REVIEW : Too Cool For School "Artify After School Lunch Box BB Foundation"

Today I'm going to review this super cute BB Cream from "Too Cool For School" called "BB Foundation Lunch Box" XD

Too Cool For School

      PRODUCT NAME      
Artify After School Lunch Box BB Foundation

        type of product        
BB Cream/Foundation, Concealer and Cream Highlighter

#2 촉촉한 피부

KRW 18.000

TCFC official site (kor)

Too Cool For School is famous for the school themed brand concept, and this product is not an exception. You can see from the name itself "lunch box" and the design matches its name. It's a 3 in 1 product with BB cream/foundation, cream concealer, and cream highlighter - a one stop for all product. 

The top part opens up to the half-concealer and half-highlighter and it has a small mirror placed on the lid. The base part is filled with BB Cream/Foundation.

The product itself came in 3 shades, with first being the lightest and 3 and being the darkest. Mine is #2 which is the middle shade and it's a shade lighter than my skin tone. 

The BB Cream Foundation has a SPF of 37 PA++ and a slight grayish tone to it. It does brighten my face up, just like old-fashioned BB Creams but it does look unnatural especially under direct sunlight. The BB Foundation is not at all watery, it's more like mousse textured but it's still easily blendable and lightweight. The finish is very, very dewy - a very typical old fashioned BB Cream formulation. 

Since you have to scoop out the product out, please refrain to directly apply the BB Foundation with the applicator if you have troubled skin or you're using it with someone else. Or even if you're using the applicator, make sure you wipe it cleanly first then put it back again.

foundation swatch

foundation face swatch

The cream concealer is rather thick and salmon colored, perfect for covering dark under eye area. This is something that I notice from cream concealer is that if I didn't set it properly it will 100% create smudge panda especially because I like to draw my eyeliner thickly. It's probably me though - anyway you have to set the concealer thoroughly to avoid 'panda eyes' incident.

cream highlighter UP applied  BELOW blended
(since the BB is so dewy already, almost the highlighter is almost unnoticeable when blended)

The cream highlighter have micro glitters and shimmers but it didn't look too much on the face. I'm not someone that use a lot of cream highlighter because of my oily face, unless I do need a little more glam - but I usually prefer powder highlighter more. Cream highlighter is definitely much more natural looking and blend more effortlessly. But since it's included in the 3 in 1 product, I got the chance to try a cream highlighter and you too to if you do purchase this.

As for the coverage, it's light to medium and it's buildable - though the more you build it, the lighter it gets so I usually stop at 1 layer. Oil control is not its best quality, nose starts to look shiny after only 1 hour of application, and at 4-5 hours elapsed the side of nose started to look red again. But other than that I feel this BB Foundation is super light weight. Kinda disagree with the name "BB Foundation" because it's definitely a BB Cream. 

The BB Foundation reminds me of Holika-holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB, but its texture is so mousse-y, and this BB Foundation is definitely not as mousse-y.

Overall, none of the formulation impresses me, it's all average, from the BB Foundation to the concealer and the highlighter. Of course the design and the actual 3 in 1 product is definitely a great appeal for some, the product itself didn't really impress me as much! 

Though I think it still great for those who just started digging in to makeup! Look at that adorable, all in one product, I think it'll be a great gift for teenagers that just started to build up their makeup kit :) 

Special Thanks to Melissa (IG @melissavian) or helping me with the English text (brain fart mode on)

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REVIEW : Aritaum All Day Tip Concealer

Yellow, Sugars!

Today I’m bringing you a review for Aritaum’s “All Day” Tip Concealer in the shade #2 Natural Beige.


      PRODUCT NAME      
All day Tip Concealer

        type of product        
Liquid Concealer

#2 Natural Beige

KRW 6.000


Nothing too special about the packaging, no box, they just sealed the top part and that’s it. Make sure you check the seal, especially if you order this item online

The product itself only comes in 2 shade, #1 and #2 Natural Beige, an as per usual, I went to the second shade. This concealer definitely contain a lot of product which is very nice

I can smell a little bit of “Aritaum” st. scent to it, but it is not disturbing.

The consistency of the product is kinda watery? Not as creamy as I thought mainly because of the somewhat similar product previous to this, the “Full Cover” line is very creamy and thick.

This concealer has medium to high coverage, which is kinda strange since the product is somewhat watery so you wouldn’t expect for it to be as high in the coverage department.

The wateriness of this concealer also makes this problem ever so easy to blend and didn’t look too cakey. I saw that this concealer works better for my under eye than my blemishes, plus it stays longer on the under eye more than on my blemishes because of course there’s more oil on the “red” area.

This concealer is perfect for the under eye, it brightens up the area without looking too unnatural and blends very easily. I want to recommend this to people with drier skin – although I think people with oily skin also tend to have dry under eye area, so I’ll recommend this for everyone!

For me, I super love this product for touching up after work hours just because it’s very light weight and it just enough to freshen me up again.

Overall, I love this product! I’ve been eyeing for products from Aritaum’s All Day line, and surely they didn’t disappoint me!

Again, special thanks for ce Rini (rinicesillia.com) for bringing this product all the way from Korea to Indonesia – I do have the primer and foundation from the line, but I stupid, stupidly LOST THE FOUNDATION. The biggest one out of all, yet I still LOST it. It’s not like my room is that big or so do my house, probably misplaced it somewhere… 

And yes I’m that clumsy ㅠㅠ

Anyway, thankyou so much for tuning in, I’ll see you soon! MUACH! xx

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OH my it's been years since i last blogged isn't it! Gosh, look how time flies! haha

It's not that I have no things to blog too, but it's just my time management is at the worst and I just don't have the spirit to blog anymore hehe. Now I'm definitely trying my best to blog a lot! :D 

Etude House

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Precious Mineral BB Cream Cover & Bright Fit" 

        type of product        
BB Cream

Honey Beige

35 g / KRW 9.500 / USD 15

Etude House Official Site (ko)

First, I definitely prefer this tube packaging more than the pump/tube type that most all Etude House's BB creams have. Filled with 1.23 oz fluid / 35g - slightly more than other face product that usually come around 1 oz fluid or 30 g. But the tube is definitely smaller than I thought.

This BB Cream have SPF of 30 PA++. Again also come with whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV protection. 

I used to use Etude House BB cream when I first came to Korea - that time I have 0 knowledge about BB creams foundation whatsoever and I definitely pick a shade that's too light for me (but I did empty the product!). I never thought the BB cream is something really good so I haven't had the guts to try other EH's BB cream until now.

BTW, this BB cream came in 3 shades, 02 Light Beige, 13 Natural Beige dan 23 Honey Beige. 

"23 Honey Beige" is the perfect shade for me, the finish of this BB cream is not as dewy as other BB creams but of course you can still see the shine. As my skin is not as oily as I used too, I think the experience now is so much better than 4 years ago when I first started using BB Cream.

Coverage wise, as the name said this BB cream cover really well. As I said before my skin is not as oily so I didn't use primer and it still stays all day. But ofcourse 2-3 hours after application my nose's already look so shiny I have to blot it off. 

However I can't see any disturbing sebum elsewhere so I've been reaching this BB cream almost everyday! It's lightweight and the coverage, also it's very easy to blend in. Definitely something created for someone that have to get out of the house early in the morning! :D

UP before application BELOW after application (BB only)

One problem that I encounter is that this BB cream is so pigmented that it transfers to everything it touches. So, be very careful when you're using this with white long sleeves, or when you're planning to sweat during the day. It transfers but it still stays on the face, so don't worry it won't erased off your face! :)

Overall, I love this BB cream! I don't really have great expectation before, but I've been reaching for this BB cream almost everyday! It didn't break me out, it matches my skin tone - only the bad part is the transfers, because it stains tissues and basically anything that touches my face. Other than that the staying power is great, though a little touch up during the day is a must - and that's because of my oily face tho, I'm sure it'll stay better to those with drier skin :) 

Special thankyou for Ce Rini (http://www.rinicesillia.com) that helps me to buy this product during her trip to Korea! XD Thankyou ce :*

Questions? Leave me comment below! :D

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REVIEW : Memebox x Dayeong XO Black Stick Foundation

Hey! I'm back with another review to a not-so-new product from Memebox, it's Dayeong XO Black Stick Foundation in #23 Natural!


Among of 4 bloggers (at the time) that collaborated with Memebox, I personally love Dayeong the most. Not only because she's so effortlessly beautiful, but because she's also have similar preferences to me when it comes to beauty product. 

For example, she hates the fact that BB creams are commonly too light for most people, she's fair, but she usually still goes for the darkest shade because she believes foundations and bb creams should match one's skin tone! And she hates sticky, over dewy finishes, and guess what? ME TOO. 

Sadly because of her specific preferences, she trusts western brands face products more than Korean's. I know how she feels because I feel like it's super hard for me to find a non-dewy, not too bright face product on Korea brands. Only recently, Dayeong also started to branch her collection into the drugstore priced product, which is great! 

One of her HG product is Bobby Brown Stick Foundation, in which she used it in most of her videos at the time. And when she announced that she'll do a collaboration with Memebox I'm really, really excited about her product. 

When I saw there's a stick foundation in her collection, I thought she must be trying to recreate that HG foundation she likes - lol. However, I'm still interested to purchasing her product only to found that her foundation is like KRW 25.000 (Now is discounted to KRW 10.000 in the website). Grah. Too expensive! 

Fortunately I made a good choice to wait because when I finally made the purchase, I got a discount and a free brush from the collection! 아싸! 

The packaging itself is soo unique, with squared shaped boxes, I can't say 3CE can't even compete with that chic packaging! :D


      PRODUCT NAME      
Dayeong XO Black Stick Foundation 

        type of product        
stick foundation 

#23 Natural

KRW 25.000

The stick foundation is retractable and surprisingly contain much more product than I expected it to be. 

One of the reason why I haven't had the courage into purchasing stick foundations is that I'm not sure about the creaminess of the product. I don't really want to drag a chunk of foundation across my face! And this foundation? It's so creamy I can't even! It glides on perfectly and evenly on the skin. 

For the finish, the foundation is definitely dewy-er than I expect it to be. And the lasting power is definitely longer for something as creamy as this one. Either with primer or using it alone, the lasting power is way longer than I expect. Still prefer to use this without primer for more natural look - it looks too cakey when combined with primer and that I don't have any idea why. 

I tried to reduce the dewyness with loose powder, but because the first layer is already dewy, I can't make it into super matte - which is different from what I usually prefer to. But, I got most compliments when I used this foundation - strangely enough. I mean I probably look like tempura just got out from the fryer by the end of the day day but they still compliment my skin! :o 

Mostly people said my skin looks like porcelain, well that's a compliment right? :D

Coverage wise, this foundation have a light-medium coverage. It's definitely not heavy on the skin and I assure you your skin could still breathe under this. The shade matches my skin tone too perfectly, more than other brands and product's 23 - this is perfect! :))

For the brush, the brush is not as dense as I thought it would be. Great for evening out this stick foundation, but I'm not sure about liquids as it can absorb too much product (since it's not as dense). 

If only this brush is a taaaad bit shorter, it'll definitely works better! I used this foundation on my tutorial :

In which in the video you can see that my ugly-ass face is covered in seconds with this foundation - and you can see how creamy it is! One thing that is great from stick foundations is their efficiency - it's slide blend and you're pretty! :D

Thankyou so much for reading! I'll probably post a haul post soon :* 
and here's something that I'm putting on repeat 82375872 times today :

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