REVIEW : Canmake "Coloring Eyebrow" Mascara


I don't think it's been that long since I reviewed my current eyebrow mascara from Tony Moly. Since I used eyebrow mascara daily, it dried already and this time I'm trying different product! It's Canmake's Coloring Eyebrow Mascara in 05 Honey Gold. 

Nothing particular or special on why I chose this product over the other, it's just that in the time I purchase this it was on sale XD

Originally in Japan it retails for JPY 400 (so friggin' cheap!) but in Korea it retails for KRW 7.900. The packaging is quite plain once I opened it out from the plastic seal. The size is really similar with Canmake's liquid concealer!

According to canmake official website, they have 4 color available and this 05 honey gold is the lightest and yellow-est among the other shades. Here's the description in the official website :

"This mascara-type eyebrow color quickly and easily brightens up your entire look, allowing you to sport a different eyebrow color every day, so you can coordinate it with your hair, make-up and outfit. Goes on smoothly, without feeling at all sticky or rough. The short inverted triangular brush makes it simpler to apply, ensuring that your brows are evenly coated and allowing you easily to adjust any imperfections in their thickness or texture. Waterproof."

And it also suggests wipping the excess to a tissue paper so that the color only applies to the hair. In my case, I prefer to just wipe it off to the side of the tube! 

There's nothing special about the wand, but the spiral shaped wand takes so much products because the space in between the brushes are wide. 


LEFT before applied (only filled in) | RIGHT after with eyebrow mascara

Great Pigmentation : This is probably the most pigmented eyebrow mascara I've ever used. It makes my eyebrow less dark and matches my hair more. 

Sets my brow into place : A lot of eyebrow mascara have to be combined with other eyebrow gel because it's not strong enough to hold the hair together, but this one is able to control and set my brow hair into place! 

Easy to mess up : I think this is the consequence of the great pigmentation, it's really easy to over apply and mess up your whole eyebrow. I found a lot of time where I have to re-do my brow because I over applied the eyebrow mascara :( But after a while, I became more accustomed to the amount and it's been better now! 

Clumping : Yes, eyebrow mascara could also clump your brow. Sometimes the brow mascara clumps and makes my eyebrow hair looks unnatural (too yellow). I also think that the wand shape contributes the most of the clumping incident. 

Overall, this eyebrow mascara is quite satisfying! I mean, I'm super not picky with my eyebrow mascara. But I would totally love to try other brand's after I finished with this one! :)

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REVIEW : IOPE Derma Professional Auto Cleanser

Hello! So, it's really been a while since I last posted something, right? GRAHHHH I know I hate myself too. Anyway, to update you guys, I'm back to Indonesia! And I've been busy seeing and meeting people that I've been apart for at least a year. Yes, I'M BACK BABY! 

It's really nice to be back in a country when everyone is so nice and actually speaks language that I understand 100%. I tried to update my dayre, but my internet connection have been very very unstable. And because I have to use my phone, and also while lying in my bed (my wi-fi didn't reach my bed! grr), my dayre post have been so slow lately. Somehow I miss South Korea if we're talking about wi-fi and internet connection. 

Ok, off to the main topic, the thing I'm reviewing today is IOPE Derma Professional Auto Cleanser! 

Ever since I started my youtube addiction, I've saw a lot of beauty-youtuber using a product called 'Clarisonic' to cleanse their face, and I saw the improvements were truly awesome! A lot of reasons why I didn't get myself one, like the price and the availability, I'm really stoked when I knew this IOPE auto cleanser existed! 

I purchased it from gmarket and the best deal I got was KRW 35.200 (plus shipping). There's a thing about IOPE products, the price varies depend on where it was sold. I found this in Aritaum and it retails for KRW 45.000. IOPE website also didn't put any official price, so I think Gmarket hold the nicest deal out of all! (I believe it's also available for worldwide shipping)

Inside there's the auto cleanser, the cleanser brush (1 pc), and AAA batteries (2 pc). Really easy to install, just pop that brush in and the auto cleanser is ready to work! 

Of course you have to insert the battery first!

The product claims that the size of the (micro) brushes are 1/5 the size of a pore, so it cleanse the face throughly and also it's self-antibacterial material also helps maintain the brush hygiene! The brush will spin 360degree and I just have to drag the auto-cleanser around my face in circling motion until I felt cleansed! 

Inside there's also a product information sheet containing some ways to use the auto-cleanser, so you don't have to worry about how to properly use the cleanser. It's really easy! (and clean!)

I don't personally own the Clarisonic so I can't give you a specific difference. However after a few google searches, I found some differences such as :

1. IOPE auto-cleanser only have one speed option (I think some Clarisonic have 2?)
2. IOPE auto-cleanser only come with one type of brush (..I wish they made more) 

And the other such as size (IOPE is smaller), and price (IOPE is cheaper). Also, this auto-cleanser is water proof (duh!). I've saw some youtubers also using these kinda Clarisonic dupe, and most have problem with their water proof-ing property that doesn't seem to go pretty well so the product broke. I really hope that this one will last me long!! 

I take this auto-cleanser with me to Indonesia, definitely travel-friendly and it's working very well! I don't use other specific foam-cleanser with this, I used my regular Hadalabo Foaming Cleanser and it's working wonderfully.

After a few days using this now, I'm pretty sure my skin is getting so much better!!! As I cleanse my face with the auto cleanser, it lightly scrubs off my dead skin cells. That way, the skin care routine I use got sinked in to my skin much better. Also it takes my makeup much efficient, my cotton pad+toner picked almost nothing - no makeup excess after I wash my face!

I really like how my skin felt after using this auto-cleanser, I just felt that my face is really clean and my makeup looks better ;p 

For the price and the great effect it brings, I think I bought a very good product, right?

PS | recently my auto-cleanser started to act weird, like it took some time for the product to run after I pressed the button. But as long as it still working, I don't have problem with that :")

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Unboxing Innisfree's "Green Tea" Club Membership Kit

Hey! Today I'm going to present you an unboxing from Innisfree. It's actually not mine, but my roomie's, but I also contributed in her membership upgrade! Basically Korean Innisfree has a membership and it has several grade, and the "Green Tea" Club is the highest.

Every 3 months, the members in vvip and green tea club get to register for a free kit from Innisfree! So this is the 2013's last kit. And you can't purchase it :( I want to share it because it's just so cute! <3

The non cosmetic products inside are 2014 calendar, a mirror and vouchers to be use every month in 2014.

The cosmetic products are 2 hand creams : Jeju Gardenia and Jeju Cedar Wood, a Melting Lip Balm Deep Moisture, and also 3 eco nails collection (in old packaging)

I hope it was fun to read! All the products are part of Innisfree's regular collection so you can buy them, but it's in different packaging!

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REVIEW : 3CE Triple Shadow in "More Brown"

HEY GUYS! A little info here, for you guys who resides in Indonesia, Singapore, or any other South East Asian countries and even Australia - starting from 12th May 2014 "3CE" is available in luxola.com

They're also gonna be in their famous "flash sale" so look forward for that! :))


Hello. Today I'm going to review a product from Style Nanda's 3CE, which is the 'Triple Shadow' in More Brown. 

*sigh* I'm actually really sad right now, because as I went to write this blog post, THE PRODUCT JUST FELL ON THE FLOOR AND SCATTERED. YES THE PRODUCT THAT I'M GOING TO REVIEW RIGHT NOW. MY 3CE EYESHADOW!! MY NEW EYESHADOW SJDGSKJDBGSBTJCBGKXBFJBGVDSJFB - the accident just happened less than half an hour ago..

 If I could just turn back the time.... OK! Stopping all the negative feeling, let's get this thing done!!! 

I bought the product on Style Nanda store in Lotte Plaza in MyeongDong a while ago, and it retails for KRW 21.000. I thought by seeing the picture on the internet, that this eyeshadow trio is a baked eyeshadow. But seeing the product in real life, it turned out that it's a pressed eyeshadows. Impressed by the pigmentation and nice texture, I finally bought it! 

For you International readers, order them HERE

LEFT 3ce's single eyeshadow RIGHT the triple eyeshadow

The size of the eyeshadow trio is the same as their single eyeshadows. Very small but very compact and I think the 'More Brown' colors are very versatile for everyday look and travel friendly.

Nothing I can say more about the packaging because I LOVE all 3CE's packaging. They're black and they're simple!

All the eyeshadow trio contain 3 colors that compliment each other and are enough to make a complete eye look. In the 'More Brown' there are 3 colors :

1. Shimmery Light Peach (pink tone) --> highlight 
2. Sparkly Light Gold --> lid color
3. Shimmery Dark Brown --> point color

All 3 colors are shimmery and sparkly. I personally don't prefer sparkly and shimmery eyeshadow, but they aren't really chunky and so that's ok! 

As you can see from the swatches, the one without primer are less vivid and more sparkly than the one with primer. I used my fingers to swatch them, and I don't even need to press hard, the pigmentation is awesome! 

I used my brushes to apply it on my eyes and with / without primer didn't make a big difference. Applying the shadows with your fingers definitely makes the shadows come more vibrant.

The eyeshadows have a very great texture, very buttery and smooth, you didn't need much at all. Also, I found that they have very little fall out for shimmery eyeshadow. You also can see from the swatches on my eyes that the sparkles aren't really visible, so they're very good for everyday! 

my everyday look using the eyeshadow, I like them so much I used it for a week straight.

Overall, I think this product is worth the price! 3CE's products can be really expensive and I have some hits and misses with 3CE products, and I think this one is definitely a HIT

Just one thing to be careful that the product is very fragile. They're easy to break and once it break, I don't thing there is any way to save them... *CRIES* I drop the product from about 1m height and it broke miserably. 

But I don't think I will repurchase it in the future.. Or I will.. I don't know.. I was 멍ed for some time and I got myself out and wrote this review. Thank God I've used this product for the whole week and I can share what I thought to you guys. Oh God.... I'm so sad.. :"(

RIP 2014.01.05 - 2014.01.12. You'll be missed.

You can check this product out in luxola.com, CLICK HERE to go to the product page! <3

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