REVIEW : Pony x Memebox " Shine Easy Glam 3" #1 brown bloom and #2 pink bloom

Hello, sugars! 

You guys probably knew alr about my Pony x Memebox season 3 collaboration products purchases a while ago, now it's time for the in dept review about these babies! 


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Shine Easy Glam 3"
Pony x Memebox

        type of product        
Eyeshadow palette 

#1 brown bloom
#2 pink bloom

KRW 18.000 // USD 18


As you can see, I had 2 shades of the quad, #1 brown bloom and #2 pink bloom, as I said before I have this huge rave about pink palettes, so I HAVE to get the #2 pink bloom 

Uhhm, gold exterior with white accent? Do you still need my opinion on these?


Plus the soft baby pink and white and gold design on the box, believe me I want to stick the box in my wall with a tape.

Other than the super pretty factor, the lid actually magnetized so it feels expensive and it's kinda heavy too making it more valuable looking that it already is. The magnet is really secured and I love how the mirror just filled the whole lid area. This palette reminds me a lot to Charlotte Tilbury's famous eyeshadow palette.

I can't deny the packaging is the reason why I purchased these Pony x Memebox 3 products. They're definitely different from the earlier editions. While the first 2 edition more to a simple and modern design, this time they go to a more high-end design. This time they skipped on the applicators! 

#1 brown bloom contains 4 shades, Glam Nude Beige, Glam Fair Brown, Shine Brown, and Shine Midnight Brown - like previous palettes, the palette name "Shine Easy Glam" stands for the finishes for each eyeshadow, and again they skipped on the "easy" finish which is a matte finish eyeshadow. Glam Nude Beige (top left) looks like a matte eyeshadow but actually has specks of glitters still. 

#1 brown bloom is a warm brown palette, a versatile palette for daily use,

Just like #1, #2 Pink Bloom has 4 shades inside, Glam Nude Pink, Glam Fair Pink, Shine Indy Pink, Shine Ash Brown. Glam Nude Pink (top left) is not matte even though it looks like it is matte. #2 Pink Bloom is definitely contains more brighter color than #1, but is still great for daily use.

Now, the most important part of this post. Do I like the product? The answer : No, I don't.

I'll write in points on how why I don't like this palette :

1. Poor pigmentation. Even though I didn't expect this eyeshadow to be pigmented at all, it's just too weak. I guess this palette will work better for those with paler skin than me. White base primer didn't help if you're guessing.

2. Crazy glitter fallouts. With or without eye primer, the glitters are still going to be everywhere, under your eyes, your cheek, even inside your eye ball.

3. Poor lasting power. Primer didn't help.

4. Price wise, comparing to the first edition palette, I only got a half amount of eyeshadows and I pay almost for the same price. Not Ok.

And I'll list why I like this palette :

1. Super pretty design.

2. It was Pony's. Again, I'll buy a dish washer soap if that she makes one.

^ even my camera can't capture the eyeshadow shade :( 

Overall, very unsatisfying product - I think I still in this delusional world where I think Pony's product will be all perfect. Though the first palette is one of the best palette ever, I wonder if she'll return with better quality eyeshadows next time :( 

Thankyou so much for reading guys! I'll see you in a flash, sugars! <3 

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  1. the packaging looks so sophisticated :)


  2. Klo suka eyeshadow pink mgkn tertarik sama makeover eyeshadow shade indian summer :D
    Aku liat reviewny eyeshadow makeover bgs2

  3. It sucks that they aren't good because the packaging is so good T_T


  4. *sorry OOT* tp aku sedih Memebox sekarang ga bisa kirim ke Indonesia lagi huhuhuhuuu XD

  5. I'm a huge sucker for Pony products as well. I would still buy this product even after your review of its poor pigmentation >< The packaging is so beautiful!!!! Hopefully one day she'll release a product that's suitable for all skin tones~


  6. Great review! These palettes look lovely!

  7. The packaging is really cute. Heard this brand before but never really try it.

  8. I'm surprised it didn't show up on you :( I have the pink and orange palettes and I looove the bottom two shimmery shades in each respective palette. The top two shades are a bit finicky though and so I do understand why you wouldn't like them. I mostly use the top left shades as a "matte" highlight in the inner corners and use the glittery top right shade with a sticky / glitter base like Darling Girl Cosmetic's Glitter Glue.

    I have one of the lipsticks from this release and hated that :( Turned into a bright neon pink and streaky shade on my lips.

    Hao | haodoyoungo

  9. The packaging is super pretty! Too bad the product doesn't work out for you :( I was thinking of getting this too but I guess I'll have to reconsider. Thanks for the review :)

    Pastel Boulevard

  10. Really? Wow I guess it's really different per person... I think if I have to chose the best shade it will be those in the upper row!

    Yes the lipstick... I have #2 and #4 and for now still not liking them :(


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