Third one up, back again to the casual is Allyne! Her outfits is one of a good example of pattern clashing. Simple with edge, I must say. I totally like her shirt, look at the detail on her shoulder! Again, I do apologize (for this picture and all the future post) about how the 'statement lips' does not appear as 'statement'-ly as we wished them to be, as the lighting is quite unfriendly.

On Allyne, her sunnies are from Forever21, both shirt and pants are unbranded (shirt from G-market and the pants is from Seomyon), her heels are unbranded from Indonesia. On her lips, it's Shaka's Drama. And even though it's quite invisible, her nails are polished by The Faceshop's nail polish

Look forward for another post from the Statement Lips lookbook!

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  1. I really love how Allyne did her thing in mixing prints!
    I always find mixing prints are terrifiyng but I am so itching to try :)
    and this one is a good inspiration!!

    The Sweetest Escape 


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