The title says it all. Nuff said.

So... no blog tells no story.

To make the story short (jk. I won't)
My friend, Icha, whom also a JJ bigger fan and Fio, whom is a bigger bigger fan got the info about Stage Greeting for  'Jackal is Coming', a new movie premiered in November 2012, starred by Song Jihyo and label mate, Kim Jaejoong.

Of course, the moment they knew about the Stage Greeting event in Busan, the ticket was almost sold out. So they went to Naver and search for, you know, 'blackmarket' for the tickets. They got the tickets, just for them at first. But luckily, they found another tickets for 2 and they offered it to ME!! So, KRW 20.000 well spent, Filia, well spent.

Of course (again), the stars are late (duh. When they ever come on time?) and the events are really really really short!! If not because the exit door is right behind us, I wouldn't say my money is well spent.

We were allowed to bring professional camera, so I did and also Stellia. We both brought our Canon DSLR and she took pictures, I record. If you ever know how heavy is DSLR, then you'll get me. My camera betrays me and graviation, you're such a b*tch. My videos are shaky (especially on JJ's part. I hate myself) and full of little shrieks from the fans, and of course, mine.

But who could control self being in the same room, breathing the same air, stepping on the same carpet, as, JAEJOONG??? Now I'm being stalker-ish.

So, I stole some pictures from Stellia. Credit to Stellia @ Facebook. I directly downloaded the pictures do it didn't come in HQ. sorry. I'll ask stellia to email me and keep it to myself though later

Three shots of the character. 2 main characters, and 1 just character that acts really really well. 

I hate spoilers. So I won't tell you anything too deep. I like to keep the thrill.
Basically JJ is a top singer, and he is targeted by a genius killer, named Jackal. And before the Jackal managed to caught JJ, JJ was first caught by Jihyo, also stated herself as an assassin paid by someone else, also to kill JJ.

This is a comedy film, I should say. There's JJ who is a cocky top star. Song Jihyo, a amateur-ahjumma-turns-assassin (she had the ahjumma hair, ok), a bumpkin inspector and his smart-but-non-chalant-pretty-assistant, an angry room service ahjumma, and also the motel-just-turned-into-hotel-few-days-ago's owner. Everyone had a strong characters, it's just very refreshing to see JJ played this character.

And who is the other girl? She is JJ sasaeng fan(in the movie). Enough said.

Overall I'm satisfied! :D

you could see in the poster, the English should be 'Killer Comes' but I personally likes 'Jackal is Coming' better because it more catchy and translation-ly correct.

It's funny because when I look through the pictures, JJ faces are so funny I could attach hilarious caption on them! 

Nah, I'm kidding. You're handsome, I'll die for you. Just kidding. Or I'll sell my soul for you. Just kidding lahhh lol.

Or.... Am I? ;)



Omo. Why did I do nothing but procrastinating lately. I wanna cry.

I've keep a LOT and LOTS of stuff packed in my desktop, you know, to blog about!!
In the end I never did that. BUT I WILL FROM NOW ON!! XD

So first thing first. I'm gonna blog about make up stuffs I've purchased throughout the semester, brand-wise! So the first brand to get this honor is The Faceshop!

First one is this Mini-Pet hand creams! I don't know who or what created this trend but almost all Korean Make up brand had their own a mascot hand creams like these. I bought these almost like 2 months before and completely forgot how these guys smell like.

I can't open the plastic because this is actually a present for my aunt :(

This kinda stuffs are good for present if you're going to Korea for your friends and family. They're nowhere practical but it's cute! Why I said it's not practical? I did once own this kinda hand cream, but from Etude House. They smells nice, but they're not really creamy and moisturizing for a long time. So i brought them everywhere right in my bag. After a few jumbling and shaking, because they're in my bag, the time you open it the product would go everywhere. grrrrr. 

And opening the lid when you really need some hand cream is always a big nuisance. Now i prefer a tube one than this. Retails for KRW 4.900 could go down by 20% on sale

The next one is from the 'Oil Cut' line. A compact powder and a pore concealer.

The compact powder is in shade NB23, the concealer is in shade NB21. They each have 2 shades if I'm not mistaken.

Honestly I haven't try the compact because I still have my Maybelline one. But the concealer, i think they're ok! It had two heads, one is a cover stick and one is a liquid concealer. I always dislike a stick concealer, because if traumatized by how hard they're to blend with! But this one, it's easy to blend, but it's not too creamy. perfect!

The compact powder is KRW 13.900 and the concealer is about KRW 10.900. I don't know why they don't put the concealer in their website :/

The upper swatch is from the cover stick, the below one is the liquid. Usually shade something-21 in Korean brands is too light for me, but the cover stick is really matches my skin tone until i got a super hard time taking the picture for it to show. The liquid one have a highlighter quality, nice for under eye circles and higlights! and the cover stick is nice for any blemishes, like acne scars and your side nose area.

and that's it for faceshop! I'll see you in my next blog post. Which i hope it will be SOON!!

Merry Early Christmas!!

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