REVIEW : 3CE's "I'm Good" Mascara

The last one from my 3CE's June Haul products to review! It's the "I'm Good" Mascara!

I don't usually like pink colored stuff, but it's so neon that it's stand outs from all other product and it's just so pretty to be looked at! Don't you agree?


      PRODUCT NAME      
"I'm Good" Mascara

      type of product      

KRW 20.000

Style Nanda english site

First, the pink is definitely not as neon as the box - which is still acceptable I guess. From the claims I think it mainly claims long and curled lashes, all proof and super black, no clumps mascara. 

Outside from the cute packaging, I was actually interested about the brush. Mainly because I recently got into huge brushes and it'll be quite new to try a mascara with smaller brush! 

Since we're talking about the brush, I think the brush is fantastic! The curve fits perfectly to my eyelash line, so it's really easy to get into the deepest lashes and flare it out. Also it's not too small for my upper lashes, but it's also not too big for my lower lashes. I'm really impressed with the brush. 

But, of course, mascara is not all about the brush, isn't? In the end the product itself is what decided the performance. Is it good, is it bad? 

For me, the mascara isn't lengthening or volumizing AT ALL. Sure it's black and the brush is great, but in the end, the product itself is a big fail. See the swatch below :

LEFT TO RIGHT : no mascara, one coat, two coats

You can see, my natural lashes are actually quite long, but they're more to the thin side. And the mascara just help to darken them, not really lengthening / volumizing. And I don't find it clumping, but it somehow clumps at the end of the lashes, making the lashes looks "spidery". I actually like 'spider-lashes' but the effect didn't really shows up - and it gets worse after I put eyeliner (I didn't put any in the swatch picture) because I like to put my eyeliner thickly. Short story, my lashes are invisible, even with mascara. 

The only thing that might be good is the waterproof quality. It's very smudge proof and water proof, I have to use my cleansing oil to take this off completely. One bad thing is that this is really hard to remove, I guess that what's you have to deal with all the waterproof-ing and stuff. 

Waterproof, smudge-proof
Cute packaging
Great brush, perfect size and curve

Not really lengthening or volumizing
Hard to remove

Overall, I don't think the price point reflects the product quality ;; It probably worked well for people with long and full lashes that might need a little 'help' - and definitely it's not enough for me! I currently just used it for my lower lashes, since it's really smudge proof, and in summer anything could happen, really.

Ah, I really disappointed with this product. I especially hate mascara that are difficult to remove.. >_<

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REVIEW : 3CE's Jumbo Lip Crayon


Next on the 3CE parade is 3CE's Jumbo Lip Crayon! There are two shades that I'm going to show you today, #Bohemian Pink and #Mad Red. Well, #Bohemian Pink is mine and #Mad Red is my sister's, but I'm going to just incorporate everything in this post lol

When I see these, there's another one particular product that got into my mind, which is Nars' Jumbo Lip Pencil - I'm pretty sure these are heavily inspired by Nars' products. But I never tried Nars' so I can't compare them :(


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Jumbo Lip Crayon"

      type of product      

#Bohemian Pink & #Mad Red

KRW 15.000

Style Nanda english site

In the past, I was very reluctant to buy this because of the design. It used to be literally a pencil and you have to sharpen them from time to time, and it's just too annoying for me. But I saw them on the store and some (not all) had turned into retractable design! :D Few days ago the product page had magically disappears from Style Nanda's webpage - apparently they're undergoing a design change so probably in the future all the shade will be in retractable packaging.

The crayons are really simple, just black with white logo and name, plus shade indicator on the bottom of each sticks. The product is really slim and pretty short - it's travel friendly and it's just look very cute to be brought around :p

One thing I'm curious about is, when it was still in 'crayon' form (like when you have to sharpen them) is the product really goes until the end of the crayon? Because that's very generous of them - since mine, the retractable version only contain probably 3 cm long of product and that's just sad.

#Bohemian Pink is described as 'Pretty pink beige - calming down your lips color'. 

#Mad Red was described as 'Retro yet innocent-looking red' shade. The packaging's color indicator looks very dark, but it's not as dark really. It's more to a warm tone red shade.

I think both glides pretty well on my lips, and it's not creamy but more to a 'balmy' feeling? I don't know if the formulation also changes as the packaging is changing, but it definitely didn't look as creamy-glossy looking like the pictures on the website are. 

Also it kinda hard to build in the colors to be as vivid as the pictures - swatches below are layered atleast 3 times and that's the best color I could make out of it. I didn't think the pigmentation was bad, but it's just not as good as the pictures suggest - and since a lot of StyleNanda customers are online-shoppers, it's really misleading. 

The Jumbo Lip Crayon has small surface to begin with, so applying the color to match my lips is really easy! I was really impressed with the red because I can make clean lines out of it easily. It's also great when you want to make gradation lips, because the tip is smaller than regular lipsticks. 

One super bad thing is that when the lip color started to fade away, it'll make my lips dry and the product left overs just stuck into my lips lines. That's very disappointing (and unattractive), really. And these lip product didn't stain your lips, so don't expect that it'll stay long in your lips. 

Cute, sleek packaging
Easy application, easy to control
Glides on pretty well
Not sticky
Retractable, no need to sharpen

Pictures on web are misleading
(the finish & pigmentation) 
Could be drying, and settles to lip lines
Bad lasting power

I used #Mad Red in my "How I do my eyeliner" post and a lot of people compliments the lipstick shade D: Even though I know that the negative sides kinda a lot, I still want to try other shade and maybe buy #Mad Red for myself D: 

I know some people that hated this product because it's so drying, but again, everyone is different. Some people might hate it, but some people (like my sister) still thinks that this product is the best thing that happened to her.

I am a very impulsive buyer. I admit that. Despite of all the bad side that I really disappointed for, I might still buy another stick of these. help me!

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REVIEW : 3CE's Creamy Lip Color


Now, next in the line, it's 3CE's Creamy Lip Color! I had two shades with me, #11 Love Hate and #4 Joyce. Originally, #4 is my sister, but after she tried and I tried, turned out that the color looks better on me than on her. So... I bought it from her.


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Creamy Lip Color"

      type of product      

#4 Joyce & #11 Love Hate

KRW 18.900

# love hate (stylenanda)

I've been wanting this lipstick since forever, since it was released maybe. First, the packaging. It's sleek, clean, and it's shinieeeehhh - most of 3CE's products are usually have matte coating - so it's definitely new to see something so shiny like this (their boxes are also shiny). 

Again, the safety seal. Once broken the product couldn't be refund / return. The only way to see what shade it is (other than to actually open the cap) is the shade name written in the bottom of the lipsticks. 

As the name stated, it's so CREEEAMMYYY. Glides like a butter, almost to the point when it's watery. But, it's also sensitive to heat - you can totally sense the difference applying this lipstick indoor or outdoor, it felt more thick and sturdy when applied indoor because it's less exposed to the heat. Especially because the tube it's black - black absorbs more heat, so really be careful when storing! 

#11 Love Hate shade is a muted pink beige and #4 Joyce is pink coral shade. Both don't have any particular scent at all, which is nice!

I pretty much agree with all the claims above, except for the 'vivid' coloring - yes the color does show up, but I can't say that it's 'vivid' tho. I just knew that it contain good stuff like Argan Oil, Cupuacu Butter - my lip didn't go chapped when I use this lip product, so I guess all the good ingredients did work on me!

The lipsticks are sheer, your natural lip color still show through the lipstick. As you can see the lipstick looks pretty different from one another, but when swatch and applied, they look somewhat similar. Both has glossy finish and it's really moisturizing.

I didn't expect good lasting power from a lip product as creamy as this, but #11 Love Hate seems to disappear too quickly! Maybe because the color is very similar too my lip color, whenever the glossiness had gone, I just assume the color is gone. 

It is also said that this product could be applied easily without mirror - because the sheer pigmentation I think you could be messy with this and won't be noticeable (unless you bought the brighter color, like, red, well maybe you want to be careful will that) 

Moisturizing, super creamy texture
Sleek packaging
Glides like butter
No scents
12 shades selection
Glossy finish
Not sticky

Some shades may look too similar
Big possibility to melt when expose to heat too long
The writing on the packaging easily peeled off ;;;

Now, talking about the last bad point :

;;; I put the lipstick inside my makeup pouch, and yes I have some stuff inside too. Probably it got scratch with other things inside, but since the price is definitely up there, this is kinda disappointing :(

Overall, I think this is a dream product for people with dry and chapped lips - because not only it's really moisturizing, it's also make lips look very smooth with its gloss! Though the price might not be as friendly, I can say what I paid really equals on what I get. 

One tips from me : no matter how creamy a lip product is, your lips would look more attractive if you scrub your lips from time to time :) 

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REVIEW : 3CE's Pore Velvet Primer

Hey ya!

Remember my 3CE's June Haul post? There I put a poll asking you guys which product I should review first - and here's the result :

Thankyou so much for participating in my poll! <3 and for the next 4 days, I'm going to review the products and upload it following the poll results. So here's the first one to go, 3CE's Pore Velvet Primer!

3 Concept Eyes

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Pore Velvet Primer"

      type of product      
Cream  face primer

19.5g / KRW 18.500

en style nanda

images taken from Stylenanda.com

You might have read my previous review post about a pretty similar product from 3CE's, the Pore Silky Balm, and you'll know that the one I really wanted was the Pore Velvet Primer. I was really impressed with the Pore Silky Balm - and I know I pretty much don't need the velvet one... but but... I'm really really curious about this and I got it anyway. 

The jar looked like it's a glass jar - but I believe it's plastic, and it has matte coating. I like the fact that the packaging is plastic, because it's not as heavy as glass but it's still looks the pretty much the same. I love how 3CE is always considerate about the packaging, it's simple and classy, very reflective to the price that you've actually paid for this. Once you broke the seal, it can not be refund / return, so keep that in mind, online shoppers! 

Again, as many people would say too, the product is smaller than I thought it would be. Maybe the model's faces are just too small and made the product looks....big. (sigh)

The jar came with a screw cap, so it's safe & tight. Products in jar means someone will totally have a hygiene issue. It didn't came with any sponges / applicator at all. I kinda wonder why the plastic separator is even included, because the primer texture itself sticks pretty well to the jar, so the product didn't even sticks to the cap. 

BUT I didn't recommend to store it upside down for a long time. Because the first time I opened it, I kinda tap the jar while I turn it upside down to take off the plastic separator AND THE WHOLE PRODUCT JUST CAME OUT. I was like WTFFFF but I keep my cool and put the freaking whole product back. After that I kinda press it to make sure it won't came out again. 

LEFT before application RIGHT after application

First, all 3 claims above are pretty much, true! The product has a creamy mousse texture, very easy to blend. When applied, it seems like to absorb any oil and moisture on the skin, providing smooth velvet canvas for your next face product. It also provide a little coverage. In the picture my skin looked pretty 'pink'-ed, maybe because the product is pink. But in reality it's not that pink - and once layered with face products the pink tone is gone completely. 

The most important part, it does smooth out pores and any roughness visible! And when 1 layer is not enough, it's buildable but when it's too much, the thickness is kinda see through the skin. Since it didn't came with any applicator, I suggest 3CE is expecting us to use our fingers to apply it. But the best method I find to apply it is with a foundation brush!

Just make sure you use different brush for the primer and for your foundation, if not, the foundation that sticks into the brush will 100% sticks into the primer. And that's not going to be good.

My skin is on the oily side, and this product really helped to absorb any excess oil / shininess before makeup, and that's helped any makeup applied after all to stay during the day. After all, excess oil is the cause of melting / erased makeup. It held my oil for a good 4-5 hours then my face looks shiny again. 

Smooths out skin
Velvet finish
Absorbs excess oil and moisture
Easy to blend
Light weight
Simple, sturdy packaging

No applicator included
Might be too drying for some

Now it's time to compare these two items! I guess people are going to ask about this anyway, so I'm going to briefly compare these two and you'll see which one more suitable for your skin type, needs and wants! 

And for the other stuffs, I personally thing the Velvet Primer blends better and easier to layer than the Silky Balm. Other than the difference between the products consistency that's kinda obvious, the difference between the finish is big too. 

The Silky Balm does make your skin looks matte, but it still reserves some moisture. The product still feels creamy and when touched my finger still slides over the skin, while the Velvet Primer absorbs the oil and make the face matte. 

Overall, I think if you have dry skin, go with the silky balm! And for you oily / combination people, go with the Velvet Primer! Other than that, the pore covering power are both very good and impressive!

For me, I've been enjoying to use the Velvet Primer more because it's summer here - I need more oil free products. Probably I'm going to use the Silky Balm more in colder months when my skin need a boost of moisture!

Thankyou so much for reading - Questions? Leave a comment below I'll get back to you ASAP!

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