REVIEW : Innisfree "The Green Tea Seed Serum"

Because my last post is a 'fashion' related post, now it's beauty time! 

This time I'm going to review a skin care product that have been my savior for this past months! This is a limited edition of the Green Tea Seed serum (only the packaging, they still have the original in the Green Tea Seed line) - comes with 3 colors blue, red, green, because who doesn't love to have choices? I pick up the blue one! (Only the packaging that is different between the colors, the product is the same!)

Innisfree's "The green tea seed serum" - This antioxidant-moisturizing serum creates a dewy and clear complexion as the seed ingredients harvested from the eco-friendly green tea gardens in Jeju island intensively hold onto skin moisture and the natural hydrating betaine ingredients promote moisture synthesis within skin layers.

Or so what it said on the packaging. The staff recommended me this product as soon as she looked into my face. I think it's a good think to show your flaws to the beauty staff so they'll know your problem right away. It's kinda sad, really. I guess makeup is not enough to hide your flaws.

My problem that time were red blemishes, acne scaring and oily face. Also even though I'm on the oily side, in the winter I could see some dry patches around my nose and stuff. Sad really. And the time I started to wear this product (last winter) I am not into skin care, at all. I just moisturize and that's it! 

But then, I tried (really hard) to put on this serum religiously, day and night. And soon I began to use this regularly my skin began to improve, means less visible red blemishes, less acne, and now, I am simply can not not wearing this. 

And, the fresh-feeling you got afterwards applying this product is also one of the reason I can not miss wearing this. 

Serum has the most concentration of good things (yep, anything, good thing, good stuff for your skin) so you have to wear your serum first after you cleanse your face so that your face could completely absorbs all the good things. 

According to the packaging, again, your skin care routine should go in this step :

Serum - Skin (Toner) - Lotion (Emulsion and stuff like that) - (Essence) - Eye Cream - Cream - Oil

Or I have to summarize it, from the less moisturizing, to the most moisturizing.

This is not my snot, this is the product swatch

You can see the product is somewhat liquidy, like most of the serum in the world. I usually use around 1.5 - 2 pumps, scrub it between my hand and massage them into my face. First I'll apply the product where the problems are the worst (like the sides of my nose, and my cheek) and then spread them all over my face.

Green tea is one of the 3 things I wouldn't put in my mouth, or simply I HATE GREENTEA. Even at the smell of it, even its color (yuck). BUT, on the contrary this one does not smells like one! It almost smells like some men cologne, I can't describe it well :s But anyway this doesn't smell like one!! 

I've used the original version (80ml) and it lasts me a good 7 months, and this limited edition are 160ml, twice as big, so I'm good for a year. If you already using the original one, I suggest you to hurry up and get the limited edition one, as it's twice as big, but the price is not! (Original KRW 22.000, limited edition KRW 28.000 + super cute packaging)

Because Innisfree is a very eco-friendly brand, you'll get a handkerchief on every limited edition product purchases (Green Tea Seed serum & Green Tea Seed Cream) to support their less tissue, bring a handkerchief program. I think this is a great move for green, eco-friendly living (Even though it's very cheaply made, but it's cute so it's ok)

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  1. omg the packaging is very cute! at first, i thought you add sticker on it hahaha xD


    1. Haha! Never thought ppl will think that! that 'sticker' also be one that pushes me to buy this stuff :D

    2. well i bought one on my trip last april but haven't used it until now.. wish mine had that 'sticker' too XD

    3. hahaha! I heard that Innisfree is going to make those little ponies as their mascot! Let's look forward to the future for ponies stickers in all of their product!! :D

  2. such a cute stuff <33


  3. special edition yg sprti ini berlaku sampai kapan dear?

    1. Sepertinya sampai stock habis.. sampai sekarang masih ada sih! :D

  4. pengennn >0<
    kalau aku minta tolong kamu untuk beliin itu trus di kirim ke indo bisa gak ya?

    1. haha sayangnya aku ga pulang summer ini ;"( kalo balik sekalian jualan kali yah enak haha

    2. yaaaah
      kalau dikirim pake jasa pengiriman kena biaya berapa ya? (dari korea ke indo)
      soalnya aku tanya OS disini katanya gabisa ngasih yg limited edition kaya gitu :(

    3. kenanya mahal sih.. dan keliatannya engga bisa kirim liquid :(

  5. oiya, aku baca blog laruku kamu
    aaaaaw u'r so lucky
    bisa sedeket itu sama hyde
    aku juga nonton di sini (jakarta)
    tapi....cuma bisa ngeliat hyde sm yg lain lewat screen :(
    padet banget sampe ga bisa gerak
    penonton indonesia emang juara soal desek-desekan
    padahal penantian selama 8tahun akhirnya bisa kesampean *hiks..hiks..
    berharap banget mereka ngadain world tour lagi
    hyde... :'(

    1. omg... makasih udah jauh2 baca kesana loh ;") Iya tapi disini rasanya beda aku ga bs liat langsung hyde main2 suling... iya aku berharap banget mereka ngadain world tour..
      tapi pas indonesia dimasukin jadwal tur mereka aku nangis loh huhu soalnya akhirnyaaa bs kesampaian.... hehe

  6. is this kind of size still available in korea now?

  7. Aw the packaging of the limited edition is so cute >3< I have the original one and really like it! By the way, I have once tried to put the serum on my face right after I washed my face but it feels like when it mixed with some water that remained on like the serum is sticking into my hand instead of my face haha!


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