REVIEW : Banila Co. PRIME Primer Make-Up Fixer - Finish and Fix

Today I'm going to review another Banila Co. product from Prime Primer line, which is fairly new, make-up fixer! I know Banila Co. is super good with their Prime primer line, and it is said their primer is the best out of many other Korean brands.

and two words of 'PRIME' there, should be more convincing on doing the priming job done!

The product, is obviously, transparent liquid and very similar to water. The packaging is simple and had a regular sprayer. I first kinda hesitate because I usually prefer make-up fixer in a aluminium bottle, because it spray much finer liquid, and thus, doesn't literally wet my face!

But I tried it on the store, and suprisingly, it's sprays quite as fine as an aluminium sprayer! Yey for that! I spray them before I put on my make up, and after foundation, before powder. I notice after I sprayed some of this thing, my face just got oilier glowy-er, that's why I powder my face after!

It's said it would keep your makeup like you just put them in the first time and also adds up some moisturizer there. If you prefer dewy look more than matte face look, then use this in the place of powder. Banila Co. is indeed pricier than other famous Korean brands. The retail price is KRW 18.000!

up : just after the spray, down : the after effect (can't see in the picture but still the finish is quite dewy)

I haven't got to use quite much of it, but in the summer I need all the stuff that can make my makeup stays all day long! As far as I used it, I do not have any complain, and I'm going to use them all summer!

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  1. hehehe i really want to try Banila Co buttt its so expensive :|

    1. Yeah, they're more expensive than most brands but i'll say it's a good investment! :D

  2. Uwowww... Di indo agak sulit kalau cari Banila Co... dan mahal... >.< Alternatifnya sih biasanya aku cari di qoo10... Tapi lama sampainya :(

    1. Iya yah, masih jarang orang Indo kenal sama brand ini, padahal bagus :/ tapi ga salah juga sih di Korea tokonya juga nggak sebanyak merek2 lain :/ But they're sooo good!

  3. Was the fixer like long lasting


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