REVIEW : Etude House "Dear my Wish" Lipstick

AAH it felt like years since I last blogged something here. Ok, let's just go with the review! Today I'm reviewing something from Etude House, another lipstick (wow) "Dear my Wish" in BE 102 and RD 302

I don't have any special reason on why I purchase these lipstick, it's just I had some points on my Etude House's membership card so I can purchase these much, much cheaper - looking through the collection there's nothing really stands out from the shades / the packaging itself.

Etude House

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Dear My Wish"

        type of product        

BE 102 매혹적인 여신포즈 베이지
RD 302 도발적인 런웨이 버건디

KRW 9.000

Etude House Official Site (ko)

About the packaging, there's nothing special too, just an upgraded version of "Dear my Blooming" lipstick line. Probably because it's becoming their permanent collection, so they're keeping the same theme with the other product designs. 

Comparison between "Dear my Wish" and "Dear my Blooming" lipstick

The texture of the lipstick is very creamy, it glides like butter on the lips and leaves a sheen. Also it's really pigmented that one glides on the lips is enough. I really like the texture because it's creamy but in the same time the lipstick bullet is sturdy that it didn't feel like it'll broke or melt off when applied to the lips. 

As per usual. I don't like the packaging ._. pink and ribbons - those are just not my thing. 

The lipstick has a pretty strong rose scent that still lingers even after applied to the lips. I feel like it's ok, it didn't bother me - but I'm pretty sure there's some people who can't stand the scent because it's really artificial-like. 

BE 102 is a neutral warm beige shade, slightly looks like my lips but better shade, but people will definitely see that I used a lipstick because under the sunlight it looks like orange-y shade(?). 

RD 302 is dark wine red shade - definitely swatched brighter than the bullet. The bullet does look like it will be very dark, but when applied (see swatch below) the red is definitely seen. 

The creamy texture and the sheen does blurs out the lips line - but once the sheen gone from the lips, it's becoming very drying. Like I can feel like my lips is dehydrated. So, don't be fooled with its creamy texture, if you do have dry lips, please moisturize before applying. Sadly, the sheen does disappear quite fast, under than 1 hour after applying I can feel like my lips drying already. After then, it's either I apply a lipbalm over my lipstick or I reapply my lipstick. 

Creamy texture
Pretty sheen after applied
Great pigmentation
Feels creamy and moisturizing on the lips after applying
(doesn't last long tho..)

Sheen gone pretty fast
Strong rose scent

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the product, but definitely won't be purchasing for more shade. The first hour is a great experience for me, it's creamy, pigmented and moisturizing but it doesn't last for long. I think it will be a dreadful experience for someone with dry lips because even me I can feel how dry my lips is after a few hours past. 

Of course, there's some way to fight the dryness, like using proper lip balm, or re-applying this lipstick often. The dryness didn't start immediately so it can be prevented :)

Thankyou so much for reading this post! Comment down below! :D 

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  1. The new packaging is precious~ ^ ^
    All of the colours are pretty too! ^ - ^


  2. Wow, BE102 looks so pretty on you! I kinda regret I didn't buy this shade lol. Love how your swatch photo is always so clear! Do you mind sharing which kind of lighting you use? =)

  3. I also bought RD302! Haven't tried it yet though :( I tried BE101 at the store but it's too light for me and kinda drying and it really puts me off :S

  4. You look pretty and fresh with be 101 fil! :)

  5. Both shades are so beautiful! especially RD302! It's such a shame cos I can deal with it being kinda drying but the rose scent just doesn't do it for me :/

    steph | datewithsteph.blogspot.co.uk

  6. RD302 nya ga segelap yang aku bayangkan ternyata >.<
    km ga suka pita2 ya, aku suka hihi :p
    tp kecewa sih sama produk ini, masi lebi suka innisfree XD

  7. Oohh, I wish I dare to wear color as your, hiks....
    Dunia ga adil, kenapa kalau aku yang pakai kelihatan kayak ibu tiri, kalau kamu jadi keliatan keren banget >_<
    Tapi entah kenapa semua lipstick Etude bikin bibir kering, ga pernah cocok, padahal packagingnya selalu juara -____- *sigh*

  8. I've heard and seen so much about these lipsticks! I really really must buy a few from this line and the other line too!

  9. First, I think It was purple colour, but it turns into cute red <3




  10. oh iyaa?? haha aku rada nyesel loh beli yang itu..pengen yang lebih pink!

  11. Yessssshhh but the texture is really good though, and you don't expect a product to be that drying because it's really creamy when first applied : |

  12. hahaha iya sih, coba yang innisfree se-creamy ini cee...... juara dah si innisfree! :D

  13. Oh yeah??? :D haha I thought BE101 is too pale for me too, so I went with 102 instead!

  14. I don't know, Stell, but I thought 102 looks really orange in reallife and it makes my teeth look freakin' yellow! lol
    I don't use any particular lighting for my swatches tho! I just use my room light, but and then I go to photoshop and try to make the swatches look the same because sometime it'll look too yellow/dark/ or anything from the camera... :")

  15. ahahaha aduhh engga aslinya aku juga kayak ibu tiri deh.. huaaa

  16. Yes! a little bit of disappointment here, but nevertheless it looks great so.. haha

  17. yeah because it's dark lips season yeeaaayy haha i wanted to buy 102 but i already have too many similar colors ;____;

  18. Aww too bad it doesn't look that great in real life. It certainly looks pretty on you in the photo :) And, you room light is just perfect! So much better than mine lol

  19. thats a shame about it not being as moisturizing but i guess one could combat that issue by maybe putting a lip balm before??? thanks for the review!

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

  20. not really actually! lol I just have to make it work! back in my home in Jakarta, I can shot outdoor which has the best result for me.. but here... D:

  21. I know right! It's always like that. Too much neutral color, but then again I seldom wear bright colors too :/ must stop buying more lippies.

  22. Definitely before, and during! I don't know why but when it sets on the lips, it just felt like really, really drying! And honestly I don't have any issue with dry lips before!

  23. I got the same beige shade as you but I wanted to try the lighter one too but I think it's too light for me.

    <a href="http://www.youtube.com/user/theacnancy”>Fancy Nancy YouTube</a>

  24. Cute packaging! :D
    ~Pauline @ http://www.kallony.com.ph/brand/benefit


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