REVIEW : 3CE Lipstick #604 VAMP

HEY GUYS! A little info here, for you guys who resides in Indonesia, Singapore, or any other South East Asian countries and even Australia - starting from 12th May 2014 "3CE" is available in luxola.com

They're also gonna be in their famous "flash sale" so look forward for that! :))


Hello! Happy January everyone! :DDD 
fyi, January is my favorite month out of all 12 months. Ok, lets just skip all the chit chat and go over to the review! 

Today I'm reviewing my first lipstick ever from Style Nanda's 3CE, #604 Vamp. I bought this on the store and this is one item from my Seoul haul lol

3CE products are definitely have higher price comparing to a lot of the other famous Korean brands out there, but after my experience using some of 3CE products, I notice that they almost never disappoint me. Including this product!

Although I've tried several lip lacquers and eyeshadows and other 3CE products, this is my first time to try the lipstick. Retails for KRW 18.900 and you can purchase it here

I've been wanting to purchase a dark berry lips, vampy lips for a while now. And I've been holding myself because I own a lipstick that is vampy red, which is my Nature Republic Petit Cherry Rouge in Real Black Rouge. Sadly it's been discontinued so I can't purchase it anymore and as the name said, the lipstick is in mini size. Honestly speaking too, I don't really love the formulation of the Petit Cherry Rouge Lipsticks and I decided that I have to purchase a good one.

I have too say that I love the name, VAMP! It's just so cool O_O And I tried my best to took a picture that reflects the color in real life perfectly. The color is dark red burgundy with a hint of purple tone. It's more to cool tone side of dark red. The bullet looks like it's matte, but the finish is glossy.

I recently have been into darker and vivid lip colors like this. The color I have before tends to be more red/pink and I need darker color!

The color payoff is amazing. Also it left some stains that improve the lasting power. Although it's glossy, the lasting power is really great. It had no scent at all and it glides nicely on the lips. I found that not a lot of cheaper Korean brand have this kinda dark red lipsticks.

So I'm really glad that I found a nice one from 3CE; if not, my last choice would be purchasing a high-end lipstick.

As much as I love the packaging, I thought the black square design made the lipstick so bulky; but the design definitely helps the application more efficient because it's easier to grab than a regular circle-lipstick.

Overall, I'm really happy with my purchase! And to be honest I don't usually use my product before I took the picture for my lovely readers here. But I really wanted to try this lipstick so much so I've been using this almost everyday in my Seoul Trip

I hope you guys are spending the holiday well and I'm in my third week of my winter break and I felt bored already D:

BUT I found 2 tv programs that have been filling my days : "The Genius" and "You Who Came From The Stars". And "The Genius" is like seeing a real life "Liar Game". GOD IT'S SO GOOD!!
(that's why I've been procrastinating and forgetting to blog!)

This product is not yet available in luxola.com, but definitely check the other shade that they have HERE

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  1. Wow, you pull off this color really well! Looks great on you :D 3CE lip products always look so great :)

  2. I never tried a 3CE product before, but I really love that color. and I love the fact that the staying power is great. Thanks for this review!

  3. Color is awesome. On your lips looks great. I would like to try this lipstick, so also i thinking about clio virgin kiss tinted lip - blackout red.

  4. Always wanted to try 3CE!!
    This lipstick looks amazing on you


  5. This is exactly the colour I like the most for the winter :D And it suits you very much :D


  6. Love the color! It looks good on you!
    And.... I love the genius too!!! ;)
    It is such a good show hehe

    1. YES I've spent my day waiting every Saturday so that I can watch the Genius!!

  7. wow finally you bought this color, Fil, and of course it suits you as expected hahhaa :D
    I've been watching You who Came from The Stars too >.<
    Seriously in love with this drama, maybe because of Kim Soo Hyun XD

    1. I know you have the same color kan ce??? liat post-an cece lgsg napsu banget pengenn hahahaha

  8. Whoa! the color is really awesome... and it is not often seeing, it suits you! the new haircut is also great, I like it a lot!! ^^
    I've been trying to see your dayre.me posts from Seoul but the photos of Mobbit aren't opening, aish! how sad. T___T

  9. I'm so into this colour these days cause I saw Joankeem lipstick collection. I regret i didnt buy any of this colour when i was in seoul.


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