Treasure Hunt!

Living in Korea is like living surrounded with pure breed little puppies.

They're cute, lovable, but expensive #sigh

You'll notice I'm using application that looks like Instagram app on Iphone. My phone is an Android #sigh but Hey! They got an app that produce pictures similar to Instagram.

You might be interested if you are an Android user, the app is DecoPic and PicPlz, you can search it in the android market for FREE! Not my favorite editing app though, somehow the effects are to obvious. But it's great though!

here's the time i fail to the cuteness! My little treasures <3

The most pasaran Teddy Bear owned from the Teddy Bear Museum. Haven't gave any name! Suggestion?

robot necklace! 

little watch also from Seoul

A tooth brush holder with the same color as the brush itself. You can almost find this anywhere though 

Gold Glitter Shoes!  

 Some cheap but cute overload earrings. Must. Buy. More! (after i get my right pierced tho #sigh)

 Three mini nail polishes Christmas Special! <3

This is a new bb cream from skinfood. The packaging is friggin cute and its smell is awesome 

GD socks. hahaha. My roommate give it to me as Christmas present! <3 so sweet huh?? :D 

 Etude House's cologne (?) smell is ok, bottle is cute! 

 You know how asian make up gurus using these? I got the heart one! 

My new mini hair straightener. Work awesome-er than i thought it would be! My new obsession

돼지 토끼~ 

traditional free pouch for coins! 

When i was doing all the cute editing and stuff. I found something really really unique from the PicPlz app. Especially when you are a 9gagger (got the hint?)

It's................................. The application is supporting meme making!! lol
If you didn't get what i meant so here's a picture (pic or it did not happen. FINE)

FIRST, look at the pretty girl,

Then look at bottom right! LOL - MEME

It allows you to add upper text and bottom text like the meme generator did. Nao go download the app and make your self famous!! Make your face for a meme!

I see what you did there. 


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