OOTD : Lazy Summer

My first week of summer break just passed away. Sigh. And everyday I just got lazy and lazier, waking up late and laterl, grahhhhh I need my summer! 

Anyhoo, me and Jessica #2 went to get some lunch today, and we went shopping to Centum City for my sister's gift hunting. So we decided to shoot on some OOTD, very simple one. It's raining season and me and Jessica curl my hair out, but the wind just blew our curls straight. SSSHHHHHHHH

Top, Shorts : Unbranded (Korea) Top from street shop, and the shorts from gmarket! 
Shoes : MIXXO
Bag : H&M
No accessories! 

On Jessica :
Top & Shoes : Unbranded from Korean streetshop
Shorts : Forever21
Bag : I forgot the brand, but she bought it in Lotte mall so supposed to have one!

Then we proceed on the routine, LUNCH! We're so hungry and decided to go to Elkin's the Black. The restaurant have very similar system with Dangol, so we order one dish for two of us. We order Boston Butt (?) Pilaf, which is something that I could get as close to Indonesian Nasi Goreng. But this one definitely have more pork, and garlic, and mayo. See it yourself : 

It's SOOOO GOOOOD. I wanna eat them again nao :(

Anyhoo we proceed to Shinsegye and I finally bought something for my sister's upcoming birthday, I'm buying her Benefit's How to Look Good at Everything, and because she probably wont read this anw, I bought it for KRW 48.000 which I think it's a good deal anyway. Hope she liked it! (if not I'm just gonna take that from her kk)

After all that long walk, we went to coffee bean for a coffee break and did nothing ha! 

Well, but that's fun! I think that's the beauty of summer break, taking your time super slowly, without even worrying about anything! :DD

I hope you guys have an amazing summer break ahead of ya! c ya!


  1. both of you look so pretty and the food look so tempting hehe...
    your day look so fun :D
    nice blog anw


  2. looks so pretty! and looks so comfy style...
    do u want follow each other?
    let me know :)


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