[UPDATED] I want my Kakaotalk to look pwetty too!!!


After you upgrade your Kakaotalk to version 3.0 (I suppose?), YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO FOLLOW THESE STEPS for changing your theme.
You could just go to MORE > SETTINGS > THEME SETTING
Theme you downloaded will also available in the option. About the application I mentioned below you could still use it for downloading themes!! Thankyou!!



click on the link above for IPHONE USER! There is a step-by-step way to decorate your Kakaotalk! Basically almost the same as Android user, but different application! Thankyou for Hajun1237 for sending in the link! 

When i was studying in Korea (In fact, i still do it) I realized how Korean really prefer to use Android phone more than anything!

Me myself, i use a Galaxy phone, which is totally an Android. And the most popular messenger application to chat is of course, Kakao Talk!

It's a Korean application, and recently really popular because there are so many entertainment company, especially SM Ent. To use Kakao talk as their marketing media. But recently not only SM ent, I guess JYP Ent. is also joining the Kakao Talk line.

Usually Kakao talk comes with this lame yellow theme

But some of my Korean friend theme is really cute and instead of the yellow stuff, it was really different  and bubbly. And i can't seems to change my yellow theme!

So i asked my senior and she kindly teaches me how to do it!

Nao look at my Kakao Talk superb-cute-chrismassy theme

U Mad bro? :D

also my addiction

Yoo Jae Suk, The mighty Grasshopper theme! 

And so, to share my knowledge, and also i was bored. I'll teach you guys how to make your Kakao Talk PRETTY and CUTE! <3 (for android!)

Ok so the step-by-step theme changing! 


Go to market, and search 'Phone Decor Collection' or in Korean '폰 꾸미기 어플 천국'. Install it! 


Yes, to proceed with the installation of the cute Kakao talk, you have to eliminated the one that you have first. 

But you can do it later, just don't forget to delete it before you download/install the new one.

Or, i just updated the application, you can go click on 'Delete all downloaded .apk' But i'm not sure if it deletes your installed Kakao Talk. 

Delete the existing Kakao talk! Bye Rudolf! 


Go again to the installed Application, browse your Kakao talk theme! 
You could go and see the preview first and decide what you really like

This is how it should look like when you open the app.

Scroll down until you found the Kakao talk symbol! click on it

The theme divided into category
1. HD LTE (4G)폰 전용 테마 - For all HD LTE (4G) phone
2. 남자 연예인 테마 - Male Celebrity Theme
3. 여자 연예인 테마 - Female Celebrity Theme
4. 일러스트 케릭터 테마 - Illustration Character Theme
5. 애니메이션 케릭터 테마 - Animation Character Theme

6. 명품 브랜드 스타일 테마 - Style Brand Theme
7. 자동차&바이크테마 - Cars and Motorcycle Theme
8. 스포츠 스타&스타일 테마 - Sport Star and Style Theme
9. 기타 다양한 스타일 테마 - Other and Miscellaneous Theme
10. 커플 전용 테마  - Theme for Couples


inside the Male Celeb category! Choose and see the preview before downloading!

Bigbang theme preview screen. It'll take you to either Daum/Tistory/ any Korean blogging site that have pictures of the preview 

 After you choose your theme, download it and install! 

 Re-do the registering. Insert your phone number for verification number! 



Nao enjoy your new Kakao talk face!

Things you should note before deleting and re-installing your Kakao Talk :

-  Your friend would be the same, you don't have to re-add or anything. But it will ask you to sync with your email. But you should remember, all chat history will be gone.

-  You no longer can update your Kakao talk from the Android Market. It only will give you error sign. So what you have to do to upgrade your Kakao Talk, is to re-do all the theme changing step, but you have to change the theme compatible for the updated version. So you have to update the 'Phone Decor Collection' App first, then you'll get the choice of the new updated Kakao talk theme. Delete your old one and install the new one. Kinda uncomfortable though, but consider it's the time for you to try other theme! :)

NOW enjoy your Kakao talk and add Plus Friends! :D

 add them and recommend them to the fellow fans!

any question? leave the comment below! Good Luck!



Sadly, i have nothing better to do than to stuck writing something even though i almost lost my hand replying all the wishes.....


Since now you can have everything in your phone, i kept getting double wishes from everyone!
One from facebook, one from twitter, one from Blackberry messenger, and other from Whatsapp, Kakao talk and stuff

I just count them as good luck and doubled my good luck for the upcoming year!

So lemme just blabbers stuffs, It's my birthday so i do as i please!!

The first meal I ate on my birthday is 야채김밥. Which translate into 'Vegetable Sushi' from Google translate. My seniors suprises me with the vegetable kimbab, because they thought it is better for me to start my year by eating VEGETABLE than CAKE.

So nice of them to think about my health. I LIED.JPG

I look happy, but i suffer inside. lol

Actually the first meal that I ate is a bowl of corn flakes. Kinda pathetic, but i honestly forgot it's my birthday so i just eat whatever because i was hungry! haha

I also signed off from skype so my mom can't call. What a daughter. 

The sad thing is in Korea, you HAVE to add a year in your age. So I'm physically 20, but i have to say i'm 21 anyway. It was kinda sad. I went to Korea when i just turned 19, but i have to say I'm 20. 

So technically i miss a year in my life.

The great thing is it became my habit!! Every time somebody asked my how old am I, I would answer it by my Korean age. I just deleted a year of my life. 

anyway so i'll continue to replying a BUNCH of messages from unknown people that successfully destroy my phone. haha. I'm blessed.



Treasure Hunt!

Living in Korea is like living surrounded with pure breed little puppies.

They're cute, lovable, but expensive #sigh

You'll notice I'm using application that looks like Instagram app on Iphone. My phone is an Android #sigh but Hey! They got an app that produce pictures similar to Instagram.

You might be interested if you are an Android user, the app is DecoPic and PicPlz, you can search it in the android market for FREE! Not my favorite editing app though, somehow the effects are to obvious. But it's great though!

here's the time i fail to the cuteness! My little treasures <3

The most pasaran Teddy Bear owned from the Teddy Bear Museum. Haven't gave any name! Suggestion?

robot necklace! 

little watch also from Seoul

A tooth brush holder with the same color as the brush itself. You can almost find this anywhere though 

Gold Glitter Shoes!  

 Some cheap but cute overload earrings. Must. Buy. More! (after i get my right pierced tho #sigh)

 Three mini nail polishes Christmas Special! <3

This is a new bb cream from skinfood. The packaging is friggin cute and its smell is awesome 

GD socks. hahaha. My roommate give it to me as Christmas present! <3 so sweet huh?? :D 

 Etude House's cologne (?) smell is ok, bottle is cute! 

 You know how asian make up gurus using these? I got the heart one! 

My new mini hair straightener. Work awesome-er than i thought it would be! My new obsession

돼지 토끼~ 

traditional free pouch for coins! 

When i was doing all the cute editing and stuff. I found something really really unique from the PicPlz app. Especially when you are a 9gagger (got the hint?)

It's................................. The application is supporting meme making!! lol
If you didn't get what i meant so here's a picture (pic or it did not happen. FINE)

FIRST, look at the pretty girl,

Then look at bottom right! LOL - MEME

It allows you to add upper text and bottom text like the meme generator did. Nao go download the app and make your self famous!! Make your face for a meme!

I see what you did there. 



And the Adventure Continues...!!

... SO my pointless journey continues!! HA

Third Day Destination!

With me as my Aunt and Uncle's guide, and with my first time experience traveling to Seoul, of course i couldn't do a very good job as a guide. So we decided to take a half day tour from a brochure given by the Hotel! 

It was from 8.30am - 1.00 pm and they'll gonna take you around Seoul (as the package you choose) with their mini bus! Our first destination :

A Buddhist Temple which I completely forgot what it is the name..

The main gate! Across this temple there's a temple stay place, so you could actually go to Korea and do your religious tour! 

Put your incense here and pray for your wish!  소원을 말해 봐

 Second destination! Gyeongbokgung Palace! Did i wrote that right? There's the gate and the other one is the guard shift-exchange ceremony! You should come in the time where they change the guard

I see what you did there..

The next destination is the National Folks Museum. It's not something really interested. So I'll show you my picture instead! 생 얼굴! 

That's it!
We went to 4 places actually, we actually went to the Blue Palace. The place president lives, just imagined itu as a white house, but instead this is blue, and had a huge mountain as their backyard.

But since some North Korean spy came and try to sneak some explosion to American Ambassador Office or sth, we just turned around twice and see it from the window. Close Enough

The tour cost you around 35.000 won. And because it was the half day tour, it didn't include any lunch, just transportation and guide. The tour ended and they drop us off at Itaewon. We wander around to search for restaurant and we ate at a Thai Restaurant. Weird enough?

Padthai with a huge ass fork!

Fourth Day Destination! 

Oh yeahhhhhh Guess where am I? Hanok Village! <3

Don't judge me, but this is my first time seeing a friggin snow!! hahaha! COLD BUT ME GUSTA!

This tea have this weird annoying smell but it tastes OK. So this is my ultimate technique! 

In this traditional village, you could rent a Korean traditional costume! 
For the basic one it's 10.000 won. Then there's another package, like the photo package, the package with the tea serving. You will be given around 40 minutes to wander around with your Hanbok (Korean Traditional Costume) and took picture with the beautiful traditional houses around the village! 

When it's nobody around the time is unlimited though (oops. i just made that up.)

They have staff from many country! So it's totally foreigner safe. Me myself i got a Japanese staff but she speaks Korean really well! I thought she was a Korean but with fluent Japanese :S 

Norakness overload seeing snow all over!!

Next destination! Namsan Tower!

Namsan Tower is actually it's old name, the new name is N. Seoul Tower. You go up there you basically could see all Seoul. They have this revolving restaurant on the top of the tower.

I went up using the cable car (8.000 won each for adults) and I went to the Teddy Bear Museum! You have to go up first then you could get in the Teddy Bear museum :) or you could also ride the lift to the top of the Seoul Tower where you could see everything! But i didn't come up lah so yeah. 

Bla-bla bla let's continue

Then we got to Myeondong! But because of the snowy weather, and the wind was harsh, we decided to go back to the hotel. 

Then i want to go to Leeteuk's, Sungmin's, Kyuhyun's mom cafe. Kona Beans? Yeap that's the name, so i went to Apgujong. AND LOST MY WAY. I asked naver.com, I asked every person i could ask for. 

Amusingly, this cafe is new or unpopular so that people always don't even know the existence of this cafe!! After struggling with long-long-long walk, and two taxi rides, and the cold weather, I GAVE UP. 

But here stuff i took at Apgujong. I was really upset and i brought my aunty along. So I felt really bad just to take her out in the cold without any fixed purpose.. :(


That's pretty much my last day in Seoul! 

The next day i spend my whole afternoon in Seoul Station just because my baggage was tooo many so i couldn't left it anywhere :(

So i made my own spot in a cafe and stayed there for almost 3 hours watching Running Man and Arashi shows! :D


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