REVIEW : Etude House's Minime "Be My Princess" Collection - Ms. Sunshine (Taemin)

Before I began writing this post, I was eating a 짜빠게티 (JJapagheti) Ramyon, and it was GOOOOOOD. Just a warning to not eat the cup one! That one tastes awful! But the cooked one tastes so good I want me some more! Graa!

Ok, before the review, I just want to share something for you guys! If you read my blog posts, you'll know how often Korean Brands do a membership events or sale, and yes they do it quite often here! But I know a lot of you living overseas does not have the choice but to pay the original price (plus shipping! No!!) 

So I stumbled upon this!

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The products are discounted from 60% and up, and you guys Indonesian, the shipping prices is only USD 3! You'll be shocked at the price range! So go ahead and check if the products you eagerly want to try is there or not! (Limited stocks!)

To the REVIEW! 

that's a mouthful title. Anyway! I'm here back to review (or rather show and tell) Etude House's product Minime "Be My Princess" Collection - Ms. Sunshine (Taemin), and if you can't figure out what the product is, it's a fragrant mist. And I must warn you it's a limited edition.

And I must say they did a great PR going on here, so the story behind of these little fragrances are Shinee's way to describe their 'Ideal Girl'. This one is Taemin's and 4 others stand for each other Shinee members.

Here is the Promotional Video, which showing that Shinee's members are designing the fragrance and the packaging by themselves, describing how their 'Ideal Girl' looks like :

Taemin's ridiculous description for her ideal type girl
Along those 5 fragrance available, I like this the most and sorry to say Jonghyun's the least. I definitely not choosing this based on my Shinee bias! No! But I do like Key's one (my real bias) but I've decided I'll only buy one so I decided to buy this one. Retail for KRW 15.000, it's KRW 2.000 more than the last limited edition! 
The Ms. Sunshine fragrance is so sweet, but still very fresh. If I have to compare with the Minime World Traveler Edition - Ms. Cutie, Ms. Cutie (the yellow one) is much more lemon-y, but this Ms. Sunshine is much more fruity. 
(left) Ms. Cutie - World Traveler Edition, (Right) Ms. Sunshine - Be my Princess Edition

They fragrance lingers around for some time, I can't say it lingers all day long because it's not a perfume but a fragrance mist. Comparing those two I definitely says the Ms. Sunshine lingers longer than Ms. Cutie. 
And packaging wise, Ms. Sunshine is more sturdier and prettier, I must say. 
You can took the cap off and stick them up your headphone plug in your phone!

Overall I like this mist, it's smells really good and very suitable for the upcoming summer! I think Etude House's Minime collection improves every year, I mean I really hate the original one but I began to like them more as the collection expands! 
If you're Shawols, I must say this is a must have collection then, might not be as bad because they're super cute and smells awesome!
(There's no Kim Soohyun's ideal girl perfume out there?.....ok)

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  1. penasaran pengen nyoba yang onew.. tapi itu wanginya ga awet ya ternyata.. anyway aku juga suka makan 스파게티 instan.. rasanya enak.. akh... *lap iler*

    1. Eh kebalik say, justru yang ini lbh tahan lama hahaha! Iyaa aduh say jadi pengen lagi ;"(

  2. I want to try Ms. Holic or Ms. Bloom! They sound really yummy <3

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  3. Great post :)
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    Your Princess is in Another Castle

    xx Sofie

  4. salam kenal fil...
    kamu tinggal d korea kah?
    asik banget blogmu say ^^
    aku baru liat dr IBB
    aku jg beli dr 60% itu tapi blm dtg.. mgkn agak lama krn dikirim ke indo kali ya :)


    1. salam kenal juga katherin! :D Iya aku tinggal di Korea sekarang hehe makasih banyak!
      Iya kan mungkin nunggu eventnya ditutup juga, tapi mereka legit kok kak :D pasti nyampe! hehe
      I really enjoy watching your video! :D

  5. Omigosh, these are all so adorable! I want them all! *___*

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    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  6. Pengeeen banget yg Onew dari lamaaa, tapi pas aku contact temen aku yg jualan Etude House katanya udah discontinued dan engga dijual lagi :(

  7. Bahaha I agree with Kim Soo Hyun's perfume d: I seriously would totally buy one if he makes one hahaha D:


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