REVIEW : Etude House "Dear my Wish" Lipstick

AAH it felt like years since I last blogged something here. Ok, let's just go with the review! Today I'm reviewing something from Etude House, another lipstick (wow) "Dear my Wish" in BE 102 and RD 302

I don't have any special reason on why I purchase these lipstick, it's just I had some points on my Etude House's membership card so I can purchase these much, much cheaper - looking through the collection there's nothing really stands out from the shades / the packaging itself.

Etude House

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Dear My Wish"

        type of product        

BE 102 매혹적인 여신포즈 베이지
RD 302 도발적인 런웨이 버건디

KRW 9.000

Etude House Official Site (ko)

About the packaging, there's nothing special too, just an upgraded version of "Dear my Blooming" lipstick line. Probably because it's becoming their permanent collection, so they're keeping the same theme with the other product designs. 

Comparison between "Dear my Wish" and "Dear my Blooming" lipstick

The texture of the lipstick is very creamy, it glides like butter on the lips and leaves a sheen. Also it's really pigmented that one glides on the lips is enough. I really like the texture because it's creamy but in the same time the lipstick bullet is sturdy that it didn't feel like it'll broke or melt off when applied to the lips. 

As per usual. I don't like the packaging ._. pink and ribbons - those are just not my thing. 

The lipstick has a pretty strong rose scent that still lingers even after applied to the lips. I feel like it's ok, it didn't bother me - but I'm pretty sure there's some people who can't stand the scent because it's really artificial-like. 

BE 102 is a neutral warm beige shade, slightly looks like my lips but better shade, but people will definitely see that I used a lipstick because under the sunlight it looks like orange-y shade(?). 

RD 302 is dark wine red shade - definitely swatched brighter than the bullet. The bullet does look like it will be very dark, but when applied (see swatch below) the red is definitely seen. 

The creamy texture and the sheen does blurs out the lips line - but once the sheen gone from the lips, it's becoming very drying. Like I can feel like my lips is dehydrated. So, don't be fooled with its creamy texture, if you do have dry lips, please moisturize before applying. Sadly, the sheen does disappear quite fast, under than 1 hour after applying I can feel like my lips drying already. After then, it's either I apply a lipbalm over my lipstick or I reapply my lipstick. 

Creamy texture
Pretty sheen after applied
Great pigmentation
Feels creamy and moisturizing on the lips after applying
(doesn't last long tho..)

Sheen gone pretty fast
Strong rose scent

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the product, but definitely won't be purchasing for more shade. The first hour is a great experience for me, it's creamy, pigmented and moisturizing but it doesn't last for long. I think it will be a dreadful experience for someone with dry lips because even me I can feel how dry my lips is after a few hours past. 

Of course, there's some way to fight the dryness, like using proper lip balm, or re-applying this lipstick often. The dryness didn't start immediately so it can be prevented :)

Thankyou so much for reading this post! Comment down below! :D 

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REVIEW : Etude House's Princess Happy Ending "Belle"

Hello! It's been almost a week since my last post :( I'm sorry - now I don't have excuse other than my poor time management skill and the time that I invest for procrastinating.

Anyway, this is a super delayed review of Etude House's Princess Happy Ending "Belle" lipstick!

It's from their Princess line that came out at the end of summer. It's a limited edition means it won't be re-produced when it's all sold out.

Etude House

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Princess Happy Ending - Belle"

        type of product        

KRW 9.000

Etude House Official Site (ko)

There's 2 shades available in this collection. Snow White is warm cherry red and Belle is cool purple tone pink shade. 

As per usual the packaging it's not even close to my taste, but the initial bullet color is totally my style, and I don't have something that 'purple' in my collection! But I still prefer this design to the other princess one (or even the permanent collection ones). 

I find that this lipstick texture is very similar to Etude House's "Look At My Lips" lipstick, it has glossy finish and it feels quite similar except that the "Look At My Lips" lipstick is a little more on the creamy side. 

Even though the bullet looks intimidating as it's very purpley, when applied and swatched, the color is much more forgiving because the pink tint is more visible than the purple. Also, it can be applied sheerly, by blending the color or build it up to reach the maximum pigmentation. 

I think the lipstick is really easy to apply, and the gloss helped to soften my lips line. The gloss will fades overtime, and sadly I don't think this lipstick leaves a lot of stain. I can end up with super pale lips after a big meal and it means I have to reapply again. 

This lipstick isn't drying, especially if you're able to keep the gloss intact, but I don't need lipbalm when I reapply. I don't have a big dry lips issue, but for those who have issue then lipbalm is highly recommended.

Great pigmentation - can be used vividly or sheer
Creamy texture
Did not accentuate dryness
I love the shade
Easy to blend
Lightweight on the lips

Did not leave stain behind
Limited Edition

Overall, I love this lipstick! The shade is definitely gave big points for that because it's just my kind of color. And when reapplying, i think this lipstick is definitely more forgiving that bold tints because I don't really need to be extra careful as it's easy to blend. 

The lasting power is indeed not something that this product is excel in, but nevertheless I've been using a lot of this lipstick that the packaging itself had been pretty much in a beaten up condition now! 

Thankyou so much for reading this post! Sorry for the super late review :"(

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REVIEW : Pony x Memebox "Shine Easy Glam" Eyeshadow Palette


PONY x MEMEBOX palette is now available GLOBALLY! <3 YES!
Click HERE to purchase the palette from Memebox Global website! :))

I was a little bit distressed about this post and I thought of not doing it at all - but I don't know this blog is the place where I could share my thoughts about something and maybe I just have to do it really. 

The thing that made me contemplate to do this post or not is because this product is crazily hard to purchase outside Korea, and even if you're in Korea I think it would be hard too because you have to purchase this online. And that requires an ID, and when you make an ID you need a Korean cellphone number and yep - in short way it's hard to purchase if you're a foreigner. 

I got this question a lot since my post about Pony's Colorful Memebox and I just want to get everything straight now. Let's just hope for this palette to be available in memebox global website! 


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Shine Easy Glam"
Pony x Memebox

        type of product        
Eyeshadow palette 

KRW 20.000 // USD 18

Memebox Korean site
Memebox global site

This palette went on sale around the end of September, and for only an hour there's a 50% off sale for the palette, and guess what I got the palette only for KRW 10.000 - and seriously, for this palette, for only KRW 10.000 there's nothing that can go wrong. It's a really good deal and I thought it will definitely cost more. 

The packaging is really simple, black, white and a little bit of pink and silver in the box. The palette itself is heavier than I thought, really well made. Really reminds me of Sleek Eyeshadow palettes. 

The palette contain 8 shades, half being matte and the other half is shimmers and glitters. I think that's a perfect combinations, you don't want a lot of mattes or shimmers in a palette, or so I prefer. In the middle, there are 2 applicators (that is surprisingly, usable), with sponge tips in one end and small pink brush in the other end.

Also the huge mirror. Perfect!

Here's the description on each shade, translated from Pony's Blog

Easy Base

[matte] Warm Ivory color.
Use to highlight under the eyebrows, for eyelid base color and highlight.
*the shade is build-able, easy to control pigmentation.

Easy Shadow

[matte] Ashy Brown
Use for defining eyebrow, eyelid contour and face contour.

Easy Brown

[matte] Ashy Brown (2-3 shade darker than 'Easy Shadow')
Use for defining eyebrow, eyelid contour and face contour.

*the reason why Pony decided to put 2 similar shades in the same palette is because the shade can be used alone or mixed to match the user's skin tone. 

Easy Charcoal

[matte] Dark Espresso
Use for defining eyebrow, deep contouring, eyeliner and for hairline.

Shine Rosegold

[glitter pearl] Coral Beige with soft glitters
Use for eye base and highlight

Shine Gold

[glitter pearl] Cooper Brown with soft glitters
Use for eye base and medium tone shadow.

Glam Espresso

[shimmer] Shimmery Grayish Brown 
Use for eyeshadow

Glam Cocoa

[shimmer] Shimmery Dark Chocolate Brown
Use for eyeshadow

SWATCH (below is swiped once with a makeup cleanser tissue)

It's concept for being half matte - half shimmer and glitter reminds me of the original LORAC pro palette. They're both neutral in shades and there's some shade that really is similar to each other. I tried to swatch the shades from both Pony x Memebox "Easy Shine Glam" palette side by side with similar shades from the LORAC pro palette.

From the swatches you can tell how nicely pigmented they are, and LORAC pro palettes are famous for it's pigmentation, so to be compared against you have to be a big deal.

As Pony is really famous for being a beauty guru on youtube, it would be wrong not to include any tutorials from her. Sadly, there still no videos from Pony's Beauty Diary focusing on this palette, but there are some video from some Korean beauty guru talking about this palette. Anyway, in memebox site, there's some 'cheat' looks that you can recreate using the palette :

Overall, I think this palette is da bomb. I mean, with 10.000 KRW (or normal price KRW 20.000) you can't go wrong with that. The pigmentation is great, the texture is really nice. I see nothing is bad from this palette.

The shades are shades that are hard to mess with, I mean the shades are neutral and had a lot of varieties - you can create anything you want to.

Again, one thing is, if only this palette is available overseas. Anybody know how to purchase from overseas please kindly tell me so I can inform the readers!

Thankyou so much for reading! Smooch!

why so pretty 😭

Yep. Pony and I are like bff alr. JK. Met her coincidentally when I was in Seoul :P

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