for quite a long time (please don't get scare by me!)
    Thank you and have a nice day!
    This is my blog link : karmeibeauty.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Karmei!! Sorry it took a while for me to get to you >.< lol it's ok it's now my time to stalk over you muahahahahahaha

    2. Did you change your blog url? O_O

  2. when you're like" I like EXO. Too much drama - I quit. lol." I have to be honest I completely bursted out laughing. Ahhh...

    Connie from theconbonz

  3. Hi Filia!
    I'm so sorry about commenting here because I can't find where to comment on REVIEW ARITAUM'S MONO EYES EYESHADOW :( I've bought Artclass by Rodin recently to make my nose thinner and my eyes a little deeper. But I found there's something missing and I guessed that's eyeshadow. I don't know which shade of eyeshadow to make my face natural and plain. Could you help me with this, please! Thank you very much!

  4. Hi Filia! Having just tuned in to your blog recently, I found your post on how to shop for makeup in Korea extremely helpful for my upcoming trip. Thank you so much! And in the midst of my blogwalking I also watched your video for KBS World Radio submission.. then I suddenly got this strong feeling that I might have seen you somewhere. Perhaps.. were you ever a presenter in CCNC? I could be wrong, but anyways just want to drop a shoutout and once again thanks for sharing your experiences! - Jane, 21, also an Indonesian 😁

    1. Hi Jane! Actually Yes I am a CCNC Presenter HAHA actually kinda embarassed by the fact that you noticed me on the screen :") Have a great trip to Korea! Lemme know if you have more questions! :D

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hello :)

    Coming here because of your cover videos on youtube. You must cover many other ones. I love it.

  6. Hey Filia! I just came across your blog today when I was searching for a review on the Clio Kill Cushion Foundation. I just thought that I had to tell you that I love the look of your blog and just how the content has been laid out. Very clean and simple but effective at the same time. As a fellow blogger, I am really inspired by the whole look and vibe of your blog so it would mean a lot to me if you could please visit my blog and maybe share me your thoughts? My blog link is: monsoonmuses.blogspot.com
    Lots of love and best wishes,


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