REVIEW : 3CE Full Cover Concealer

A little info here, for you guys who resides in Indonesia, Singapore, or any other South East Asian countries and even Australia - starting from 12th May 2014 "3CE" is available in luxola.com

They're also gonna be in their famous "flash sale" so look forward for that! :))


And now that I'm reviewing the 3CE concealer, that marks my last product to review from 3CE. BUT WORRY NOT. I've planned a lot of more products to come! :D

So this is 3 Concept Eyes from Style Nanda - Full Cover Concealer in #002. Available only with 2 shades and this is the darker one. Retail for KRW 17.900 or USD 19 purchase here

Alongside the full cover concealer, they also have a waterful concealer and a duo concealer for under eye area. I almost want to order the waterful concealer online because 1. they're the cheapest one out of 3 and I just really interested in the packaging. But after I got into the store, I decided to pick this one up instead because the waterful concealer is too watery for my taste.

It comes with a regular applicator like in the picture. Just standard simple packaging, very 3CE-ish and nice sturdy applicator. The color really matches me well, so I don't have any trouble with the blending and stuffs like that. The consistency is very creamy, different from the watery concealer, which in my opinion, just a pretty creamy foundation in a very very small tube.

It's creamy, not sticky, blends well, and it had a slight typical cosmetic scent in it? sets in quite quickly and the staying power is great.

Among all 3CE product I purchase on my Seoul trip, I think this one is my favorite! I like to put it under my under eye circle and I can't say it doesn't crease but it did not crease as much as my other concealer (even my mac studio finish creases on me). This has been my favorite concealer recently and sometime I also put them in my blemishes but I think the staying power is better on my under eye than on my blemishes.

I don't know if you can see or not in the swatch picture above, it had a slight orange tone in it? I don't know if it's a lighting effects or stuffs like that. That orange tone actually makes the concealer a tad bit darker for my skin, luckily it's summer! I'm exposed to the sun a lot and got a little darker. Sooo when I got back to the Style Nanda I might have to buy the lighter shade :p

there the swatch on my eyes. looks good? :D

Overall I'm satisfied with this product, love them enough to want to stock on them! And I do recommend it. Sadly I think you only can get them online if you're living outside Seoul, Korea and I know it could be scary to by something that had to do with shades and stuff like that over the internet. I also make the purchase after I saw the real stuff so I wont do a persuasive sentence more than this :| 

Btw I'm mac NC 20-25, maybe it could give you some ideas! Have a great summer! 

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  1. Ooh looks promising! Thank you for the review!

  2. Halo Fillliiaaaaa, i love your blog!!! <3

    salmon dark circle nya bisa coba beli di www.michastore.weebly.com

  3. woww, great stuff! it covers your dark circle quite well :D
    now i'm more interested in 3ce products thanks to your review XD

    1. lol! thankyou!! I also have this weird obsession with stylenanda! :C

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  5. Hi, i knw1of the official dealer for stylenanda based Jb and Singapore. You guys can easily pre-order 3CE products from this fb page :) https://www.facebook.com/hermakeover

  6. They are the official dealer for stylenanda based Jb and Singapore. You can easily pre-order 3CE products with them :) https://www.facebook.com/hermakeover

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  8. Did u apply the concealer first or bb cream first?


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