2013 Global Gathering!

Hi! Back again! After a few beauty post, I usually do some fashion post, BUT unfortunately I forgot to ask for the data from Saras, our lovely photographer, and she leaves for a week for a leadership camp. Grah. So let's pray for her to COME BACK SOON and so I can continue on with the fashion (ootd) posts! 

Indonesian performers (MIKY angkatan 08)

Now to fill in the gap, I'm gonna post something I should have post years ago, about Global Gathering (GG)! GG is an event for all foreigners living in Busan, South Korea, which includes me! Our Indonesian Community in Kyungsung Uni (or MIKY) never misses this event, and we always opened a stand and also performed on the main stage (which, unfortunately, in my year it is raining so bad we can't perform. F*ck) 

Global Gathering is an annual event made by BFIA (Busan Foundation for International Activities). They did all sorts of things to help out foreigners to settle down in Busan, like Korean classes, Foreigner call center, International exchanges, and more fun stuffs for foreigner student like Beauty and Make up class, volunteer activities etc! 

Other countries' performance! cool!

The event was held in Haeundae Naru Park, next to Bexco and Shinsegye in Centum City. In case any Busan-ers that want to come next year, I'll link you to the site here, check them out next year! :D 
This year to avoid the super heavy rain 2 years ago, they move the date much earlier than last year. So it was held in May, 2013. Not too hot, not too cool, perfect season! 

Indonesian stands always the crowdest, yeah right, we ngamen in the middle of the road! 

This year they're so generous with the pricing! KRW 1.500 for a cup full of pisang goreng. haha,
expensive still, worth it! 

Usually the first years in Kyungsung Uni are responsible for the performance, and the second year for the food bazaar. And as a junior, I take the weekend easy by just strolling around, eating mi goreng cabe ijo from the bazaar.

All countries are allowed to open a bazaar/stands, usually they promotes their culture, FOOD, and travel and that kinda stuff. So we did a whole walk through the park and tastes some good food here and there! (But, Indonesian food still tastes the best!!!!!)

Another best part of the event, we got to dress up with other country traditional costumes. I did took some footage with my camera, I was planning to make an 'ootd' video joke with the costumes, but in the end I don't have the time to edit it anyway :(

Below will only just pictures! Thankyou so much for reading :p

cute chibi Korean dancer. Full on makeup! haha! Even the boys are with makeup lols

Our stands provide 'property' to camwhore, Balinese head piece! 


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