REVIEW : Skin Food's Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher #4 Orange Rose

Yellow! or Pink??! 

Lol. Ok. Maybe you've seen this product every where in the beauty community, anyway, it's Skin Food Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher! It's a part of the Milky Rose Spring 2014 Collection. I must say, the whole line's packaging is too cute! It's not sickly cute, but it's just.. cute! 


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Rose Essence" Soft Cream Blusher

      type of product      
Cream blusher

#4 Orange Rose

3.5 g / KRW 8.000

skinfood korea

I'm not a big fan of skinfood items, but I know that a lot of global Korean makeup lovers love Skinfood. Honestly I didn't check Skinfood as often as other brands, just because Skinfood never goes on sale, and I don't think their skincare lines are awesome too. I do think their packaging is so cute though! I used to use a lot of Skinfood products, but I guess I was not that impressed.

So, I see a lot of people are loving this blusher. I'm (again) not a big blush-girl. But since my redness has been reduced a lot, I do think sometimes my cheek looks washed out by my foundation coverage. 

My first impression of the product is I think the product is smaller than I thought after seeing people's review. And there's a big mirror though I doubt I will use that mirror to apply my blush. I love to apply this blusher with Real Technique's Stippling brush. You can totally apply this with your fingers, but I personally messed up my fingers (and for the hygienic issue too) so brush is my ultimate choice. 

The shade that I chose is #4 Orange Rose. Just now I noticed the shade name, it was orange? what? Because in real life the shade is closer to coral pink than orange. I do chose this shade because it has warmer tone comparing to the other stuff. 

It has a strong floral scent, but I don't think it's infused with rose oil or something like that so it's ok for people with sensitive skin. I personally love the strong scent! 

The texture is creamy, but once blended, it turned into a velvety matte finish! The color is very buildable, so for people like me that doesn't really like the strong blush look, this is perfect! And it's really easy to make the color less visible too, I can just apply more powder when I over-apply and the color will be somewhat blurred out! 

Build-able color
Nice floral scent
Velvety finish
Cute packaging
Easy to blend, creamy texture

A mess when applied with fingers

Overall, I love this blush! This is now my everyday blush, I love the fact that it's matte, so it's not over-the-top for daily look. I just lightly dab this everyday, and I feel like the scents made my whole face smells good haha

Thankyou so much for reading! 
Do you want to try it too? :D This is a product that I bought after reading a lot of good reviews, it's not at all disappointing!! 

Oh! Just to let you know, I made a poll on the side of my blog. It's about blog sale - I'm planning to do one (actually the whole idea of selling my used makeup to others is kinda.. disturbing, so I might be giving out some for free or very very cheap, just because I feel really bad TT_TT). If a lot of people say yes, I'll probably do one in July! :D Thankyou guys! 

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  1. Love it! I really want to try this blush <3


  2. Love the packaging! This blush looks so pretty! I've been having an obsession with baby pink, orange, and lavender blushes lately so I may have to pick up the number three Apricot Rose blush :)

    I definitely agree that most beauty products are always smaller than I thought in real life =A=;;

  3. The color is perfect an I can understand why it became your everyday blush. Super pretty! And the packaging is adorable, too :)

  4. The shade suits you well. I think blushers look so pretty, but I'm always too lazy to put them on.


  5. I'm so into coral pink lately :D Might give this a try! There are many other pretty shades too <3



  6. the shades are so pretty, i might try the third shade since im in search of orange blush.
    by the way, about the stuff you wanna sell, do you ship it from korea or indonesia? i might buy it bc i'm a poor student who doesn't earn her own money lol. but if you ship it from korea, idk about that tbh bc the shipping can be very expensive :/


  7. Gonna try this one too hahaha~ Lagi nyari cream brush yang bagus... ga mau kayak Clio concealer uda beli jelek >__>


  8. omg the color is just gorgeous. :3 gonna try this one someday soon. <3


  9. I think the idea of selling preloved cosmetics is great!
    I myself sell some make-up that I-thought-it-will-match-me-well-but-didnt-match-me with cheap prices, because who knows it will someone else xD
    And even though I never buy preloved cosmetics myself, I think it's okay and I kinda wanna try it (as long as it's not something like lip product hahaha).
    btw aku uda coba vote tapi nggak pas resultnya dibuka eh masih 0 vote
    aku coba lagi, eh tetep 0 vote -__-

  10. Definitely try them! :3

  11. Haha concealer dan blush beda dong ini enak bgt sih engga tercerai berai kayak si clio pretpret iya no sale aja nih huhu aku dan aripin punya ini dan kami puas! :D

  12. I'm gonna ship it from Indonesia! That's why I'm waiting till July because i'll be home by then :3 don't you worry because i really felt bad maybe I'll sell my stuff for like really cheaply :")

  13. Haha i do too! But after sometime with blush, my check feel empty without one (is that weird lol)

  14. I know right!! I once thought my real technique brushes are fake because they're like so short and really small compared to the brushes i see on youtube :") but they're not fake fortunately haha

  15. Iyaa nan emang gitu, kalo satu produk ga bagus jadi ga gitu percaya sama brandnya hahaha. Aaaaa pengen coba jadinya~~~

  16. amazing color *-* and you are so lovely! thak you for sharing~


  17. hahahaha gih gih! ini lumayan ngetop juga makanya aku tau dari internet hehhe engga pernah cek skn food D:

  18. Would love to try this outtt! Looks so pretty on you ci pilichiii xx Kalo mau jual makeupnya or ada yg free kasih liat aku dulu ya :* HAHAHA

    Love always,
    La Petite Lady


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