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Hello! Today I'm bringing you a review about Innisfree's somewhat new eyebrow product, the Eco Gel Eyebrow in #1 Light Brown. Recently I put more attention to my brows, so I started to get interested in brow products. And I found that this eyebrow-gel type thing and I want to try it!

I purchased it in the Innisfree store and it retails for KRW 7.000

Following the trend of eyebrow gel, a lot of brands seems to come out with their own products and idea. Seeing a lot of other brand's product, I say Innisfree's eyebrow gel have a uniquer design. One point is a angled brow brush, and the other end is the gel itself.

Although it's unique, it also means that it has less products than other eyebrow gels that are packed like a gel eyeliner.

Honestly, I still can't find a very good point from this product. It's either a bad one or a so-so one. The pigmentation is light, I have to dip into the product often. It means that it takes longer time for me to do my brow. And also it sets pretty quickly so I have to work with smaller strokes.

Also because of the light pigmentation, I found it's harder for me to draw my brow's end. It's really hard to make a sharper end with the brush. I also found that because of the gel texture, it also slightly colored my brow hair into lighter color, but I still need the brow-cara to make it more lighter and even.

Below are pictures for the product water proof test :

The conclusion : It's not 100% water proof, but it doesn't budge until I purposely smudge it off.

And talking about the packaging, you can see below that it got scratched off even before I use it. I smell a strong cheapness!

Overall, this product is a miss for me. Innisfree have to work more for this product. Not only that the product itself is a flop, the brush is also not really good. This product is supposed to be one-stop-for-all brow product, but I think I need to bring another brush because the one provided is too wobbly. I need a stronger one!

Thankyou so much for reading, I hope it helps you guys for your future Korean beauty shopping! xx

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