Sadly, i have nothing better to do than to stuck writing something even though i almost lost my hand replying all the wishes.....


Since now you can have everything in your phone, i kept getting double wishes from everyone!
One from facebook, one from twitter, one from Blackberry messenger, and other from Whatsapp, Kakao talk and stuff

I just count them as good luck and doubled my good luck for the upcoming year!

So lemme just blabbers stuffs, It's my birthday so i do as i please!!

The first meal I ate on my birthday is 야채김밥. Which translate into 'Vegetable Sushi' from Google translate. My seniors suprises me with the vegetable kimbab, because they thought it is better for me to start my year by eating VEGETABLE than CAKE.

So nice of them to think about my health. I LIED.JPG

I look happy, but i suffer inside. lol

Actually the first meal that I ate is a bowl of corn flakes. Kinda pathetic, but i honestly forgot it's my birthday so i just eat whatever because i was hungry! haha

I also signed off from skype so my mom can't call. What a daughter. 

The sad thing is in Korea, you HAVE to add a year in your age. So I'm physically 20, but i have to say i'm 21 anyway. It was kinda sad. I went to Korea when i just turned 19, but i have to say I'm 20. 

So technically i miss a year in my life.

The great thing is it became my habit!! Every time somebody asked my how old am I, I would answer it by my Korean age. I just deleted a year of my life. 

anyway so i'll continue to replying a BUNCH of messages from unknown people that successfully destroy my phone. haha. I'm blessed.


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