REVIEW : Etude House's Any Cushion (+ XOXO Minnie Case)

It's seems like a YEAR since I last posted. Literally.

Happy New Year, Everyone! :D

I felt like I've been slacking off and did absolutely nothing during year end. I went to seoul for a couple of days to watch F(x) and EXO's Christmas Wonderland concert~! I've actually wrote a lot in my 'dayre'! And I'm absolutely planning to write all stuffs related to my daily life there because it's so much easier to blog and write on the go.

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so, to the review! 

I know this is not anyway a new product, and I've seen in a lot of post about this product and a lot of bloggers recommend this for oily/combination skin. As an oily skin-ers(?) I was always wanted to try this! 

Finally, I bought this in December. The case was KRW 10.000 and the refill also retail for KRW 10.000. My shade is W24 Honey Beige. Remember, the XOXO Minnie case didn't come with a refill, so you have to buy the refill separately! D:

And I bought it on the store!

There's nothing special about the case, it looks the same with other brand's cushion base. I still remember the first time I saw the XOXO Minnie Collection and I was completely disappointed because it looks really cheap in real life. Like the prints are so cheap looking and made. 

But I chose the XOXO Minnie case anyway just to make it different from my other pacts. I love the fact that the case come with a full mirror

On the packaging it stated : 

"This cushion pact perfects all-day radiant and moist skin with its multi-function of brightening, wrinkle-reducing, sebum control, and flawless coverage"

For my Seoul trip, I only brought these with me! :D and this product remind me a lot with my IOPE Air Cushion, their scents are almost the same! 

ABOVE without flash BELOW with flash

LEFT before application RIGHT after application

Compact & travel friendly - This cushion pact is designed to be compact so that the user can touch-up anywhere, anytime (thus, the any-cushion). And during my Seoul trip, I find it to be supper fuzz free, because I can always apply it anywhere without having to bring a buffing brush with me. 

Great coverage - You can see from the swatch above that it successfully covers my blemishes. It cut me sometime for concealer! 

Nice scent!

Light application - felt light on the skin! 

Not really great lasting power - Even though it has a great coverage, my blemishes start to show again around 1-2 hours from first application.

Few shade selection - It seems that this is a universal problem with all Korean brand products. But the darkest shade is actually somewhat a little bit too light for me D: That's just too much! (I'm NW 25-30 btw) 

Overall, I think this is a great product for it's price range. It's a good budget choice for a cushion pact! Because good cushion pacts like IOPE and Laneige could cost more than $40! 

I still need to use primer and finishing powder too, the finish is more to half matte rather than a total matte, even after the "no-sebum" statement.

If I have to choose between the IOPE air cushion and the Any-cushion, I will still choose the IOPE though. And I did a comparison between the two, the result was IOPE air cushion (cover) still gave more matte finish than the any-cushion.

I hope my review helps!
Have a great holiday everyone!!

and yes, I cut my hait! :D

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  1. huahhhh my fav cushion.. hihi..
    for daily i prefer iope since i think it's lighter than etude :o
    but for blog makeup, i always use this one, even bought the refill (^0^)/
    happy new year, fil :*

  2. I wonder does this cushion can match skin NC35 or not? :O I lookin for review about this cushion that can help with the shade but cannot find any >3<.

    1. I'm NC25-30 and this (the darkest shade) is definitely slightly too light for me!

  3. The shade looks pretty good on your skin. It's also affordable and cute! I recently bought a cushion and it was just too pinkish so it looked chalky on me with flash :(

  4. I'm thinking of buying one of these soon as an introduction to cushion foundations, great review! I agree with you on how cheap the Minnie collection looks; too- infact my Minnie highlighter shattered in the pan after 3 uses :(

    1. I've heard a lot of people that have the blusher and shattered just after a few usage :(( I can't bring myself to buy the lipsticks because they just look so cheap!! :((

  5. Hey, I'm nominating you for The Versatile Blogger Award! Please check out my post for more info! :D


    xx Stella

  6. Nice review. I never tried any cushion type foundation yet but I wanted to try the higher brand like HERA or IOPE coz I had bad exp from Etude House bb cream and such..
    Nice review btw :)


    1. If it's in your budget range, just go with IOPE!! :D hahahaa

  7. Do you have innisfree melting cushion ?? If you do Which one do you prefer?? Thanks

  8. do u hv any order bb cushion? the minnie case can fit any other brand? thx for ur great review.

  9. hi!^^i have combination-oily acne prone skin.i would like to know,which one is better,compared to innisfree's in terms long lasting , matte-ness(?) and coverage.i have pretty much light scars--..thanks!^^

  10. I think this Etude House Cushion has good coverage, but in term of longlasting and matte-ness Innisfree's Long Wear Cushion is definitely the winner! :)

  11. thanks a million!^^


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