REVIEW : Etude House's Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek #3 & #5

Better late than never. Lol

Hello sugars! 
Finally, something from the "Drawing Swan" collection! Etude House launched this collection in the spring time and EH totally nailed it this time!

Etude House

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek"

        type of product        
Powder blush (and eyeshadow)

#3 Arabesque Rosy & #5 En Haut Pink

9 g / KRW 13.000 / USD 15

Etude House Official Site (ko)
Etude House Global Site (en)

Etude House is definitely stepping up their packaging design game lately, it's definitely didn't look too cheap and it totally doesn't look like a middle schooler toy makeup (in which most EH products are - atleast for me). 

Both are in a retractable tin can packaging, super cute. Came in with a fluffy puff that is totally just for the cute effect - I don't use the puff, but I probably will someday haha. No mirror given but it isn't an issue, because the design is 10/10.

Very, very satisfied with the illustration, the water color effect and the whole ballerina collection seems to work with each other very well :) The illustrator is Kerrie Hess, she's Australian and she had worked with Chanel and Lancome too! 

Out of the 5 shades, I chose 2 that is the brightest, #3 and #5 - Not because I like my blush to be super bold, but because I'm afraid that the soft tones won't show up in my face. 

Both shade is super pigmented, both also contain glitters. But after application I don't really see the glitters, but I do see that the blush isn't 100% matte, I can still see the blush reflects from my face. Since the shades are pigmented, it's really easy to use it also as eyeshadow :) 

My thoughts are by purchasing the brightest product, I can toned it down when I want to and use it boldly if I want to. But, I find that this blushes in these shades are hard to soften, and If I do try to tone them down, I ends up have a blotchy blush on my cheek :( I'm not sure if it's because of the brush that I use or my base makeup that messes up, but anyway I recently like a strong cheek color so it's totally ok. 

#3 Arabesque Rosy is a peachy pink blush, the shade that will look good on anyone. It's not too pink, it's not too orange, it's right in the middle. This blush is great for warm toned makeup and lip color :) 

#5 En Haut Pink is a cool tone pink and it's great for cool toned makeup and lip color. Both embossing on the blusher surface will disappear after a couple of uses :( So sad, the illustration is too cute! 

hand swatch

me using #5 - I don't know why it didn't shows up much, the lighting probably eats the shade away :( 

This blusher is totally great in general, but especially for those who like bold blushes, this blushes can't be missed. But, come on, the packaging. No? 

I totally love the blush, I just can't. Especially recently I'm into bold blush look and these are definitely are da bomb. I love the packaging, and the product, and everything and the fact that they're on the permanent collection. KYAK! These blushes easily topped the best seller list in the EH website, and they're there for a strong reason definitely. 

Thank you so much for reading, peeps! I honestly had a great time taking photographs of these lovely babies because they're just too pretty haha. Sorry for the pic spam! :D

Have a great day <3

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Where have I been and HAUL! <3

So, where have I been???

If you’re following me in Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been on a holiday with my family and we’re on a Europe tour! We visited 4 countries and went to a total of 10+ cities in 2 weeks. A very, very tight scheduled tour, I know – but that’s Asian tours for ya! 

In the good side, we got to see like, a lot, in a short span! I was so tired after the trip and also the jetlag effect hits me hard, I was in a dizzy state the day we arrived. In which resulting in a super idiotic accident and we have to get to the emergency room and I got 5 stitches on my thumb. Very, very stupid incident, but let it be a good experience, don’t go easy after a long haul flight, make sure you rest and ready to do stuff with sharp edges.

Since this is mainly a beauty blog, I’ll post the BEAUTY HAUL first, yey! I’ll consider to post the travel pics and the experience, because it’ll be a very long one and I don’t know I should do it or not since I’ve behind with my review posts. Comment down below if you would like to see one! J

First, I didn’t get a lot of makeup because 1. There’s just no time and 2. I don’t really have anything on my wish list for this trip. To be honest, I planned to NOT buy any cosmetics and I definitely failed at that one mission. Anyhoo, enough with all the reasoning, here’s the haul!

Naked 2 Palette €49

Finally, gave in to the Naked 2 temptation. Honestly, I prefer the Naked 1 palette shade selection, but the packaging is just too flimsy and Naked 3 is just too pink. I bought this palette in Sephora and there’s a sale event so me and my sister got a discount, yey! If only the Naked Smoky palette have launched, I'll probably got that one instead :P 

Next is Mac stuff, I got 2 lipsticks and an eyeshadow palette in Schiphol Airport. 

MAC Lipstick €16,20

I know I said 2 lipsticks, I actually got "Brave" in Indonesia, before the trip, but since I haven't showed it to you guys, so here it is! Brave is a satin lipstick, very neutral but not super nude. Velvet Teddy apparently is a famous shade nowadays, it's the perfect brown pink shade and it's matte - the SA said the shade is getting famous because of Kendall Jenner, though I'm not really sure if this the lipstick she used, but anyway the shade is pretty! Creme Cup is a cremesheen lipstick, it's definitely more sheer than the other shade but the shade still showing up on my lips. 

I like MAC lipstick in general, I like their scent and the lasting power - now kinda regretting why I get everything nude and neutral. Should have bought one brighter shade. 

Eyeshadow x 9 MA€33

Next is the eyeshadow palette, I've seen this in every MAC store around Europe, and it always sold out and there I found it sitting in Amsterdam. Not really sure if they're in the permanent collection or limited edition, but the originally came in 4 shade selections, and most of the shades are nowhere to be found already. This palette is called "eyeshadow x 9" in "Burgundy Times Nine". They have 4 shade selections, other than burgundy there's amber, navy and purple. 

When I was at this "to buy or not to buy" mode, the SA was like, "Here's the thing, if you're gonna buy it anyway, buy it now - the price is great here and you wouldn't find them again" and I was like, SOLD :D 

The eyeshadow contain small size (just over a half size of their regular sized eyeshadow) and I think you find each shadow in the palette in the individual shade collection. Here's the eyeshadow name list  :

  • Honey Lust Bronze dipped peach (Lustre)
  • Poppyseed Mid-tone mauvey nude (Satin)
  • Quarry Soft muted plum brown (Matte)
  • Antiqued Ash brown with bronze (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Embark Intense reddish brown (Matte)
  • #Noir Deep black brown with gold pearls (Velvet)
  • Haux Soft muted rosy brown (Satin)
  • Star Violet Pinky brown plum (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Sketch Burgundy with red shimmer (Velvet)
So far so good, I want the "Amber" shade one really!  

Ok, next, still a MAC product, it's their Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium, I heard that they're great, it look great, and I got a voucher from Singapore Airlines so here's what I bought with the voucher! :D

Last one, is something that I got from Jakarta Airport lol - Yes I got this in Lotte Duty Free in Soetta Airport and this is one thing that I have on my wishlist. I've done some researches and it turns out that purchasing this foundation in Indonesia is still cheaper so I bought it just before I took off. I bought this in "Fresco" 2C3 shade. I haven't tried it and I'm not even sure the shade matches my skin or not :(

I did bought this on sale (15% off!) but they only have like 3 shades on stock so I have to look for one that suits my skin tone the best. 

That's it guys, thankyou so much for reading this haul! lol If there's anything you would like me to do a review about, please comment down below and I probably do one :) 

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Producer's Cindy (IU) Inspired Makeup Tutorial

This video was uploaded like ages ago and I can't believe I haven't posted it here yet! :D

Who likes "Producer" drama? Ok, lemme get this straight, this drama NEEDS more episode, IU is killing it and can you remind me how sweet Baek PD is?

(sorry the english subs aren't available...... )
I love Cindy but honestly I'm not diggin' the makeup for myself. First, her eyebrow is very short and very thin on the inner part, it does look good for those with smaller face (like IU, obv), but for me the brow part is a tad bit toooo short. 

Nevertheless, I love her look, it's great for daily use and even though it focuses a lot on the lips it still looks very natural! Very minimal, need not a lot of makeup and you can definitely add some more to your face to match your needs! :D

Obviously the real Cindy didn't use contact lens - or atleast not the colored one. But I don't have the non colored one and the I'm literally blind if I'm off contact :( anyway, thankyou so much for reading guys! 

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