REVIEW : Etude House AC Clinic Intense - Pink Powder Spot

I'm taking break from all 3CE products (no worries, I still have several on stock now!) and decided to review something that is not really new in the market. It's Etude House's AC Clinic Intense - Pink Powder Spot. 15ml and retail for KRW 11.000.

This product is a part of Etude House's AC Clinic line, besides this Etude also have toner, cleansing foam, and all good this for your acne. But I heard that the best from the AC Clinic line is this Pink Powder Spot, so I might as well tried it!

The kit comes with the Pink Powder Spot, Pink Powder Water, and cotton swabs. I never actually encounter product similar like this before. And looking at the instructions on the back of the packaging, it didn't specify on how I should use the Pink Powder Water, so things got quite annoying because I have to go on google and see how I should use it.

This product is a product for spot treating your acne. Good for breakouts and that small zits that appeared suddenly on awkward places (in this case, any zits in the face is considered awkward.) Little goes a long way and this is the last product you want to use at the end of your skin care.

The AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot is dermatologically tested and contain natural salicylic acid, which is good for acne, and sulfur powder to fight blemishes.

Very easy to use! Just dab some on the cotton swab and tap the cotton swab available there, or anything you have, only on the acne spots! IMPORTANT : Don't shake the product, let the powder soaks in the bottom. Dip your cotton swab until it reaches the powder layer.

It felt cool on the skin and smells funny, really really really reminds me of those caladine lotion that you apply on mosquitos bites or when you have chicken pox. Might be the same thing? Haha. Also you have to wait till it dries. I like to put this on overnight, and amazingly I washes off in the morning, so If you won't wake up in those white dots like a dalmatian or something.

Next is the Pink Powder Water. I just wander around naver blog and just found out that this is for the 'Day' skin care! I use this before using the Pink Powder Spot, that's what you get if instruction is definitely not informative enough.

Pink Powder Water also for more to spot treatment. Different from the Pink Powder Spot, you have to shake the bottle first, then you can apply them. The original packaging actually have a smaller opening for you could put on the desired spot, like eye drops, only somewhat bigger. But the sample didn't have that small opening as the original size, so I have to work with my fingers to apply them.

The Pink Powder Water doesn't leave an obvious white spot behind, it leave much more sheer white layer of powder (when dried) and could be blend away. That's why it's good for the day (Just discovered that.)

OVERALL I like this product! Works superb especially on 'open' zits (dries the next morning, could stings a little bit if applied to opened zits, but it works!) and actually reduces the size of my acne and redness all over. I'm quite addicted to the stings it gives when I dab them over my zits, it's just like pain before rainbows (I think I just made them up) and makes me confident that those stings just killed my zits! :D

I really recommend these product! Thankyou for reading! :*

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  1. I love this stuff! It's the fastest acne product I've tried. Great review! ^_^

    1. thankyou! x me too! it'll only takes a couple hours and BAM! XD

  2. I really love the packaging as well, thank you for the review~ ^_^

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    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  3. This reminds me of the Mario Badescu drying lotion!! Love your blog! :)

    Anna xx


  4. pain before rainbow, hahaha...
    I can relate to that sentence, same sensation I get when my beautician extracted my whiteheads during facial session. It hurts so much I actually like it ^^

    *that really sounded weird, LOL!*

  5. I decided to try it too. Hopefully it works on my face.hehehe

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