Producer's Cindy (IU) Inspired Makeup Tutorial

This video was uploaded like ages ago and I can't believe I haven't posted it here yet! :D

Who likes "Producer" drama? Ok, lemme get this straight, this drama NEEDS more episode, IU is killing it and can you remind me how sweet Baek PD is?

(sorry the english subs aren't available...... )
I love Cindy but honestly I'm not diggin' the makeup for myself. First, her eyebrow is very short and very thin on the inner part, it does look good for those with smaller face (like IU, obv), but for me the brow part is a tad bit toooo short. 

Nevertheless, I love her look, it's great for daily use and even though it focuses a lot on the lips it still looks very natural! Very minimal, need not a lot of makeup and you can definitely add some more to your face to match your needs! :D

Obviously the real Cindy didn't use contact lens - or atleast not the colored one. But I don't have the non colored one and the I'm literally blind if I'm off contact :( anyway, thankyou so much for reading guys! 

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  1. I actually think it looks elegant on you, even if the eyebrows are on the shorter side!
    I've watched some episodes of producer partially as they happened to be on TV, but I'm maybe just following the makeup looks of both IU and Gong Hyo Jin, because their styles are so distinct! I love your version and will try it out myself as my eyebrows are short anyway hehe



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