REVIEW : Canmake "Coloring Eyebrow" Mascara


I don't think it's been that long since I reviewed my current eyebrow mascara from Tony Moly. Since I used eyebrow mascara daily, it dried already and this time I'm trying different product! It's Canmake's Coloring Eyebrow Mascara in 05 Honey Gold. 

Nothing particular or special on why I chose this product over the other, it's just that in the time I purchase this it was on sale XD

Originally in Japan it retails for JPY 400 (so friggin' cheap!) but in Korea it retails for KRW 7.900. The packaging is quite plain once I opened it out from the plastic seal. The size is really similar with Canmake's liquid concealer!

According to canmake official website, they have 4 color available and this 05 honey gold is the lightest and yellow-est among the other shades. Here's the description in the official website :

"This mascara-type eyebrow color quickly and easily brightens up your entire look, allowing you to sport a different eyebrow color every day, so you can coordinate it with your hair, make-up and outfit. Goes on smoothly, without feeling at all sticky or rough. The short inverted triangular brush makes it simpler to apply, ensuring that your brows are evenly coated and allowing you easily to adjust any imperfections in their thickness or texture. Waterproof."

And it also suggests wipping the excess to a tissue paper so that the color only applies to the hair. In my case, I prefer to just wipe it off to the side of the tube! 

There's nothing special about the wand, but the spiral shaped wand takes so much products because the space in between the brushes are wide. 


LEFT before applied (only filled in) | RIGHT after with eyebrow mascara

Great Pigmentation : This is probably the most pigmented eyebrow mascara I've ever used. It makes my eyebrow less dark and matches my hair more. 

Sets my brow into place : A lot of eyebrow mascara have to be combined with other eyebrow gel because it's not strong enough to hold the hair together, but this one is able to control and set my brow hair into place! 

Easy to mess up : I think this is the consequence of the great pigmentation, it's really easy to over apply and mess up your whole eyebrow. I found a lot of time where I have to re-do my brow because I over applied the eyebrow mascara :( But after a while, I became more accustomed to the amount and it's been better now! 

Clumping : Yes, eyebrow mascara could also clump your brow. Sometimes the brow mascara clumps and makes my eyebrow hair looks unnatural (too yellow). I also think that the wand shape contributes the most of the clumping incident. 

Overall, this eyebrow mascara is quite satisfying! I mean, I'm super not picky with my eyebrow mascara. But I would totally love to try other brand's after I finished with this one! :)

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  1. Ooh, I really like Canmake's products. I wish they were more easier to get ahold of since they're quite cheap and work pretty well too.



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