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HEY GUYS! A little info here, for you guys who resides in Indonesia, Singapore, or any other South East Asian countries and even Australia - starting from 12th May 2014 "3CE" is available in luxola.com

They're also gonna be in their famous "flash sale" so look forward for that! :))


Hello---skitty! :D

If you might not know but I just got back from my 4 days Seoul trip with my friends! And it was fun! Because most of the people I went with have been to Seoul before, we just skipped all those boring museum, landmarks, yada yada and jumps over shopping! Woohoo! (--then looking at my wallet, look at she, she never been that thin before..............)

And this product is also one of my kalap-an in Stylenanda! I've also reviewed another product (blusher) in here. Stylenanda is basically a Korean online shopping mall, which carries various Korean & International brands and they got so famous (in Korea and Internationally) they made a huge 3 stories high Flagship Store in Hongdae, Seoul. So I went there and purchase some of the makeup I don't dare buy online.

This is 3 Concept Eyes Lip Lacquer in BonBon, the same one with Jenn Im's from clothesencounter @ youtube (I LOVE HER btw). The color is nude orangey peach. 3CE have a total 10 colors for their lip lacquers and they retail for KRW 18.900, you can purchase them here. And they also deliver internationally! I don't have any other particular reasons other than following Jenn Im's on the color choice.

I of course swatch almost every color they have, I also liked the soft pink neutral one, or the purple one! It would be my next target purchase! :D

Outside the online store, Style Nanda only have 2 stores around Korea. And when I visited the Flagship Store, the makeup corner (The 3 eyes concept) is filled with foreigners (plus me) and out of 10 colors,, 3 colors of the lip lacquers are sold out, and on the Saturday I got back to Style Nanda store and only half available! Totally a best selling product! (No kidding, some people buy like, humongous amount of products!!)

You can compare the product and its finish with NYX's matte soft lips, and I saw some bloggers around that compares the two. The product dries to a matte finish and have a velvety feeling when applied. It carries a standard applicator, but I really really really like it's packaging. Very simple, matte black bottle. just, love!

Some problem that occur to me (also with NYX soft matte lips) is that this kind of product accentuates wrinkles on your lips, especially when it's dry. But usually this kinda product do make your lip dry! So make sure you apply some lip balm, let it sets into your lips, and then apply the product.

OR! If you aren't bother with some gloss, double this baby up with some lip gloss over! That way the lip wrinkle, lines or whatever you want to call them, are going to be less visible after some lip gloss. But of course, if you want the matte look, stick with lip balm!

Their staying power is superb! And you want to make sure they set into your lips before eating, drinking or doing anything extreme with your lips. I once drink from a cup soon after I reapply them and it leaves a weird lining on the outer part of my lips. And once it set, it will be a problem to blend them together.

Overall, I liked this product! After all, this is the closest I could get to NYX soft matte lips, which I love, but I can't get them in Korea (They're like so much cheaper I knowww) :( The pigmentation is amazing, staying power is great, packaging is cool! I wish they would come with more colors. But of course the price is not on the cheap side, and it's harder to get than most other Korean brand.

Thankyou so much for reading! :D

stupid zits

PS This is the video of Jenn from ClothesEncounters that features this very product! :D 

PSS I did bought another color! "Super Coral" See the swatch HERE
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  1. This is my wishlist <3
    the color is too pretty T~T

  2. Aku juga ngincer yang purple hauhauha. It would be great color for fall en winter hohohho <3

  3. Oooo, this is now on my wishlist! It's GORGEOUS! *___*

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    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  4. i'm happy you reviewed it :D
    i've been eyeing 3ce products lately, because all of the lip products are soooo tempting >.<
    too bad that the price is quite expensive :(
    i think i will purchase the coral one ^^

    1. yes i know!! I'm still eyeing on some other colors that unfortunately sold out when I went there :(

  5. warnanya bagussssssss, thanks yahh udah sharinggg! jadi kepengen beliii hihii

    1. iya kak aduh aku juga ga kuat pengen beli warna2 laiiin :D

  6. Ah, I'm planning to make an order soon at Stylenanda and I've always wondered about the quality of their makeup products. Thank you very much for your review! The color looks so pretty on you~ ^^!


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