Unboxing Innisfree's "Green Tea" Club Membership Kit

Hey! Today I'm going to present you an unboxing from Innisfree. It's actually not mine, but my roomie's, but I also contributed in her membership upgrade! Basically Korean Innisfree has a membership and it has several grade, and the "Green Tea" Club is the highest.

Every 3 months, the members in vvip and green tea club get to register for a free kit from Innisfree! So this is the 2013's last kit. And you can't purchase it :( I want to share it because it's just so cute! <3

The non cosmetic products inside are 2014 calendar, a mirror and vouchers to be use every month in 2014.

The cosmetic products are 2 hand creams : Jeju Gardenia and Jeju Cedar Wood, a Melting Lip Balm Deep Moisture, and also 3 eco nails collection (in old packaging)

I hope it was fun to read! All the products are part of Innisfree's regular collection so you can buy them, but it's in different packaging!

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  1. Hi! May I know how does Innisfree's membership card works? Is there any expiry date?


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