My TOP TEN Favorite K-pop Songs Ever


I'm feeling my musical sense today so instead of doing Top Ten beauty product I can't leave without or something that a beauty based blog should do, I'm doing my Top 10 favorite Korean songs ever!

I have the tendency to put a music that I like on repeat, so I'll base this on my itunes play counts! :D Of course I put other factors, anyway let's go!

In no particular order :

#1 Teen Top's 아침부터 아침까지 / AH-AH

In fact I'm listening to this song right now. Everything about this song is perfect, I just love it so much I can't even. The moment I heard this song, I purchased the song and I put it on repeat since. Teen Top's songs used to be "childish" (personal opinion) and every songs seems like 80% Niel's voice. This time it seems that the parts are divided more equally. lol

I think this song is a great change for Teen Top as I can feel the maturity of this song, it feels like they finally graduated from boys to men. I love their previous song "Missing - 쉽지않아" and they succeed in make me love their songs twice in a row. Can't we not forget their cardio choreo routine? Superb!

#2 Casker's 물고기 / Fish

From K-pop to K-Indie, introducing Casker - my all time favorite K-Indie star! I don't know if Casker can be still labeled as "Indie" since they've produced drama OST, one that I knew is for "Coffee Prince" with "Mocha".

Not only in love with the beats, "Fish" lyrics seems to speak for me. I think you can look for the translation online, for short this song tells a story about how a man confesses how he can't control his feeling for his unrequited love. This song is in Casker's album called "Tender" and in the album there's a "hidden track" which is the female version of this song, and it tells the story from the girl's perspective.

This song is sad, indeed, so I tend to avoid this song when I'm down because, it'll make me supppper down. Nevertheless, great song, great lyric, major love!

#3 Shinhwa "Be my Love"

My encounter with this particular songs is purely accidental. This song is not their main song of the album, (from "The Return" album) - I heard this song on Daiso and I was like, WHAT IS THIS SONG. Thank God there's Shazam / Naver music search, I found the title and I knew it from the start that this song is 10000% Shinhwa's. I thought this song is from like their earlier album, but it turns out it was from their latest album at that time.

I liked this much better that the main song.

#4 Shinee's View

This song is such a big issue in Korea when it came out. The high quality music video and the different feel from their other songs, definitely not something that is expected from Shinee! It does reminds me a lot of Teen Top's Ah-Ah, great song for evening chill. Major heartthrob.

#5 f(x) 미행 (그림자 Shadow)

Outside of the creepy title, I can't get this bubble gum pop song out of my head. Super love this song, sweet and twinkly and just everything. Also, another reason why I love this song so much is f(x)'s Art Film, is there any other idol group making film art like f(x)'s did? The bubbly song still matches f(x)'s creepily beautiful art film and can't resist to not put the song on repeat

#6 Park Hyosin's 눈의 꽃 / Snow Flower

There's a lot of reasons on why I love this song beside on its awesome rhythm. First, this is an OST for "Sorry, I love you" drama, which is my first Korean drama ever. I remember I was 11 at the time and I don't even truly understand the drama but I enjoyed watching it every other week. Second, gorgeous Park Hyosin with bewitching voice? The End.

Originating from Japan, this song is originally performed by Nakashima Mika 雪の花 - you guys probably know her from "Nana", yes, Nakashima Mika is the "rock and roll" Nana. Her voice is heavenly, and whenever she sings this song, I feel like she sang it with all her emotions and feelings. Both version, Japanese and Korean are amazing and major eargasm.

#7 IU's Gloomy Clock / 우울시계 feat 종현 / Jonghyun

Originally composed by Shinee's Jonghyun, he gave this song to IU for her album after she asks him to give it to her. lol. As for exhange Jonghyun featured on this song. Beautiful song, again not recommended to listen if you're down! haha. Love the clock sound through out this whole song.

Here's a beautifully made video from "QuadPod" at youtube :

#8 Jonghyun's Deja-boo / 데자-부
At this point I'll shallow anything Jonghyun made. This song is so good that this song overshadowed the song he promote initially (which was "Crazy"). 
#9 VIXX 대답은 너니까 / Only U
Can't leave VIXX from this list, can't I. For sure I love VIXX's darker side like "On and On" or "Error", but this song is just everything. I don't think a lot of people knew about this song tho :( 
#10 EXO "Love Me Right" 
I'm in a big fight with myself to include either "Christmas Day" or " Love Me Right", but since the lists are mainly filled with slow song, not it's time for the real K-pop song to get on the chart! 
After "Overdose" and "Call Me Baby" - finally, a song that I like "Love Me Right" came out. I was quite disappointed with "Call Me Baby", because after the majestic teasers and spoilers and everything, the song isn't as majestic as I thought. Moreover the video clip is just meh. EXO's Love Me Right is definitely more up to my alley! 
That's it for today's post! Hope you'll get some new eargasm for the day and have a great day, sugars! <3
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  1. My favorite from your list is f(x), SHINee, IU and EXO!!

    Jessie @ bijou-heart

  2. Teen Top and EXO! :D


  3. I really enjoyed SHINee's "View" when I first heard it. It's got a little bit of an oldschool feel to it. Such a great summer tune.
    Park Hyo Shin's "Wildflower" is on my list, though "Snow Flower" is also lovely. Great choices!

  4. I've been on a kpop kick lately so thanks for this! It's nice to hear some new songs as well as f(x)'s Shadow again which is one of my favourites.

    Belle in Black and White

  5. yaaaasss I love snow flower as well!
    and shadow is definitely the best f(x)'s song :D

  6. VIXX's Only U is also on my top 10 list!! As much as I love VIXX for their powerful concepts, this song was a bit different and I have to say I completely fell deeper in love with VIXX. The vocals, the boys... ugh. I. Just. Can't. haha~~

    Connie from theconbonz

  7. YES! I like Only u because hongbin and hyuk's got more part and their MV is just beyond beautiful :")

  8. Park Hyosin's vocal power in "Wildflower"is definitely out of this world but the song itself is too "ballad"y for me :(

    nevertheless, PHS's voice is just so different I love him!

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